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  1. I've seen quite a few Jason Lisle videos and I think he's a smart man. Can't say if there are good reasons to avoid him. Maybe someone else knows. Used to enjoy Kent Hovind until I saw his interview with the Andersnake.
  2. Good morning, I just watched one of Bryan's videos answering a letter...and was a little surprised to hear him say there is no Gospel of Grace. What is the proper term for the gospel that Paul taught? I have seen it referred to elsewhere as the Gospel of Grace, Gospel of Christ, and the Gospel of God. Are all of them wrong? I have created some brief topical slides to post on FB & elsewhere (along with Bryan's salvation video), in an attempt to share the gospel. But I have been using the term Gospel of Grace, which I thought was correct. I am attaching them here for review for anyone who has the time & is a dispensational KJ Bible believer. I would like to be confident they are correct & effective tools to share the gospel, so please identify any errors or opportunities for improvement you may see. Thanks in advance, JLewis Update: After re-reading the scriptures below, I see Paul referred to his gospel as "the Gospel of God" so I will change the title of my slides accordingly. It would still be good to get feedback on the slides though...if anyone has time. Thanks again.
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