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  1. The stars are so so beautiful :((( I used to watch them and see them flash bright different colours.
  2. AHhhhHH! Heliocentric and Geocentric switched sorry
  3. Questions for a heliocentric model: what are stars? are they just balls of gas that rotate around us? (I also wanted to point out. Anyone who says "look around, there is no way we are moving" isn't good evidence and I'd avoid it. If you fill a bucket full of water and swing it around quickly in a circle, the water stays in by force, which is what geocentric model is built off of that theory) General question- when a balloon goes up or someone goes into "space" where are the stars? its black! Questions for those who believe in a geocentric model: If the moon causes a so
  4. FlatScripture! I like it. Also I asked my friend who is a pilot and he says they don't account for the curvature because they are "too low down" and to see the curvature you'd have to be 60,000ft in the air. There are some balloon photos if you look it up and horizon is looking flat...
  5. Nasty... Isn't scary to think that the antichrist is alive and walking now
  6. It was super weak. I was full of worry and fear at that point and wearing a mask to gardening classes multiple times a week. The class was so bad our masks were actually moist with bacteria. Such a breeding ground for all sorts of things. Also I was a recovering malnourished ballet dancer. And I was vegan which didn't help. So bad immunity for sure 😞 I did see about that water fast and I'm certainly going to do that! It can really help with nerve pains. I'm growing my own tomatoes and potatoes this summer and staying away from anything processed! And staying away from masks, yikes. And well h
  7. My theory was that its got to be more than flu, something man made that was put out there. I still have harsh symptoms 6 months later. Spike proteins make sense
  8. Alright, this makes a lot of sense. What do you think? mRNA Bioweapon, Not Vaccine RUMBLE.COM Dr Palevsky reveals that the symptoms people have associated with "Covid-19" are not caused by a virus at all. It's always been the synthetic...
  9. Forced Quarantine camps NY SB416: QUARANTINE CAMPS & FORCED VACCINATIONS RUMBLE.COM I am going to say this once. Unless the people of the U.S. stand up and say no more, they are done. Since the sheriffs REFUSE to honor their oaths...
  10. Anyway from reading through all the discussions, we admit NASA and the government are lying to us. And we need to research for ourselves seeking truth. But we also shouldn't lose fellowship over the discussion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exa5w3qG6lo brother Bryans response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou_vCem2dME originally shared by brother Ryoji
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biKqrbBHDsM&list=PLyHwsN1Rg4IpvkJPw5xfw_g83vXuDLhKB&index=8
  12. Basically: why do we get colder when we are closer to the sun? (a mountain, higher altitudes, in a plane the windows often freeze) Yeah I see what you mean. Also when looking at the sun under a cloud it is an absolute perfect circle. Thats pretty interesting. I did an experiment to look at the shape of the moon and it proved me wrong. I thought it would look like an ellipse from a certain distance away. Made of cheese... haha
  13. Thought this was a great discussion. Question for those studying the topic longer: what about the moon? If the moon isnt spherical lets say its a half moon, we all see one face of the moon. If it moved like Dave showed, and we can only see the bottom of it which is facing us, wouldn't perspective cause some of us to see an oval moon? I worded that confusingly but hopefully you get what I mean. The part where the sun fades side not down was sketchy, but he explains what happens when we see the sun "go down" after a while which answered my question. Does atmospheric science still apply
  14. Good soldiers of Jesus Christ: If you haven't already, you must join the prayer war. Lets end this covid nonsense. Fauci. Prayer and fasting brethren, start now. Also, pray for separation of false and true christians. To any circumstance, even if it means persecution, death, concentration camps. It is time. Stand strong like a rock.
  15. Petro chemical tylenol/ibuprofen isn't the way to go. I've been trying moroccon mint tea, any other suggestions? I've also been trying a clove of raw garlic daily and taking tumeric for anti inflammatory reasons. Not much is helping so far but I'm sticking to it. Any suggestions would help!
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