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  1. Thank you. I have seen his page listed on another you tube channel, but I havent listened to him yet.
  2. I have seen several videos from this ministry. I do enjoy listening to them speak, but I am unsure about whether they are acceptable. Does anyone have any insight? There website says they are BASED IN CENTRAL ISRAEL WITH A US NON-PROFIT OFFICE 501(C)(3) STATEMENT OF FAITH - ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry WWW.ONEFORISRAEL.ORG Statement of Faith God “The Lord God, the LORD is one.” The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the only God and Creator; there is none beside Him, and all the attributes of God are His alone. His unique unity consists...
  3. https://winepressnews.com/2021/07/14/lightning-strike-destroys-george-floyd-memorial/
  4. Thank you. I was looking for an about section at the top and bottom of the website. I almost didnt click on the site just because of the name, but I wanted to see what they were about. I found a link to another page by JD Farag. I guess he is just posting other people's video on that site.
  5. After doing a web search for Bryan Denlinger hard drive, the first video that popped up was a website named "godisterrible.com". If features videos from Bryan, Gene Kim and others. Anyone know anything about this site? I cant find out who owns it. Bryan Denlinger, Author at God is Terrible GODISTERRIBLE.COM
  6. My husband has been talking about going to college for years. He has always been interested in Biblical Archaeology. We realize now just how corrupt college are, even the ones supposing to be "Christian". That being said, Does anyone know of any colleges that arent totally corrupt? My husband is a VERY strong minded KJV Bible believing Christian. He will not be swayed easily from this position. He has been to college three times before and was unable to finished in part to his inability to conform and "keep his mouth shut" when the teachers try to push their evolutionary ideas. Any information
  7. Ok, I recently read a comment on KJVM Rumble page. It was about the names of God and Jesus being wrong and incorrect. I jumped down a google search rabbit hole and now I am confused. I know of course that these are english versions of the names, but one women had a convincing youtube blog about it. It was basically saying that names are names and should not be changed. She says Yeshua is Jesus real name and that it should not be changed just because its "harder to say in english". Another video from a male pastor made it sound like it isnt a big deal that we say Jesus instead because its what
  8. Warning!! Does have one cuss word..............Thoughts? My husband has been talking about "straw man" for years, and wanting to "give back" his SS number to live free. I'll admit, I dont fully understand it all, but I know I would love to get to the place where we can own land and not use the worlds systems. ROTHSCHILD & THE CODED WARNING TO AMERICA RUMBLE.COM ⌚Show Support For The 2nd Amendment Here 🔫 http://www.freeamericawatch.com Get your FREE watch today by clicking the link above ^^^ WE WERE WARNED. And now they own the world, and...
  9. I have been an RN for 5 years, and a CNA for 15 yrs before that. I had to get a flu shot EVERY year( I didnt fight it much, I was young and uninformed). I REFUSE to get the covid vaccine or any other vaccines again. Our son was vaccinated at birth and for a few years, but I have refused to get anymore boosters for him, no more vaccines. I did not know what I know now. I am fighting with the idea of no longer working as a RN because I do not want to have to vaccinate other people.
  10. Oh ok. I wasnt sure if they were just on youtube. I noticed he used streamyard so I went there but it doesnt seem to be a site that you can search for a specific person or ministry. Is this the main site for fellowship and question/comments? I requested to join his other .com website, I got an email of verify, but I am still unable to log in. Just wondering which sites are active besides this one. Thank you
  11. I have noticed several different live streams/ chats on past videos. Is that still something that happens? Is it open to all, or what do we need to do to be able to join?
  12. What a creepy video. The music makes me feel really uneasy. I tried to research this video and the name of the album which this song is from is "Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World". So yeah.....
  13. I'm glad I found this video. I just ordered 130 chick tracts that should arrive in a few days. I should have thought about it more, but I am learning and was excited to have something to hand out. I believe you are right about this though the more I think about it.
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