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  1. EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW. RUMBLE.COM Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview with inarguable fact-based...
  2. It really makes you feel the guilt of sin thinking of this total suffering. I had always just ignored this statement, but it is really powerful to confront it. Thank you Peter T
  3. FULL INTERVIEW: WORLD RENOWNED DOCTOR BLOWS LID OFF OF COVID RUMBLE.COM FULL INTERVIEW: Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine and...
  4. Let me re-iterate my response to her original accusation. In response: All I did was ask the meaning of a direct quote of Jesus in scripture. This does not make me an infiltrator. Besides, the reasoning for your assumption is flawed because in my experience, a "Catholic" would respond to honest questions on doctrine in exactly the way you did, with ad hominem attack. Also a "Catholic" would not dare ask a question like the one I asked but you see it as sacrilege to even presume to seek real answers that may offend current dogma.
  5. Agreed. I should have defended myself with dignity and grace and was wrong to let my mouth spit out my offense to such a ridiculous charge. Thanks
  6. Yes, in my defense. I am a man.
  7. @Adam Akins In my defense. The scripture says, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" I ask, why did Christ say he felt abandoned and I am accused of being a shill. So who is speaking with malice? The fact that Piper is offended by a question as to the direct literal text in scripture reminds me of the Catholics I have known. i.e There is a sign out front "Sale Today! Enquire Within!" "Hello Sir, you're having a sale today?" "SHILL, THIEF!!! GET OUT OF MY MY SHOP!!" Deep breath....I have blocked Piper and will no mention
  8. I am going to ignore your comments hack !
  9. But I dont see the jews looking forward to the Catching Up. And why would they be called creatures as opposed to the elect?
  10. Ahhhh. I will meditate on that. Yes I see what you mean. Thank you T
  11. I will read through your finding in depth a bit later, but my main questions are 1 Why would the lost be waiting for the manifistation of the sons of God? They couldnt care less. 2 Why would the lost join us in Gods glory? Again I will study what you wrote shortly. Thank you T
  12. Ok....so why did Jesus feel he was abandoned?
  13. Mt 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? What does this mean? Thanks T
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