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  1. I do, I should of listened, but they poison my mind
  2. It's working, trust me its getting better, the pain is going away
  3. Sin will destroy life to save the soul I understand. I just need to trust in God have some faith
  4. The Calvinists lied to me and said I could do whatever I wanted
  5. This was never my family, they are making me go crazy, because they said I was crazy for being a Christian, it is false. I still go the word of God online
  6. Slowly I am being fed, I am being patient. Keep praying guys. This is proof it works. DONT LET THE DOCTORS TAKE ME PLEASE, the doctors want to kill me
  7. Where do I go? I am stuck home and they threaten to call the police on me, and the psychiatrists will torture me I was told I cannot lose salvation through sinning
  8. The guilt was too much, I took the hit and they respected me more for it. I need to stop assuming things. and I need to stop being so self righteous. I learned how to stop the temptations through prayer
  9. I use to take psychiatric medication, it only got way worse over time. But it seemingly went away after a year of stopping. maybe there is small permanent damage or it was reversed. I pray it was.
  10. I don't feel the same anymore, I having been trembling and crying for hours thinking maybe there is no hope. I prayed and cried out to God if I was never predestined to begin with and there is nothing I can do or even chose then to just have me cease to exist, because I never of wanted to be created if I was just created to burn in hell. I feel very confused, I believe Jesus died for me, but I get tormenting thoughts that maybe he didn't do it for me. And if thats true I don't know the purpose of life anymore, I know no matter what I do I can never please God, no amount of good works
  11. I am 22, I've been working for a business in property management. It's been a half year of working, and I cannot thrive in this toxic work culture. Toxic work culture as in workers using manipulation against you, hostile competitiveness, treating you terribly. I don't care about the pay, no human wants to go through that and have to play their psychological mind games. They purposely make the work much harder for you and unbearable to the point it's simply not worth working there. They don't want me there then fine. I am also a part time student at college studying computer science,
  12. Ok take my experience with a grain of salt, I had to get glasses at the age of 12. Probably damaged my eyes by staring at a computer screen for too long since I grew up with technology. I wore them frequently, and my vision over the years just get worse. I stopped wearing them at around 15, and now at 22 my vision hasn't gotten worse, but it was getting worse by wearing glasses over the years I suppose. They aren't really necessary for me, It only gets a little blurry at very far away. A friend of mines whose dad is a ophthalmologist (eye doctor), does not recommend LASIK at al
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