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  1. @TerryF God bless you brother! You have helped so much I am going to be switching directions by making the info sheet about the facemasks rather than corona. Because anything against corona is more conspiratorial and blacklisted from google or "debunked". The facemask information is proven by incidents, science, and more easily persuadable they are ineffective and harmful. Thanks again brother wow
  2. @TerryF Thank you so much brother! I will be reviewing all of that here shortly. My sister had informed me today she is forced to wear the mask the entire school day! From the second she gets on the bus until she is home. The students are instructed in the cafeteria to lower the mask, take a bite of food, pull the mask back up and begin to chew. This is sick, the zealousy is growing. @Vancouver and @Christopher Milby thank you guys too! I can always count on you guys it seems. I posted those tracts on my local towns post office board and on some walking trail boards, surprisingly nobody
  3. I am going to compile as much information about the disinformation about google and the coronavirus (facemask, sanitizer, etc.). Me and my friend are going to put them on every single car wile church is in service on sunday so hopefully I can write this up before then. I am also going to post them on postal boards and such. The sheet is going to be half of a sheet of paper front and back. If you could provide information that is backed by facts that would be great because we all know Google will say it is conspiracy or false fact checked etc. HERE IS THE VIDEO WHICH ENRAGED ME
  4. @Vancouver Thanks again for all the help too brother ! You've made this process much easier for me God bless you for that
  5. @Vancouver Yeah I've adjusted that, I just had to hit the "fill entire paper" setting. They still are not 100% perfect, I get 2 different sizes off of one sheet of paper, the bottom one has a slightly larger bottom margin. But honestly brother I'm not even worried about it they are coming out plenty good enough. I've messed up at least 10 sheets of paper so far but now I feel like I got it down to a science 😂 send me more tracts if you ever make any different ones. I cant wait to lay/pass these out I'm kind of nervous though.
  6. @Vancouver 109$ later after a successful maskless mission at office max we are in buisness!!!!
  7. @Vancouver Ok thanks for advice I'm going to give staples a visit tomorrow maskless we'll see how it goes down. I'll pick up some of that heavier paper. Hopefully ink and heavy paper doesnt kill the wallet too bad, still cheaper than that false converts tract printing company 😂
  8. @Vancouver I fiqured that part out I just saved it as a download and printed it rather than the pdf because it had the font page middle page and back page description overlaying the page. Once I get ink probably tomorrow I should be good
  9. Well I fiqured it all out and my printer is out of ink so hoping for some real production tomorrow thanks for the help brother
  10. Thank you so much brother !!! I'm praying my old printer works since I cant find anyone to print them in bulk. I'll post some pictures when satan stops hindering the process, my macbook took a crap as soon as I went to download the printing software so well try again after this hard restart that's taking 30 minutes 😂 I'm gonna download the trinity tract as well and pass those out
  11. Psalm 138:2 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.
  12. @Vancouver that's funny because I was thinking the same exact thing when this happened earlier. I gave him a good run down on the truth after this and he never responded, typical. @Piper LT I have yet to see that one I'm going to watch that, but yeah his "good concious" told him not to print the truth regarding the bible version issue, ironic
  13. I tried to get a tract custom produced, I made the tract in google docs for him to transfer and print to send to me. Here was his response after receiving the tract I wanted made😅😂
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