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Found 3 results

  1. I REALLY hope Bryan sees this in case he was not aware. But I was watching his video below, and I remembered something I read a while ago about the plans of the Illuminati back in the 19th century to have 3 world wars in the future. I leave the links below for more info, but the outline of the first two is SPOT ON and the description of the 3rd one lines up PERFECTLY with Bryan's theory and all the events we have been seeing these past years: Wooow. How about that!! That explains a lot! Why the unrest in the Middle East, why all the flood of Muslim migrants to Europe to cause unrest, why the Baloney Virus to cause economical collapse and fear. Remember that Trump ordered the execution of General Soleimani and the Islamic radicals must be still furious about it! Also the Hagia Sophia was just recently turned back to a mosque and the Catholics sent a letter to Trump to beg him to help them to regain it! If the Dome of the Rock of the even the Hagia Sophia are destroyed, Muslims will attack back! See also how people will claim for a savior, for a total authority to bring peace and safety, the Antichrist! Catholics are about to start a worldwide crusade against Islam and they are going to confirm the covenant with the Jews for this purpose, so in return they can build their temple without the pesky Palestinians around. I really feel like everything is about to explode my brethren! WW3 - Albert Pike and the Three World Wars WWW.THREEWORLDWARS.COM WW3 - World War Three in Detail, showing Start Date, Casualties, Leaders and More WWW.THREEWORLDWARS.COM
  2. A brother sent me this, figured I'd post this here. This is how posties sell their bologna.
  3. For 4 years, I have researched this topic of water fluoridation. A book I have read was, "The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There" it seems to have sound arguments, and the more I search the more I believe that fluoridation is harmful. It gets very confusing when you have health organizations that are countering those claims, however from what I learned with any subject, for any argument there will exist a counter argument, for every theory there will exist an anti-theory. I myself am choosing not to have fluoride in my system, and I think if your local water supply is fluoridated there are filters that can remove them from your water. Just curious on what conclusions you came up with on this topic.
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