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  1. I am married a Father of 5 children. My wife is still going to a charismatic church whit the children. We have al lot of disagreements but we are still together. I worked as logistic administrator. right now we are depending on unemployment benefit which is very low. My desire is to find a new job and to provide for my family as a father. and not depending on government fonds. ( is this biblical ? ) Can you please pray for us. Sorry for my English I am from the Netherlands.
  2. Hello Brethren, Would just like to ask for some prayer for my family and I. My husband (Travis) has gotten a job offer which would basically have him being his own boss. This gentleman who has offered this job is also taking an interest in helping us to go off grid, and also claims to be a Born again believer. We just really need some serious discernment here. Masks have become manditory in pretty much every store here where we live in Manitoba. The job that Travis does right now does not require him to wear a mask, but also keeps him from the Lord and us as well, as he works very long ho
  3. Just asking for prayer requests... The job I have been working at has made some over the top regulations regarding the mask mandate, I am supposed to talk to HR tomorrow but I'm doubtful that they will honor what I have to say regarding the whole thing. Hopefully the Lord will open doors for me to find a better job or to persuade the HR at my current one. Thank you everybody.
  4. I was able to witness to my brother tonight again! After a long talk about the events of the world. I was able to read him 2 Timothy 3:1-5 about these perilous times. At the end of our conversation he asked of I had a Bible . I was so excited. He holds to atheistic beliefs and has never ever asked to read a Bible. Can you please pray for his salvation and protection from the enemy who wants to steal the seeds that were planted. Thank you!
  5. So earlier this week I found out my dad has Prostate cancer I am asking help from you all for prayer and any info on treatments to help him. Also I ask that you help I am trying to build up a file to present my parents for a solid argument to not follow the prosperity gospel thanks you guys
  6. Can everybody please pray for my sore throat. It is very painful. Thank you and God Bless!
  7. Hello Brethren, I hope everyone is safe and being strong in the Lord. My family could use prayer. We have decided through much prayer to sell my Mom's house, buy a camper van and get out of California and possibly off grid. We are trying to sell as much as possible. Please pray the house sells soon and that we are wise in choosing the place to go. I'm praying for all the Brethren everyday in these hard times. Thank you, Katrina
  8. Please pray for me brethren. I went into work as usual today, but with conviction for wearing a mask as I have been for the past month. I never wore it over my nose, but justified covering just my mouth because that was acceptable to the shippers (but not to the ONLY Lord in my life, Jesus Christ). Brother Bryan's "Call to Holiness" sermon hit me right in the gut, and I got convicted. I went in without a mask today, got kicked out of the facility and lost my job. I'm going on 100% faith right now and completely blind to what he will have me to do. I'd be lying if I told you I'm not anxious or
  9. My Grandma who's 93 is having some health problems (very high blood pressure, fatigue, dizziness), she doesn't really listen to me (natural diet based health) and trusts the medical establishment, medication etc... So not sure how to get through to her, elderly people can seem to get quite set in their ways. I feel bad for her, she is not saved, she is one of those "I'm a good person" mentality and rejects the gospel, I believe she had a very strict, perhaps abusive, catholic mother and so rejects organized religion entirely and has a type of agnostic 'faith', every attempt to
  10. Brethren, Your prayers are much coveted with a situation I'm going through. My mom is trying to get a daycare license here in California. Since I'm an adult in the house they are requiring a MMR and Dtap immunization. I may have found a christian doctor who will write an exemption. Its getting crazy in California! Thank you in advance for keeping me in prayer
  11. I want to be a blessing to the Body of Christ in prayer. Does anyone have a request?
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