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  1. I suggest that you take a look at the oral health side of natural healing that most overlook, including myself. Many people, make all kinds of changes in their diets and take good quality supplements but either ignore or don't pay proper attention to their oral health. And problems in the mouth can lead to all kinds of problems in the rest of your body. Something I didn't really connect until I attended and listened to the presentations at the Holistic Oral Health Summit is that your mouth is the beginning of your digestive system. In fact, the mouth contains more bacteria than any other place in your body. It is also connected to the rest of your body through the nerve conduits including, of course, the brain because of the close proximity. (Yes, oral health and mercury toxicity have direct connections to diseases like Alzheimer's) I learned some amazing stories of people with long term serious issues that saw a biological oral care dentist who properly treated a root canal or extracted tooth, properly eliminated mercury (amalgam) fillings and in doing so eliminated issues like cancer and heart disease. If you have an oral infection that is dumping toxins and toxic bacteria into your system, you can take all of the supplements you want and change your diet as well and still not resolve your primary concern. This is a neglected area of natural health care that took me a long time, thousands of wasted dollars with conventional dentists who are like secular car mechanics replacing parts with no concern for your overall health or their actions on both your short and long term health. Doctors and dentists are trained with the same mentality, money is just as, if not more important, than long-term results. I've been fleeced by them enough to know of whereof I speak. They are having a replay of the oral health care summit which is free online starting August 1st. You can sign up for it here and download the free Holistic Oral Care book as a bonus: Holistic Oral Care eBook Gift | Holistic Oral Health Summit BIT.LY The Holistic Oral Health Summit is online and FREE from July 20-26, 2020 Take advantage of this. I am still listening to the sessions and am learning things I am embarrassed to have missed since I have been around natural health for over 35 years. Wish I had known them sooner. It would have saved me an awful lot of pain and money, retained some teeth that are now missing and helped me resolve lingering issues. Proper dental health can help any age, but the younger you are the better simply because you will avoid mistakes or correct errors that much sooner and improve the health quality of your life for a longer period of time. Terry
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