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  1. Hi brother Peter, Sorry for the delay. Thank you for posting the link and info. I will look through them soon. God bless you.
  2. Hi brethren, I am very new to hymns. I am writing to ask if anyone can recommend a book, cd, mp3 download etc where I can get proper hymns. I don't know all the catholic ones to avoid apart from blessed trinity. I hope you are all well and thank you.
  3. Hi Peter. Thanks for your comment. I am going to order the calf skin wide margin Cambridge. It seems to be the best option for a really nice bible in the uk.
  4. That's great thank you. I really like the bibles from church bible publishers but there is no delivery option for England. I will have a good look on there.
  5. Thank you I will check out that website. I did hear Bryan Denlinger say about that website. I didn't go there because of it being American. So it's great that they ship world wide.
  6. Hi, I am new to this website. I hope I am posting correctly. I am after some help with regards to which KJV to get. I have two already, but now I want to spend around £100 on a nice wide margin with references, non red letter etc. I have been looking at the Cambridge bibles. Please can anyone tell me about there bible and why it's a good choice? I like Bryan Denlingers bible. I am not sure which one it is though. Thank you.
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