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  1. What "gravity" actually is: incoherent electrostatic acceleration. =)
  2. Real science. Also these ones below, I am not biased toward flat earth and willing to consider all alternatives, unlike those who just scoff at these ideas: 18:47
  3. Like sister Piper shared above, I would also suggest you check out Bryan's "PreTrib Rapture Scriptures in 1 Thessalonians" and also 2 Thessalonians. 1 Thess 3:13 is precisely saying we ARE his saints. The Lord will stablish our hearts unblameable before God once and for all when He comes and us with Him, because right now we are still not entirely saved, we are now predestined to be saved (spirit is quickened, soul is saved by seal of the Holy Ghost, but body still isn't), the catching up is our final salvation and redemption. This is what it's saying, it's not that He comes and then we w
  4. 1:02 "So forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be here today, ok?" *laughs* *applause* *Jesus making sure He remembers this when He judges these fools*
  5. What a bunch of satanists. Of course, they can justify every new vaccine they want if they claim there are "vaccine resistant" variants all over the place. Little rant now: I'M SO SICK AND TIRED of the plandemic. I caught earlier today a small glimpse at the mainstream TV news and it's DIGUSTING. They are badly harassing and targeting people who fight back like the CoroNazi hyenas they are. It makes my stomach revolve. Oh Lord have mercy on us!
  6. @Piper LT great selection of headlines and information, thank you sister. Oh that poor teen hunting for vaccine appointments for the elderly, I'm sure he thinks he's doing good, but... if only he knew. If you want another one, here in Spain some regions are about to approve a law that will make the vaccine "mandatory for the greater good" or you will be fined (at best). We're toast. What a sad, mad world. I wonder how much longer will we have to put up with it... I find it so harsh to even think that there could be years until the catching away, I can't even dare imagine where I will
  7. If the mark of the Beast will be this super "convenient" and "world-changing" technology, it will surely be hyped up and marketed to exhaustion before it actually rolls out. We know that we will be caught up before it is fully implemented and ready to be distributed, but to what extent do you think we will learn about it? Because it would be weird (even if preferable) if we were caught up before the public knew anything about it and then there was this time gap without the mark fully ready but at the same time the body of Christ being gone. I was thinking about the vaccines and how even b
  8. That's overreacting, who cares about all those meaningless things? Don't forget what's truly important, he played Mario Kart.
  9. Ok thank you all. I see Don Patton has a video about them. So yes I suppose by comparison with what we already had they can serve as more evidence for the divine preservation of the text, but when it comes to other dubious text scrolls adding or removing scripture, we shouldn't take them into consideration at all. I'm also a little disappointed that he doesn't use the KJV for his quotes, oh well...
  10. I've heard about these before, but I don't know what they are exactly. I'm not that interested in the matter, but what's the bottom line? Are they positive evidence supporting the accuracy of the Textus Receptus or are they an Apocrypha type of thing adding and removing stuff? I mean, are they simply yay or nay? Just so I know when I see the term around.
  11. @Piper LTThe first video has a thumbnail with a list of omitted verses in modern corruptions, could you please refer where is it from and if you can download it somehow? it would be useful.
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