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Found 4 results

  1. For a long time I had poor health, poor diet, lack of exercise, bad sleep. After being saved and changing my thinking from an evolutionary adaptation perspective to a designed by God perspective I eventually started to actually wonder about the details of what food is, what it is made up of and how our body uses it. Partly (in regaining my health) to be of greater service to the Lord, partly for a better testimony and of course just wanting to be healthier in general. After prayer I believe God lead me into an understanding of Intermittent Fasting, combined with Nutritional Ketosis, which for me seemed to be the optimal method for a quick recovery; and after adopting that strategy I lost 70lbs in 7 months with virtually no exercise, and without the fatigue and potential rebound of extreme calorie cutting, it's much better to exercise (high intensity) once you have lost the weight and healed your organs for a variety of reasons, but as I was losing weight I would do more and more low intensity exercise like walking. All glory to God for the wisdom and the success. Specifically: [Intermittent Fasting] I was eating generally one, sometimes two, meals per day with no snacks in-between [Nutritional Ketosis] trying to stay under 20-50g of NET(Total - Fibre, or sugar alcohols) Carbohydrate / day, while having large salads or amounts of vegetables and or raw greens supplements to meet nutritional requirements. If you attempt this after living your whole life running on constant sugar and carbohydrates 3 meals / day + snacks (like I had) the initial transition to fat burning will be rough, my strategy (after a few botched attempts) became to eat my last 'normal' meal late on Thursday and try to make it as far as I could on Friday water fasting, have a Keto meal and just crash, again fast as long as I could on Saturday eat Keto and crash again. generally adaptation would occur in 48-72 Hrs in this case the goal being fully adapted by Monday morning to go back to work. During the adaptation phase I'd try to stay as close to 0g NET Carbs / day rather than the normal 20-50, once adapted. Supplementing electrolytes (mainly sodium, potassium but also the others), trace minerals, and B vitamins helps get through it, also providing an easily convertible source of Fat -> Ketones, in my case "MCT Oil" helps as well, especially if just resting for a few days isn't an option and you need to work look after the home / family etc... In the beginning you will mainly be converting nutritional fat to ketones, but after a few weeks(months) you will be fully transitioned to the point of burning body fat for fuel when that is the case you can do long term fasts and barely feel it, or even feel better than normal. The longest pure water fast I have done so far is maybe 4 full days and nights (eating part way through the 5th day) which felt great, not tiring at all. The problem is most people enter into a fast with a pre-existing nutritional deficiency and the fast will exacerbate it, which can cause a lot of problems. The primary effect of all this is to correct insulin resistance / pre-diabetes from constant blood sugar spiking with constant eating throughout the day for years, and associated organ damage. As most of us know you generally can not trust the medical establishment, they have a multi-billion dollar incentive for keeping people just healthy enough to live, but unhealthy enough to require constant symptom management $$$. It became clear that I was essentially going to have to become my own doctor, or rather rely on God's mercy and prayer for wisdom, as what better source for information than the designer himself, Jesus Christ. To those with interest I would suggest start researching the symptoms associated with particular vitamin / mineral deficiencies and compare to your own health, or analyze your diet and it may become clear just from that what is lacking, also consider potential organ damage from past (or present) substance abuse, or environmental / chemical exposure, maybe you have even had things removed: Gallbladder Appendix Thyroid etc. If you are currently taking prescriptions for anything that complicates things and each medicine has to be considered individually, how to not have adverse interactions and to gradually (or quickly) come off of it as necessary. Here is a spreadsheet I made for myself as I was trying to correct my diet, perhaps some will find it useful even thought it is very lacking (centered around my personally preferred foods, and diet), and still a work in progress. Nutritional information can also vary wildly depending on the source of information but for the sake of maintaining a pattern I took all info from this website in portions of 100g, making a few exceptions if that site lacked the info I was looking for; also generally choosing organic over regular. KETO - Google Sheets DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Sheet1 Vegtables +,Peppers <a href="https://nutritiondata.self.com">https://nutritiondata.self.com</a>,MAX,RDA,Per... Different tactics seem to work for different people it depends on current state of health, organ health, body weight, metabolism, so called genetic factors etc... Some people are all about vegetarian / vegan, while some thrive on the carnivore diet, some people even seem to do well no matter what they eat. I'm just sharing what worked for me and I'm curious what has worked (or not worked) for you, to anyone who has had or seeks victories from the Lord regarding their health. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I'm starting to get into other remedies but just starting out the learning process on that: So far I've been experimenting with: Various Tea's: Green (antioxidants) Black (antioxidants) Chamomile (for sleep / stress) Dandelion (digestion) Stinging Nettle (for kidney) Lemon Balm (for sleep / stress) Herbal or Enzyme or other Supplements: Milk Thistle (for liver) Choline (for liver) Apple Cider Vinegar (digestion) Digestive aid (digestion gallbladder / pancreas) Valerian Root (for sleep / stress) Ashwagandha (for sleep / stress) Serrapeptase (for heart / inflammation) Nattokinase (for heart) I'm interested if anyone has experience with other useful herbs or other effective supplements.
  2. So earlier this week I found out my dad has Prostate cancer I am asking help from you all for prayer and any info on treatments to help him. Also I ask that you help I am trying to build up a file to present my parents for a solid argument to not follow the prosperity gospel thanks you guys
  3. For 4 years, I have researched this topic of water fluoridation. A book I have read was, "The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There" it seems to have sound arguments, and the more I search the more I believe that fluoridation is harmful. It gets very confusing when you have health organizations that are countering those claims, however from what I learned with any subject, for any argument there will exist a counter argument, for every theory there will exist an anti-theory. I myself am choosing not to have fluoride in my system, and I think if your local water supply is fluoridated there are filters that can remove them from your water. Just curious on what conclusions you came up with on this topic.
  4. I am a Disabled Navy Veteran with medical issues. I have found through experience that so called modern medicine is a racket. It's good for emergency or trauma but it is a big, big, business. They make profits from sick immune deficient customers! Through my research I have found a Natural Health -- his name is Tony Pantelleresco. Natural Health Care
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