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  1. Yes I know what you mean by that 😄. So far the best etymological dictionaries for Spanish are DRAE, Definiciona and DeChile. I use all three for my studies but, I tend to use DRAE more since it is short, sweet and to the point. Do you know other reliable Spanish dictionaries out there? Perhaps a better one in Spain? Definiciona – Definición y etimología de las palabras DEFINICIONA.COM DECEL - Diccionario Etimológico Castellano en Línea ETIMOLOGIAS.DECHILE.NET Esta página revela la etimología de más de catorce-mil p
  2. These look really great brother. These resources are a definite MUST SHARE with Spanish-speaking people.
  3. Hello there brother. @ryoji is right. The RVG and other counterfeits are modern translations which the fans do not want to admit. My brother @Rico and I are currently writing a book and it answers about the study and defense of the RV1865 in a detail, but yet simplified way. The book is going to be in English and Spanish as well. As of right now, the best defense in the internet of the RV1865 is from a guy named Joseph Dearing. He displays in his article all the “problem words” with a short and sweet answer. CALCIUMBOY - Valera1865 CALCIUMBOY.WEBS.CO
  4. @radorn @Luke11:28apologetics has answered it for the English hymnal 😁. You can order this same hymnal in Amazon or eBay as well.
  5. @radorn The best Spanish hymn book is the old “El Himnario Evangélico” from the publisher American Tract Society in the year 1893. Later, it was revised and it is called “El Nuevo Himnario Evangélico” in 1915. What is so cool from the revised hymn book that it includes “la lectura Antifonales” in the end of the hymnals which has the Reina-Valera 1865. One of the “hidden fruits” of the RV1865 that no one mentions and I was really excited when I saw it and compared it. El himnario evangélico : American Tract Society : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet
  6. It is okay brother. I believe Roi was looking for a KJV since some publishers are not trustworthy. As far as Spanish is concerned, all these guys who are against the Reina-Valera 1865 (1602), all they know is public high school modern Spanish lol 🤣. That is why it bugs them seeing certain words and phrases in Spanish that by “appearance,” it seems incorrect. It is like how brother Phillip Newton says in his videos, “remember definitions, words have meaning.” They do not want to study Castilian and how it is used, they do not have faith whatsoever that the Lord preserved the Scriptures
  7. Hello brother, This article from Mike Milps has been debunked and David Daniels does not know a lick of Spanish from the whole Spanish version issue. Pretty much Daniels is “shooting himself in the foot” supporting a version that is modern, even though he is against the corrupted English modern translations... pretty hypocritical on his end. His helper and defender Manny Rodriguez uses modern conformity Spanish in order “to correct” what is out there. I would not trust this article for nothing.
  8. You are a great translator brother. I like the fact that you payed attention to every detail from brother Bryan’s sermon.
  9. I just wanted to add that the artist has four different albums: the 1st has 100 hymns, 2nd - 4th has 25 hymns per album. So 175 hymns total for the enjoyment of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. In my end with my iTunes account, I search the name of the hymn. From their I make discernments whether the hymn played by the artist is either passable or fleshy. I can say that I recommend the album called 100 Hymns by Lance Leichtle/John Jones. This album is just straight piano and singing, so it is passable.
  11. I am glad you pointed out the time stamp @Vancouver which definitely proves what I am going to say next here. Brother Ángel Herrera de Mora, the revisor of the RV1865, did exactly what brother Bryan said when he revised Valera’s 1602. The following time stamps from brother Bryan’s video about that claim are 22:13, 22:43-23:02. Brother de Mora used the KJV as a reference tool (and not for translation from English to Spanish). “They had followed the English text as far as idiom would permit”-Margaret T. Hills, ABS Historical Essay, pg 26,(1966) Now the following time stamps 22:28-22:56, bro
  12. You’re welcome. Here to edify the brethren of what was lost so many years ago due to ignorance. I’m glad you enjoyed the post 👍🏼
  13. So @Romans_14.12, once again how do you know that? Here is the thing with non-verbal communication such as writing a text message or even writing on this forum, it can be portrayed as anything IF the individual ASSUMES it that way. You do not know if the person is saying humbly, arrogantly or etc. You can provide all the emails you want; however, it does not change the fact. Anybody can assume anything right off the bat and expect the worst. Why do you think now they are “emojis” within messages? In order to express what one is feeling alongside with their message in order to understand the pe
  14. If you must know @Romans_14.12 the Local Church Publishers’ Valera 1865 is a revision of what the Valera 1865 Society did back in 2005. They made 50 changes in their “Errata” page however, repented afterwards from those changes due to their lack of understanding (Proverbs 3:5). The Lord showed them Biblical truth in matter of studying the Castilian language and understanding the foundation from Valera’s 1602 notes. Here is a warning, like the Valera Society in the beginning, like Gomez, like Putrefacta (Purificada)... having the KJV Onliest mindset that it is the only pure Bible in the world..
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