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  1. Here you go: furthermore EVERY people in their own respected hispanic country will tell you they do not identify with spaniard anything due to the fact that they are completely different in culture language food and lets not forget the dark history of the spaniards inquisitions of majority hispanic countries. (This is from a different forum) Are these not your words? You are a Bryan worshiper straight up. I have great respect for brother Bryan but he is not God. Says thee karen 😂 “they are attacking me!” Your the one attacking, not us. They
  2. Okay.....your a bit weird ain’t you? 🤨 Are you just crazy or you cannot read? You haven’t read any of my previous posts have you? English is my first language, sounds to me that your really ignorant, so more like your skin is showing and looks like a serpent. 🤨 Try actually reading what I put down instead being ignorant. “What do gave against the English?” Ah, perfect English, they should gave you a gold star. Ah, since your trying so hard heres one ⭐️. But I have nothing against the English, as I clearly stated. 🤨................your really dense. I didn’t transla
  3. The only thing that was shown was how bought off you are by Robert Breaker because he was the one who made the 1602P (Purificada). He has you under his shoe. Sorry, but you forgot to grit your loins with true because you listen more to liars then the truth. You focus on google translate then actual translation. Thats okay, play your nonsense: KJV, Proverbs 1:2-7: 2 To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding; 3 To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity; 4 To give subtlety to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion. 5
  4. Because, there is no replacement for learning the word of God in your own language and culture. It is irreplaceable. You talk like that is impossible. I have a couple of dictionaries of both and they are not that hard to learn, you just have to be patient with yourself to learn. And most are for free. 🤨 what are you even on about? In what part am I an batholic? In what part have I knocked down the KJV? I got saved by the KJV so where are you even coming from? In what way did second guess God? Stop speaking your nonsense already. So closed minded, the same argument that you made
  5. @Vancouver Hey, knowing that alone, makes you wiser then most. And I would agree with you on the KJV.
  6. You said English, not other languages that they need to learn so your previous point is mute. And of course they have to learn Hebrew and Greek, how else will they translate? They don’t need the originals to make a Bible in their language, the KJV didn’t need them. If they can do it, so can they. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Nope not needed. It would help them in their translation for sure, comparing the KJV in some areas but it is not a requirement.
  7. 🤨 are you still referring to the Spanish word humano or something else?
  8. Simple, you use the same resources has the KJV and follow a formula. It is not a secret on how they did it.
  9. What are you referring to? You have not stated anything. You have not proven anything about any language, in any verse. In what part have I made people stumble? This are simple facts that anyone could find for free. No credit card required. Just the Holy Spirit. Did you not read the part where I said “I think”? I wasn’t completely sure, why are you not reading my posts fully?
  10. Spanish language. Not people. I know everyone is not a spaniard. It depends, some people are not ready for the word of God yet or have troubles in their own language. Sometimes, events need to happen for people to wake up, its just the habit of man 🤷🏻‍♂️. There is tons of factors. But God is protecting the other languages as well, the KJV is the spear head.
  11. @Vancouver YES, that is entirely true. That is why so many people left the Catholic church for this reason. Also, it is the sole reason why both Reina and Valera were so on fire for the Lord. Because during that time, every country had their own Bibles in their languages. All but one country, Spain. In Spain it was illegal to print ANY portion of the Bible into Spanish. This was so bad that they had to smuggle Bibles into the country. It was sad but needed and God blessed them for it. Valera in his note to reader talks about this, which is why I bear my fangs at anyone who wants to take away m
  12. German, French, Latin, Italian, Catalan, Syriac, etc. I can go more but I’m not going to waste my time. I don’t know, where does the KJV have the word “cross” in the text when it is a latin word? Why does the KJV follow the latin text in many places? Your argument is nonsense and the answer is simple, latin predates English, and English stems from latin as well. Well yeah, your ignorantly making accusations about something that you have not studied, and it is about the Spanish Bible. Why wouldn’t I correct you? He uses any people, regardless of language. Plus, L
  13. So what does that have to do with this forum? Not once did you mention anything about peruvians. I’m all for a pure Bible in other languages but this one is for the Spanish speakers. Note Spanish, not other languages. You need to be clear on which language your talking about. Let me be clear, this is for the Spanish speakers, not the others. You were not clear on what you were referring to, I am talking about strictly about Spanish speakers not others. What would this prove? We will help on some words in a word bank but if they are willing to read a Spanish Bible,
  14. 😑 why are you trying to make English the end all be all? The English language is not the only language that has a pure Bible. Your talking with no knowledge behind it. A catechism word? What are you even talking about? The word humano predates the catechism and has no connection to it. What is any word that the Catholics use is a catechism word? But I’ll play along, I’ll answer it for you, do you know actually where the word humano comes from? It comes the latin word: humānus, and when you break it down, you know what it means? Humus means earth and anus in the end is a suffix mean
  15. Regardless if they do not like spaniards, they have to face the facts that their Spanish language does from Spain, no buts. Plus, not all spaniards took part in the inquisition and I know full well about what the Catholic church did. The focus should be against the Catholic church, not the spaniards. Many hispanics may not see themselves as part of Spain; nor do they have to (as I don’t), but that does not take away the fact that their language (Spanish) comes from them and a good part of their culture as well. That go’s for me and many others. ”Correct and proper” what is corre
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