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  1. Secret history of the Jesuit order in romanian language for research and education, the evil Jesuit's are trying to hide in plain sight so be carefulistoria secreta.pdf i recommend the Fidela Bible in romanian language and the KJV1611 for english speaking people Biblia KJV in limba romana (1).pdf
  2. He used the British bible society source reference Our history - Bible Society WWW.BIBLESOCIETY.ORG.UK Over 200 years ago a Welsh girl named Mary Jones walked over 26 miles to buy a Bible from Revd... And the Welsh Bible witch is linked to Geneva Bible and codex a and b of Vatican so i recomandat a reserch of you own
  3. In Daniel chapter 3 verse 25 is obviously clear
  4. Cornilescu is Vatican source so stay away
  5. The best KJV Bible equivalent in romanian language is Fidela version https://www.librariamaranatha.ro/biblia-fidela-marime-foarte-mare-litere-foarte-mari-coperta-piele-neagra-editia-4.html Biblia KJV in limba romana.pdf
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