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  1. I thought maybe we could share some good Christian songs around:: This is the opening chorus for the Second Act of Handel's oratorio "Solomon". Lyrics are in the description of the video. Of course I'll put something from his famous "Messiah" later, but share your favorites too! =)
  2. Nice screenshots, do you make them yourself?
  3. No, nobody approached me yet. But I know how it is, they tell everything relating to their job to each other, they are teachers and also business partners. Whoever removed it must have surely done it with the rules that guide them all in mind. I admit I don't know who did it, and maybe it was as you say, but surely you know how the common lost person has this particular itch when you present them with Scriptures... I will have to pray about it. Putting it up again would be bold indeed, but it would be taken down again and again and I'm not sure if it's wise to childishly quarrel like that
  4. The poster had already been removed from the office where I hanged it by Wednesday afternoon, so it didn't even last 2 full days. May the Lord repay them accordingly, He knows an attempt was made, at least...
  5. Thank you brother, I made a topic on the Spanish board with the 3 documents so people who speak Spanish find them there more easily. Share freely.
  6. Adjunto un folleto que hice sobre salvación en español, se puede colgar en alguna pared para que sea leído o coger las Escrituras y hacer panfletos. También traduje el esquema de Bryan en su vídeo sobre Élites Globalistas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8wzHKpUibs En un PDF está el esquema, en otro los versos que menciona. Compartid libremente!! Esquema élites Escrituras.pdfposter salvación.pdfEsquema élites Bryan.pdf
  7. Isn't the group chat already in the bottom right corner? By the way, to the admins @Vancouver I would like to make a petition to change the way the Spanish board is presented to make it more accessible. Maybe it could be put under a new category in the forum instead of a separate club. If not, at the very least it would be very appreciated if a button for "Clubs" with a dropdown instead of it being in the dropdown of "Home" was added, so people don't have to go the extra mile just to get to the Spanish topics, myself included when I want to add an update to the topic I made there.
  8. I finally got around doing it, I made a selection of all those verses and added what I think sums up the most about salvation and why to be saved. I came across brother Matthew Groen's salvation message which I liked in the order he presented the verses, so I applied the order he used. poster.pdf
  9. Oh yesterday I tossed away an earthworm that was where I planted some veggies. Oops.
  10. =/ you don't frequent the Spanish board, do you? It's kind of a pity they moved the Spanish threads to a whole different board, it's not easy to access. Anyways, @Rico @Kíveño @radorn can also add something and explain in more detail, but the one in Spanish is the Reina-Valera 1865 (the latest faithful revision to the 1602 original, similarly to the KJV 1611 and 1789), not the Gomez, Purificada, or any other modern perVersion. Take a look at the diverse topics in the board for more information. https://www.kingjamesvideoministries.org/forums/forum/19-topics/
  11. Just found that he was given the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic in 2002 if anyone's wondering... https://www.modelocurriculum.net/biografias/politicos/alberto-nunez-feijoo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Isabella_the_Catholic No surprise here. =/
  12. So brethren it has come to my knowledge that here in Spain there are already plans to bring a law for forced tests and vaccination. And it had to be from the same wicked man who started the whole "mandatory mask everywhere and anytime" deal in Spain, called Alberto Núñez Feijoo, who is the regional president of Galicia (Spain is divided into "autonomous" regions like if they were little states of the US, more-less). The man has been caught on camera with some big drug traffickers who bring drugs through the coasts of Galicia into Spain and Europe. I haven't looked into it, but I wouldn't be su
  13. Thanks @Piper LT for the links!
  14. Why wouldn't I? If I want to rebuke and expose the darkness I must have some arguments and information to do it. I can quote Scripture but people need them applied to recent events close to them to fully react. For example, if I say that the entertainment industry is brainwashing you and you call hogwash and ask me for proof I can show you those music festivals for instance and the real message they are conveying to the crowd. If I didn't know about them, I would have one argument less. Or if I say vaccines are sinful and poisonous, I should research why. Just as I shared the video of Copeland
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