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Found 18 results

  1. Hello Brethren, I hope everyone is safe and being strong in the Lord. My family could use prayer. We have decided through much prayer to sell my Mom's house, buy a camper van and get out of California and possibly off grid. We are trying to sell as much as possible. Please pray the house sells soon and that we are wise in choosing the place to go. I'm praying for all the Brethren everyday in these hard times. Thank you, Katrina
  2. Hello Brethren, Would just like to ask for some prayer for my family and I. My husband (Travis) has gotten a job offer which would basically have him being his own boss. This gentleman who has offered this job is also taking an interest in helping us to go off grid, and also claims to be a Born again believer. We just really need some serious discernment here. Masks have become manditory in pretty much every store here where we live in Manitoba. The job that Travis does right now does not require him to wear a mask, but also keeps him from the Lord and us as well, as he works very long ho
  3. I guess I'm like the first son of Matthew 21:28, who first said "no" to his father but later repented and went. I've been fighting conviction (not a good idea, kids) to make a decisive move towards cleaning up my life. I'm going to simply destroy all my "retro/classic" videogame stuff, mostly second hand. I Didn't want to sell them out of conscience, but I didn't get to destroy them either. I held onto that stuff even though I don't use it much. A stupid entertainment I held onto because I didn't really had other pleasures in my sad life. To my shame, in my former years when I g
  4. Hi i live in Australia it is a great country but there is medical tyranny here i have been reading the King James Bible since 2008 and am saved i have been on anti-psychotics since 2001 im currently on 3 different SSRI's i dont feel like myself sometimes my doctor has a hard heart his name is Doctor Z_____ B______ = 666 ! 2 Timothy 4:14 Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works: last time i was admitted into hospital was 2015 for 14 days i was given forced injections which gave me severe panic attacks for a long time i hate be
  5. So brethren it has come to my knowledge that here in Spain there are already plans to bring a law for forced tests and vaccination. And it had to be from the same wicked man who started the whole "mandatory mask everywhere and anytime" deal in Spain, called Alberto Núñez Feijoo, who is the regional president of Galicia (Spain is divided into "autonomous" regions like if they were little states of the US, more-less). The man has been caught on camera with some big drug traffickers who bring drugs through the coasts of Galicia into Spain and Europe. I haven't looked into it, but I wouldn't be su
  6. So, before this thing started I was already not getting out much due to personal circumstances I'm dragging from the last 15 years or so. Didn't have much of an alternative, to be honest. I could have maybe fought against them more instead of retreating to into a life of nothingness and "leasing" (entertainment, or whatever you want to call it). Didn't really had anything to do outside and it was a lot of work to prepare to go outside even for the things I had to do. Perhaps this will require an explanation too, in addition to my horror novel thread. Anyway. Since this totalitarian scam s
  7. If it is God's will that I move more toward the Pensacola area. Thank you.
  8. Last week I made a request for prayer for a young lady named Izzie. I wanted to thank all who thought to pray for her as she passed away yesterday morning. Her parents are no doubt devastated and stuck in China with no clearance to come to the U.S. Her husband is no doubt devastated as well. Thank you again.
  9. I left my former job due to the ethical practices involved. I was a customer service rep (over the phone) and we were told to start pushing customers to get a credit card. This among other things drove me to quit. Within a month, maybe a little longer, I started working in a major warehouse but after 3 weeks was terminated due to a failed background check. The person that fired me could not disclose why as it was a third party that ran the check, and it just comes back as pass or fail. I would love to have that job back, but... "Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for g
  10. I am married a Father of 5 children. My wife is still going to a charismatic church whit the children. We have al lot of disagreements but we are still together. I worked as logistic administrator. right now we are depending on unemployment benefit which is very low. My desire is to find a new job and to provide for my family as a father. and not depending on government fonds. ( is this biblical ? ) Can you please pray for us. Sorry for my English I am from the Netherlands.
  11. If anyone is so inclined, please pray for a young lady named Izzie. At age 33 (now 34), she went into cardiac arrest during a C-Section to deliver she and her husband's baby girl. Izzie is not a believer and before her accident had everything this world has to offer (both she and her husband are college professors). She now has no use of her arms & legs, can't eat solid foods, can't speak, needs to wear incontinence pads and is confined to her wheelchair. For awhile it seemed like she was improving and could stand and even walk with lots of help but now her legs buckle when she is stoo
  12. I don't feel the same anymore, I having been trembling and crying for hours thinking maybe there is no hope. I prayed and cried out to God if I was never predestined to begin with and there is nothing I can do or even chose then to just have me cease to exist, because I never of wanted to be created if I was just created to burn in hell. I feel very confused, I believe Jesus died for me, but I get tormenting thoughts that maybe he didn't do it for me. And if thats true I don't know the purpose of life anymore, I know no matter what I do I can never please God, no amount of good works
  13. I don't know much but I just got a phone call and they think he is having a heart attack. They had an ambulance there but I don't know anything beyond that. Prayers would be appreciated.
  14. I was able to witness to my brother tonight again! After a long talk about the events of the world. I was able to read him 2 Timothy 3:1-5 about these perilous times. At the end of our conversation he asked of I had a Bible . I was so excited. He holds to atheistic beliefs and has never ever asked to read a Bible. Can you please pray for his salvation and protection from the enemy who wants to steal the seeds that were planted. Thank you!
  15. So earlier this week I found out my dad has Prostate cancer I am asking help from you all for prayer and any info on treatments to help him. Also I ask that you help I am trying to build up a file to present my parents for a solid argument to not follow the prosperity gospel thanks you guys
  16. Can everybody please pray for my sore throat. It is very painful. Thank you and God Bless!
  17. Brethren, Your prayers are much coveted with a situation I'm going through. My mom is trying to get a daycare license here in California. Since I'm an adult in the house they are requiring a MMR and Dtap immunization. I may have found a christian doctor who will write an exemption. Its getting crazy in California! Thank you in advance for keeping me in prayer
  18. I want to be a blessing to the Body of Christ in prayer. Does anyone have a request?
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