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  1. Clubs are more like an alternate sub-forum, than a live / group chat. It would be better that the clubs are more visible than they are now, I originally wanted to make them just an addition section on the main forum instead of club(s) but am not able, or do just not understand, how that is done; which would be something @Adam Moore could look into. For the time being, until the above issue is sorted out (being able to add additional main forum sections) I've created a club for women's interests, interests which were also mentioned somewhat in this thread previously. If & Whe
  2. Just Found this one, & this one with nice large side margins.
  3. Local Church Bible Publishers as you say doesn't have international shipping at all (problem I had as well, being in Canada) so I used Church Bible Publishers. As best as I understand CBP is a new group that split off from LCBP after there was some kind of disagreement, they use the same methods for production as far as I'm aware and I'm very happy with the quality of the bible I got from them (CBP). Their (CBP's) website is a little glitchy, and hard to search, but I was able to find something eventually.
  4. These are the notes from my salvation video, which I will be drawing from, some of that, to make a better 8.5" x 11" poster (or a set of multiple sheets) with more info than the tract style, when I get some time. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. Psalm 12:6-7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom a
  5. Took the salvation portion of tract(s) and made into a 8.5" x 11" (Portrait), for now. Obviously those verses are a highly condensed selection, to fit on a tiny tract. A standard sheet of paper has a lot more room for embellishment, will have to think about a design; open to suggestions. Salvation.pdf
  6. I have a terrible time memorizing large portions exactly word for word, especially remembering the specific chapter / verse #'s as well, instead I try to have a more broad (paraphrase) memory of things across the bible and get good at finding them again, as so much is about the context of entire chapters / books as a whole, and not so much single verses quoted out of context, so I find that works best anyways. Everyone is different but I personally have a much better time absorbing / remembering if it's related to an active subject of study, like a particular doctrine , word / subject stu
  7. I would be happy to make a color theme that best accommodates the range of color variety you are best able to see, depending on how mild / which type of color blindness you have, let me know.
  8. @Piper LT Moved thread from Q&A to General Discussion, if anyone else would like to state their preference(s) for any new colors / theme's, and a place to discuss the subject in general.
  9. These are my notes from originally working on it: On the left is what the forum setting is called, on the right is what it seemed to be on the forum, if it's left blank (on the right) it's either not used or I couldn't identify where it was used; (note I made those unknown colors various shades of pure blue so if you see pure blue anywhere on the forum in dark mode, that's why). Also the notes are slightly out-dated, I figured out a few additional colors later on but didn't update the notes, and just kind of changed them as I found instances of pure blue, while using the forum after
  10. Was originally just a request, by me, in this thread, but Adam was busy so he helped me understand how to make the changes myself. Making the first dark mode took me probably >12hrs over a few days (mostly due to my lack of experience), but now that I understand it a bit better should be faster for any new / different themes. I just shared the theme so that anyone else who wanted could use it, it was done to my personal preference. I get the "Halloween" thing but that is/was not the intention at all, I just found orange was a good balance of close to red (easy on the eyes at
  11. I've also thought of making a bright mode variation that uses more natural (nature) tones, sky blue's, foliage green's, brown's etc... but I exclusively use dark mode myself so haven't really given that much priority, I can work on it if anyone is interested.
  12. I've made a new Dark Mode (Dark Mode 2) accessible from the button (text) at the very bottom of the (any) page called "Theme"; so far with a more red / salmon color, open to suggestions. For contrast and differentiation between types of text, there needs to be (at least) 3 colors: a bright version, slightly less bright, and darker; which shows the difference between plain text, special text, buttons etc... Some items are hard-coded and take more time to change so will focus on getting the color scheme right (what is desired) before doing that, so you may still notice s
  13. It's about eye-strain, blue light being (apparently) the worst for a given intensity, as well as the thing of blue light interfering with our day/night cycle viewing at night, orange being the direct opposite or inverse color; actually red (for night) is the best but generally (pure red) is not high enough contrast from the background so causes a different type of eye-strain (lack of background / text contrast). It's an easy / quick thing to change (but a slow process to refine) and make additional alternatives, which color font would you like first? Was originally discussed sl
  14. While un-saved, I was into all kinds of new-age / 'spiritual' / occult / 'extra-dimensional' / 'alien' / 'ufo' nonsense before, eventually I got tired of the constant contradiction in their theories / 'evidence' / 'disclosures' / 'whistle-blowers'. It was all very interesting at the time but no one really spoke with any kind of authority or lack of contradiction. Which led to my hunt for the real truth, ultimately leading to Jesus Christ, dispensational bible belief answers all the questions without contradiction, with authority. It is very interesting that, as far as I know, China i
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