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  1. I had a Discord account but deleted it haha well it's a gaming place but I guess it could be used for this! Admittedly the interface is quite nice.
  2. Hello brethren, I found this map that tracks 5G antennae and keeps being updated. See if there are some near you and beware walking too close around them! The CV "illness" is in no way a coronavirus, it's the cover-up for when the 5G comes and it makes people sick. It's already happening, the areas with more disease are with people who live near lots of communications antennae. IF YOU LIVE IN A CROWDED, BIG CITY, PLEASE CONSIDER MOVING TO THE COUNTRYSIDE, things are going to get worse specially there as time goes by. Bryan has some videos about that too. Ookla 5G Map - Tracking 5G Network Rollouts Around the World WWW.SPEEDTEST.NET See the latest 5G rollouts across the world with our interactive 5G map. We’re tracking 5G cellular networks so you don’t have to. The Ookla 5G map will be updated with new cities as we see results.
  3. Ah yes the Illuminati cards, I have read about them once. Ugh that Messiah card is plain creepy, all are really. Thanks for sharing sister!
  4. Very interesitng brother! I always wrote Jesucristo but I will change it to Jesu Cristo from now on!
  5. Sorry to hear that brother, I pray for your dad's health and that the Lord helps you share the Truth with your parents. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and prayer to Him, always.
  6. Thanks to all. I have tried to reason with her with the Bible but she dismisses it saying she knows what she knows and that she has her God and her beliefs and I have mine, so she won't listen to that. She was taught a way and now she says she's too old for someone as young as me (23) to be giving her lessons. I will pray about it again but I have for some time and nothing seems to be moving. No thankfully she isn't religious. She hardly ever went to mass but she gets quite annoyed when I touch on faith and her images and whatnot. She's SUPER adamant when it comes to "her house" and the decorations. She got super mad when I removed a crucifix, an image of Mary from my room, and changed a painting of Christ on the wall. However, I am not particularly worried about her attitude because quite frankly we had to get used to it over the years, but I was worried that having satanic Catholic images around interfered with my duty as a follower of Christ. I read the Alberto comics and he explains how the cross is an occult symbol from Babylon and that the crucifix means death and attracts demons. Oh well let's see how it all ends up.
  7. Brethren, I need your counsel regarding this. You see, my mother and I live with my grandmother in the same house, we have always had. Sadly, my grandmother has been taught since she was little into the Catholic system and she's still a Catholic nut. I tried witnessing to her and my mother, and while my mom supports me and agrees, my granny doesn't and attacks me saying I'm crazy. I love her, but I'm sorry to say she's a bad person... My mom and I have a really uncomfortable relation with her, because she is so materialistic, egotistical, and also a liar and emotionally blackmails us. She's a tyrant and we can't do anything she doesn't approve (simplest stuff really, we can't even talk openly when we are at home, she's always putting us down and complaining about everything!) and if she knows we're doing something behind her back, she gets insufferably angry and won't ever attend to reason. What you would say a toxic person. So the thing is, since the Lord came into my life, I have been cleansing my life from bad, sinful stuff (yugioh and pokemon playing cards, videogames and dvds still around but surely going away soon). Now the problem is that I could get rid of my stuff, but my granny being a Catholic has always had at home TONS of images and little figures of crucifixes, the virgin, angels, Christ, etc. around and now all that stuff is vexing me deeply. I feel like it's very wrong to have those things around. What should I do?? I pray the Holy Spirit guides me through your answers.
  8. Truly fascinating! Glory to the Lord! It's amazing how they all kind of line up in their purification, that around the 1600's the final versions were completed or almost. A warm salute to all our Polish brethren!
  9. Oh my deepest apologies, one sees so many androgynous men these days... Typing 'brother' when talking here became a habit too! Yes quite correct, you are a lady, sorry for the blunder, I didn't pay attention.
  10. Good find, brother. It's amazing how deep the Bible is, really interesting, the similarity looks legit.
  11. Oof yes very occultic. I also had a lot of Pokemon ones. I thought I would cut all of them to pieces (no matter their rarity) and I did with some but I already had them all in a binder and it was a really tedious task and got tired pretty soon. So I just grabbed a bag, destroyed what I could and just threw all that in the garbage, they should be already destroyed by the trash processing. Fire is not an option for me. I also still have another binder with some YuGiOh ones because they didn't fit in the bags (I also threw out videogame magazines and some questionable books) but I will also get rid of them soon. I have to get rid of quite the videogame collection too.
  12. Good luck to you US rebels. Here in Spain 90% percent of the population is brain-dead thanks to trash TV, mass media, a sinful and stupid society and terrible, vomit-inducing public school and far-left cesspool colleges. The other 9% are actually the evil ones who control the first including all the tyrants in parliament. There have been efforts to counterattack the government propaganda but man, people are so SO dumb. Everyone wears a mask like the good slaves they are, you can't go literally anywhere without a store clerk or a random guy telling you to put the mask on and police detains those few who don't (I don't, but thank God I haven't crossed ways with them yet). Schools will be required to have children to put masks on and to social distance at all times. This is a MADHOUSE. May God help us.
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