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  1. Hi, Michael. Where my post says "Pastor Jack Trieber" is copied from a Facebook post. If you notice that when I referred to Jack Trieber I used lowercase p "pastor" meaning his so-called church building position. I agree with you that no one should be called "Pastor". I apologize for any confusion. Besides, as of September 1, 2020, he and his church building are facing fines from the local public health department totally $52,250. If those fines continued to compile today (September 5, 2020), they would total $82,250 and climbing.
  2. North Valley Baptist Church (Santa Clara, CA) and Jack Trieber (pastor) have been given "cease and desist" orders by the state of California. This is what happens when by contract you put your church building under a corporation status such as 501c3 or 508c1a or yoke up with an association of "churches" that are incorporated. The government becomes the legal head of the building (and its assets) and thus can lawfully take control in such cases like a preacher preaching against "public policy", or in the case of a "plandemic", the government (through a local public health department) can eith
  3. Has anyone seen signs in stores saying that they must give exact change due to a national coin shortage?
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