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  1. Lawrence Krauss IS child handler, never noticed that watching those names on list I posted earlier. WOW. Never heard for Krauss before. He is probably using connections to "set up" children for his fellow "scientists". That list is from Q board but it STRONGLY believe it is LEGIT.
  2. Yes. That's it. Tnx for reply radorn :) To answer Ryoji's question: We live in counterfeit of John 1:23 " ...Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias." Making the way straight means preparing or organizing the hearts of the people for the coming of Jesus. Failures and bad results which will come from lockdowns, vaccines, great economical reset, Q-anon, new political conservative leadership etc. are preparing a way for antichrist. Problem, reaction, solution BAD RESULT, final solution. Mankind need to come to the end of itself, then it's heart will be finall
  3. Project blue beam. What is Project Blue Beam? - Times of India TIMESOFINDIA.INDIATIMES.COM Sunday Times News: Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory about a supposed project whose purpose is to create an artificial Second Coming.
  4. ET means extra terrestrials extra terrestrials don't exist. When flying saucer come out from Dulce base on example, people look at it and say "Look those are ET's " . They are programmed to believe those are ET's. Mark of the beast tech won't come out from Mars. It's already here.
  5. I believe the mark of the beast tech will be some E.T. tech, which will be implemented after fake disclosure. High tech must be required for losing mans free will.Maybe something like a tech presented in this movie; here is the article so you can read a plot. After nanotechnology injection people partially lost their free will in this movie. They could be controlled by A.I. at any moment. Nanotechnology injection is result of them wanted to be healthy. Sorry if I already posted this link or said this before, I really having a problem with keeping track what I said online. It's easier to r
  6. Paul the Apostle: I will get the most rewards at the Judgment seat of Christ. Piper LT: Hold my 28 hours long twitch video !!!!! Please,no hard feelings anyone,I am just joking.
  7. 20 000+ troops in DC !? My country Croatia with population of 4 million people have 20.000 active personnel in whole country. UNREAL !!! This is the first time since Civil War that US troops are inside US Capitol Building. Let that sink in.... Other interesting thing is 911 symbolism: you have incoming January 19th (1/19) vs September 11 (9/11). I had bad feeling before January 6th riots, and I have bad feeling now. I believe someone will address the nation in near future (my guess is General Flynn) with these opening line: ... "My fellow Americans the storm is upon us." ...
  8. I'll repost that comment I copy-pasted from YouTube.. It's 30 minutes after midnight here in Croatia, I am little bit confused and bad at math lol. That comment reminded me on Brad's video where he said he believes that catching away might happen in spring. Here's it is: " have a theory... The bible says that the age of man is 70 years or 80 by reason of strength.. Israel can be viewed as a 'Man' they were formed in 1948 - 80years from then is 2028.. Take of the 7 year TRIB and we get 2021 - April 2021 to be precise... what this may mean on the ground may be about to be played
  9. I just noticed I copy-pasted post trib comment from YouTube. sorry I deleted it.
  10. I am just watching this video, and it reminded me on Ephesians 5:27 "That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." Bryan made a good point at the beginning of his "A call to fight video" ; I need to be sanctified with God's word first before fight. John 17:17 "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." ; And separate myself from everything that separates me from God. I wrote a comment under Bryan's video, I heard that from a Navy Seal drill Sargent. "If I can't trust y
  11. I just read one YouTube comment, and heard for this earlier many years ago. Is this true? Is Jewish heritage traced through mother or father ? I heard many times that is traced through mother, but does that Bible teach that? I don't see that in Bible, how does that work? What does that mean, tracing ancestry or heritage through mother?
  12. Piper can you please copy-paste your Wattpad links with you testimony here on chronological order. I was reading some of your Wattpad stories but I don't know where your testimony starts. I am having problem with reading while watching your video and have hard time understanding that computer voice. That Wattpad seems quite interesting by the way, never heard for that before, tnx. I always wanted to put my thoughts on paper, I was thinking about starting a journal too.
  13. Good points regarding forced testimonies, I didn't hink about that...may everything happen in the Lord's time. My apologies to everyone who I forced to make testimony and salvation video. I guess looking back in the past, my fellowship with infiltrators was a product of me believing in heresies and having lower standards to judge sin and heresy. I was just ticked off yesterday, because of some LOST person who WAS among us; And now that person is spreading hate and lies towards the body of Christ every day. I am talking about Faithful Servants of Christ (Jon Kragen). That lost
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