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  1. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. GET AWAY FROM THE VAXXED. More IMPORTANT info: Women have been reporting bizarre periods and miscarriages of their babies because of close contact with vaxxed people. Even men have reported that after joining flesh with their vaxxed female partners they are now unable to function properly in intimacy. --- WARNING: THE ORIGINAL BLOG SOURCE BELOW CONTAINS DISTURBING AND DISGUSTING IMAGES WITH BLOOD, DO NOT OPEN IF YOU'RE SENSITIVE Just a moment... THECOVIDBLOG.COM
  2. Most likely the fluctuations we see in those Nikon zoom videos is either because of atmospheric refraction or the "waters above" of Genesis, which separate white light into many colors like a prism. Well, in Revelation a star is referred to as a "him": Revelation 9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. If it's a "him" it can't be just an inanimate burning light.
  3. Yes that is certainly a possibility. --- So, Lord willing, this is the first video of a possible series called FlatScripture. Enough said.
  4. Right now I can't point to anything substantial, but yes I have been reading and watching around that this is the case. The idea is basically that people who got the jab are engineered via the mRNA to generate the protein that mRNA commands the cell to create so the body can fight against it. Genius huh? The concern is that there is no "stop mechanism" and the body would be producing those proteins probably forever. So it's a ticking time bomb for the vaxxed, because the body would reach a point when it can no longer keep fighting itself and it dies. People who seem to feel just fine afte
  5. Ain't that schweet. -- Woah. Skimming over your health issues, I thought you were 50+. Yeah, God bless you.
  6. Now this is the endless litany. Not only the flat earth side is demanded to prove conclusively every single tiny thing by the globe side (and even that is never enough), but we also have to justify ourselves constantly against such claims of ignorance and gullibility. For one, we are not the ones believing that the Earth is moving in 4 different directions at vertigo speeds without all the consequences this would produce. inertia is not magic. You must admit you assume this only because you have been told so. Who's the gullible then: he who questions and proves every established thing (as
  7. "YOUR GOLDFISH IS BAR MITZVAH'D!!" I don't understand half of what he's saying, what an odd video I stumbled across...
  8. Very good video. Sums perfectly the debate: heliocentrism is nothing more than a belief that you are being told the truth by crooked organizations. When presented with evidence, cognitive dissonance kicks in: "I was told", "I have a history major", "I'm fairly educated", "You haven't proved anything", "What about this and that and that and that" (while dismissing the point that was just made), "Show me better proof", "It can be all fake", "So you're saying it's all a conspiracy" etc Dave was truly patient! I can only imagine what the interview would have been if it was with Nathan Oa
  9. Ahh... What will the end of these things be? Oh Lord, please call us soon.
  10. Sister those are not worms, or at least they are not thought to be alive. They are nanofibers called "Morguellons", and nobody outside the devils who put them there really knows what they are but they seem to move and react by themselves in a very creepy way. They were also found in the PCR test swabs. This article below goes in detail, but what they really are and what they really are for, God knoweth... In theory, they are supposed to be linked with nanochips and 5G. Nanofibers Found on Q-Tips Used for PCR-Tests | Nanofibers, Morgellons Disease, Chemtrails & Ar
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