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Found 2 results

  1. Here is another one Brethren! I suppose I don't know what good we do by signing all these petitions but I suppose we still have a voice and if we don't fight against things then essentially we are consenting to it or allowing it. In any case this is another petition and just more nonsense going on. We really are getting closer it seems. May the Lord help all of us. I find it interesting how the Lord has been showing me a lot of things in regards to natural healing, and something so simple as the common plantain weed has amazing healing properties in it! specifically for the respiratory system!
  2. If anybody lives in the UK, here’s a link to a petition against the mandatory face masks in stores which the Government are trying to enforce by next Friday. please pray for us in the UK because I really don’t want to conform to this nonsense Petition · No mandatory face masks - take back your freedom/human rights · Change.org CHNG.IT No mandatory face masks - take back your freedom/human rights
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