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  1. If it is accidental, then they did not commit a sin. When it comes to the age of accountability, it makes it difficult because every child is different. If they were not at the age of accountability then they do go to the Lord: KJV, Romans 9:11: 11 (For the children being not yet born, neither having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of him that calleth;) Because children that have not done any good or evil Jesus Christ has already paid that price for them automatically, as brother @Michael Daruna has said, nothing c
  2. I have seen a little bit of CrossExamined but mostly Act17Apologetics. They are both okay when it comes to debunking islam but when it comes to preaching the word of God, they don't have a strong stance on anything really.
  3. So I would say that didn't remember the video too well so I rewatched it. I would admit that I was a bit hasty to say that Bryan didn't look into it. As Piper was saying, that Bryan did also say to go for the other Bibles that are closer in format to the Bible. So I stand corrected and I apologize for it. But Bryan in the video did say to "compare" the Bibles not translate from them. So @Romans_14.12 if you want to try to make this bible, then go ahead. Just know that we do not support it.
  4. Is this not your words? Did you not say, in reference to the Valera 1865, that it has Vatican readings? Why are you lying? Once again, you say that the Valera 1865 has supposedly has "Vatican" readings. So once again, prove that the word "humano" is a Vatican reading. Stop flapping your lips and put the money where your mouth is. "And you're treat'n me like a cultist for defending the absolute authority of the King James Bible over Greek and Hebrew." Do you not read or not understand? Where did any one of us say that we put the Greek and Hebrew over the KJV? We said for you to u
  5. Hello, clearly we are not the ones taking a translation and using another language to "correct it" that is you. If you had any respect for Spanish, then you would have not even started this. Spanish speakers do not want an English filtered Bible, especially from someone who making accusations about another Bible with no real proof to back it up. If you say the KJV is the word of God, Amen, but only for English speakers. Go and read what this ministry (this website) on what they believe. It says it clearly, THE KJV IS THE PURE WORD OF GOD IN ENGLISH, not Spanish, not any other language.
  6. Wait a bit, you haven't let me answer you. Well, that is why it has the "hu" in the start of the word, that is why it is a different word. And thinking that a modern definition of the word mano causes confusion then you really need to double check how Valera actually uses the word humano to remember that it is in Castilian (old Spanish). Plus, no latino/hispanic will be confused with the word humano. Now for your weird accusation on the Hu god. The word humano has no connection to the Hu god, whatsoever. Besides that, the letters for Hu are just transliterated letters made into Engli
  7. Okay, I will respect you in this. You want to compare them language to language, which is meaning to meaning. Now if we show that verses that seem to agree with the Vatican, predates the Vatican versions would you agree that they are the ones who copied, not the Valera 1865?
  8. Okay, I understand that you know that the 1865 is better but do have any proof that verses in the 1865 needed to be changed? If you post the verses that you are questioning in the Valera 1865 and we prove to you that are indeed correct and belong, could you say that you are wrong?
  9. That is good insight and would make sense. As Noah was gathering the animals, he also preaching.
  10. So majorly of the brethren answer most of the questions but I think we should look at the verses themselves, I will underline the important parts: Genesis 6:18-22; 7:2-3,6-16: 18 But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons' wives with thee. 19 And of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort shalt thou bring into the ark, to keep them alive with thee; they shall be male and female. 20 Of fowls after their kind, and of cattle after their kind, of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind, two
  11. Rico


    I know this may sound a bit weird but I’m too blunt to say it any other way: Is there a way for us to help you? Do you need help looking for people who interested in buying the house or just finding a good camper van or anything else? I know this a prayer request but I just wanted to how to help.
  12. Well, brother I understand how you feel. Many of my family members are Roman Catholic or hold Catholic doctrine close to them. The best thing to do is to pray, be patient and hold fast to scripture. Of course show respect, because it is her home however, to help with connecting with her, you must find something that she has interest in. From there, she will slowly open up. She thinks your crazy only because she didn’t really had anyone to question her views before or was told to not to question it. All she is going is doubling down on her beliefs. I know it’s going to be diffic
  13. Hola, Vancouver thanks for making club for the Spanish speaking brethren. Sorry if it may have got a little tense.
  14. The same reply we give you before, it’s going to be the same here.
  15. You do not understand, we already have the pure word of God in Spanish. You just don’t believe it. That’s why the vatican hates the Valera 1865, it’s in their forbidden list. I’m going to be completely clear, NO SPANISH SPEAKER WANTS A ENGLISH FILTERED SPANISH BIBLE. They want it translated from the source. Where do you think the KJV came from? Thin air? You don’t believe that God could do the same thing for other languages? Do you truly believe that everything has to be the exact same as the KJV? I believe that Bibles in different languages should share the same meaning but no
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