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  1. Just a little update for you all, It seems the Lord has closed the door on us moving to this ranch. And I believe the Lord is protecting us! A group that this man is apart of in his church who are all about helping others mentioned that if anything were to happen to our children while we are there, that he could be liable and also that would put us at risk for child and family services us living there. So for now we are just going to continue on preparing as much as we can and working on ourselves. The Lord knows what is best and I praise HIm for closing this door. I pray that the Lord will ju
  2. I am praying that if it is not the Lords will that He will put a stop to all of this!! I would fast and pray about all this but I can't as I am still breastfeeding. I am a little nervous about all of this, but yet excited at the same time. Being in this place where we are right now my health has gone downhill! I now have a weird lump on the side of my wrist, don't know if it is cancer, but this place has more carpet in here and I think that could be contributing to my breathing problems at times among other things, probably potential mold too. I tend to feel better when I am out of the house.
  3. My husband has made an offer on a refer trailer and it looks like they will accept it! Perhaps this is the Lords will...
  4. sorry for the delay everyone, things have been crazy around here. The land we went to look at looks good! rent would be cheap, but there were a few red flags. The guy who owns the place lives right there, I think he's single and he mentioned that someone lives with him who is getting off drugs or something? So not so sure about that. We have another option, someone my husband knows quite well has a ranch! and has offered to us an acre of his land as well as super cheap rent, and we would help them out on their farm! We could learn how to milk goats and tend to chickens all kinds of stuff! Him
  5. Just wanted to give a little update! Tomorrow we are going to meet up with someone who has land that seems to be willing to let us rent a piece of it to put a tiny home or something on it. Please pray for discernment for us and for provision for a shelter to put on there should the Lord allow us to move there. We do not have anything as of yet, no camper or anything. So have no idea what we would do?! haha The just shall live by faith!! In the meantime I just continue to prep and store and what not. Thank you for your prayers.
  6. Oh boy, It sure is tough! Everywhere you go now it is mandatory that you wear a mask. My husband has worn one a couple times because he needed to get some supplies. The thing is we have two little boys and need to provide for them. We need to get specific supplements for all of us as we all have some health issues, so we need to go to certain places. He has gotten away with not wearing a mask in a few places, Praise the Lord it is because we know the owners but we have to be careful. Anyways I am praying for you for all the brethren who are facing challenges with getting supplies and what not.
  7. Brother Anthony! I am not too sure if you remember me but my husband and I talked with you a few years ago I believe?? I pray that the Lord will help you get away from your relatives!! You can get off of those nasty drugs, it will take some time but with God all things are possible! You need proper nutrition! And some major gut healing. Good to hear from you brother! Will pray for you.
  8. Yes, restrictions have gotten tighter here. All non essential businesses have been closed, and now only essential items are to be made available in stores. People have been protesting and have been getting fined! I do a lot of ordering online these days! Oh and they have limited the amount of people you can be in contact with etc... ugh 🙄
  9. Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I thought I would start this thread and perhaps we could all share encouraging helpful hymns for all of us to enjoy! I have come across a few recently that have really helped me through some struggles that I am facing right now, and just want to share with you all! May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be glorified and may all of you be blessed. I don't know about anyone else, but I am really enjoying acapella hymns lately! 🙂
  10. More of our rights and freedom being stripped away!! I pray that the Lord will help all of us to know what to do. Also brothers and sister in Christ! I have received a letter in the mail for our youngest son pretty much requesting that he get all of his vaccines up to date! To call and make an appointment...Now I am starting to worry a little that CFS could show up on our doorstep and get into our lives! I will not allow them to stick a needle in either of our boys!!!
  11. Praise the Lord you are still able to go into the grocery stores, I believe there are law enforcements set up at the major grocery stores now, and others who do random check ins with other businesses. BUT! If you tell them you are medically exempt they cannot BY LAW ask you why and what your medical condition is. There has already been a case of a little old lady who tried to go into the store without a mask and she was confronted by more than one law enforcement officer and I believe she was fined right then and there! No I live in Manitoba Canada we are in code red now, my husbands b
  12. wow that is ridiculous! How have you been getting food then? We have mostly been ordering online as well as relying on farmers around us who have been delivering to people's houses during this "plandemic" Praise the Lord for his provision!
  13. Well, They have officially made it law that you must wear a mask in any indoor public space!! AND! They are dishing out fines for those who do not! Please pray for us Brethren...Truth be told I am feeling overwhelmed by everything. I am the weaker vessel indeed...:( Also My husband just told me that the tower for 5G for where we live is going to be going up about a block from where we live!! I pray the Lord will help us get out of here before that happens! We don't know when that will be....But things are really ramping up here, law enforcement is being called upon more and they have been givi
  14. I agree!! completely, well said...It is indeed a scam and just a cover up for 5G rolling out. What is interesting is that if you look on that map another brother posted there are no towers for 5G yet in Manitoba! But I am sure they are coming soon, and as I mentioned in a previous post Fiber is essentially the bloodstream for 5G which is being put in right now all over the place! My husband is doing the drilling for it in our town where we live. sigh....This world is depressing and I am thankful it is not our home! Praise the Lord We are just passing through!! Trying to remind myself of this.
  15. That is blasphemy alright!! Just terrible this virus is no more then a cold and flu!
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