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  1. Instead of focusing on money, focus more on God. Indirectly, depending on your location, you can gather food. Even growing can be beneficial—hunting, fishing, and so forth. Fasting and prayer are great too. There are different forms of fasting, like fluids during the day with a meal at night. For mowing, any location that is hot most of the time is excellent for such a business. FL has business concerning lawn care, but such still seems to be needed here and there. Certain areas of Florida would be wrong to go to, just because of everything, yet still alright. (Florida has more older folks (40+) than youth (20-39), from my perspective)). Most people in any range, hate doing their lawn. Instead of being concerned on the next meal, and needing to provide, come to God. Take the time that you have to focus on God. Take in more of his word than that of your worries. - No offense - What you type shows you don't have faith that all things shall be alright. Everyone has struggles, and I don't mean to type such in a way that your concerns are not needed. However, take into account what God is trying to show you, especially where you lack when it comes to faith. You trust God, but indirectly you do not at the moment. You are struggling; you're trying to figure everything out when what you should be doing is getting into God's word. - Wearing a mask means to conform. Considering wearing a cover means that you lack faith that God will provide. So as stated, your best bet is to get closer to God. I'll be finding some scripture to post here soon too. Either right away or later today that you can read tomorrow.
  2. Am female, but thank you. @SamuelKJV
  3. Well said. May I screenshot what you typed?
  4. Added two screenshots above. Saw this in recommended. Map of Responses in shown video EARTHQUAKE.USGS.GOV
  5. Having God's word is excellent in many ways. For the bright and beautiful light, such is just that. It's an all-encompassing light. Sometimes I heard something before I awake or I do not. One example would be that of what I wrote of in the past. Back in Early January 2020, God answered me. I woke up from that same bright light and heard, " You were born female for a reason." That reason has been shown to me through God's Word too. I then disconnected from the people around me, trying to tell me who They thought I should be. Now for actually seeing Christ Jesus, such happened back in 2016 in a dream. After I awoke from that dream, I surrendered myself to Christ Jesus. I surrendered my soul to Jesus Christ, to God. That was a wake up for me, and no one would be able to remove me from the belief in Christ Jesus. From God. - (2016 Dream) I never saw Jesus from the front, for I only saw a back view. Before seeing the back of Christ, I saw a divine-like-right-hand, and I wouldn't be able to describe such to you. Such motioned to look down from where I saw to see what was below and then Christ Appeared. The most beautiful white was on him with divine light all around, and I could only see his hands. He was a brownish man, but I only saw his hands and feet. (This was before I knew that the Catholic picture of Jesus was false too). As in, I didn't know that that "Jesus" the Catholics had was a fabrication of Jesus Christ, and truthfully I don't think I knew that Jesus was Jewish back then too. - I wrote more of this dream on my wattpad, but I can post such here too. - If one wanted.
  6. This is a piece of a story I wrote on my Wattpad - I've had many dreams throughout the years of getting threatened in various ways. Sometimes I write then down; other times, I do not. This one happened in 2019, cannot remember when though, as in the month. - Half The Story: " I ended up finding money scattered on the ground of various currencies. I picked some up and also drew attention if others wanted to have some too. Soon, a gangster-like fellow came forth and started to threaten people. He demanded people hand over their cash, especially that of what they picked up, and they did as told. Then the man looked at me. I went to walk past him, as I had the money I found in my hand. He demanded that I give him the money. I tell him words along the line of, " No, it's mine. I found money, so it's mine." - He ends up drawing out a machine gun and pointing such to the side of my head. He now has a growling dog that is ready to attack me too. I tell him again that I will not do as he asked. This time he shouts to me as he unlocks the safety on his gun, saying that he'll kill me if I do not give him mine money. As he those words - I yelled back as I longed my face toward him, " Fine! Kill me! Do It!" - I then fix myself in a straight standing position. I close my eyes. Inside my mind, I remind myself, " I know where I shall go." I take a nice inhale to exhale to accept death. My view is his finger slowing coming forth to pulling the trigger, and then to that of his life becoming lost. As soon as I exhaled, I heard three gunshots go off - not of his gun. In the few seconds of time of me exhaling and hearing the shots, my view was seeing the bullets flying to hitting the gangster-like fellow. The man ended up getting shot in the head and chest. His dog that went to leap at me got fired at too. - I opened my eyes and saw the man and dog dead, lying on the ground. Both killed due to fatal shots. I look over from the direction that the bullets came from and saw nothing, just whiteness - Blank. Then I went to turn back, and the line of people was still there, waiting in line as if nothing happened except for this one blond girl looking at me. I look at her as she replies," You're cute and brave ...and that's scary." Then she ends up running away into blankness." ^ Now - me posting this half of this dream seems like " 'Déjà Vu. " Interesting. @Vancouver
  7. In the past, I used to, sometimes (50%), get fearful due to dreams while other times I did not fear. Yet, such changed. I've gotten threatened in dreams, and I don't get fearful anymore as I did when I was younger or even a few years back. Some things creep me out here and there, but not in the sense of "I'm scared." - A bit about me is that I didn't know much of God's word from 2016 to 2019 for various reasons. I knew a bit, but not much. It wasn't until 2020 that I got myself a KJV bible too, so I had different scripture with me. I didn't know much of the bible perversion issue until God had me stumble upon Mr. Denlinger's videos. I was reading from the Aramaic bible for some time - For someone, I knew in person told me to start reading such, so I did. Then I started reading from the KJV Bible. - God has revealed a lot to me through scripture, dreams, and so forth. I'm grateful. Also, have any of you ever woke up in the sense of - For this reminds me of (Ephesians 2:6) -> All you see is like the divine bright light, it's beautiful, so bright, and that is all of what you remember upon waking up. @Christopher Milby @Vancouver ?
  8. The last one is correct. The first two days, I tried listening did not go well, for I was used to sleeping in total silence. Yet, after the first few days, I came accustomed. @Christopher Milby Going from one thing to another can take time for folks, the length of adjusting is different, of course.
  9. I tend to have dreams daily. I also started to listen to Alexander Scourby KJV from my computer (desktop) a month back as I go to sleep. I used to listen to another voice read the KJV, but I like Scourby's sound for such readings. Usually, the volume is regular; other times, I put such down low. Here and there, I sleep with earplugs, either one open or both closed. - Your dream, as Christopher has pinged too, was interesting to me also. Just going off an assumption from what is coming forth to me brain is that: The meaning of wanting to talk to the woman doesn't always mean to warn her. If you remember what was playing, the passages - such may help - maybe? If you were unable to stop the record, there might have been a message in such for you. The woman, whoever she was, may have been telling you that nothing is needed to be spoken, which correlates you not being able to reply - but for you to listen. If anything, try listening to 2 Kings. Never know, you may end up remembering what may have occurred. - - For myself: Shall the dreams be an attack or not, most of the time they are eye-opening. I have also had dreams that were " 'Déjà Vu " like too. Throughout my life, I have had such, from young to even now. Here is one of the funny ones for " 'Déjà Vu:" I was listening to a video that Bryan Delinger created in the dream. I ended up remembering that dream after hearing Mr. Denlinger say a particular part. The thing is, was that the video wasn't created until about a week later. I was like - " I heard this before! I dreamt of this! Oh - WOW!" I laughed a bit too. This type of event happens here and there, but this was one of the funnier ones. - I have a few others that I shared on my Wattpad, but if you'd like I can post some of them here too, plus others. - When I have bad dreams, there is a 75 percent chance I am able to take control of the dream. Same with the Good ones, either I am being shown something and no action is needed or I am in some sort of situation that if need be I can take control. - The dream last night, right before waking up - Was that someone did something to be. I shall not get into too much detail, but I ended up rebuking that person. I cannot remember her face, but I know it was someone I knew in the past. - I also understand that some folks (bad people) can "astral-project." Witchery is what such is. It's creepy, truly. I had someone do such to me a lot in the past, years ago, and I ended up praying to God to block out anyone and anything that is no good for me. - In that dream -> that specific woman - In that dream, she had red eyes, black smoke around her, and a nun-like outfit like that movie thing that I never watched. In that dream, there was something that I needed to remember and admit to myself. - Think I typed of this dream elsewhere on site What I needed to acknowledge was that " I'm protected." - After stating such outloud that woman got pushed away from me. There was now a barrier between her and me. She's confused about the matter and banging on the invisible wall, saying, " What!?" - Then words were spoken out of me correlating to me asking God to remove anyone and anything that is no good for me. I cannot remember the exact words that got stated, but I also felt that such wasn't me speaking but that of the Holy Ghost due to how clear and precise the speech was. The person looked at me wide-eyed in a weird, creepy manner and her being in utter confusion. A year or so later, I saw that same woman; she also stalked me profoundly from 2016 to late 2019 - pretty sure she stopped now - And when I saw her earlier last year there was like this black bubble around her. I had no clue what such was, Thing of a Domed letter "C" from one shoulder to the other shoulder. It was like Black speckles, black dots just, there. She was sitting there, Wide-Eyed staring at me. Everyone else around her was not bothered, as if they didn't see that around her. In the past, before she started to stalk me, she was speaking of something and stated, " God could never forgive me for the things I've done." -> I replied instantly back to her with, " Oh. Don't say that."
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