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  1. Welcome. It's my understanding the site was recently revamped, this summer I believe, and so perhaps not all users from the old forum have migrated over here yet. With that said, I think there is still some things in the works. It appears anyone is able to create a club, so that may be something you could start and other like minded ladies could join. @Vancouver posted a topic here sometime ago concerning group chat, which would benefit us all, but I'm not sure whether that's being worked on as of now. Half the time I forget about the current chat box we have here on the site.
  2. I use Kroger's Online Order and pickup in my vehicle - so I don't wear a mask that way. I get your point giving money to Amazon, and Kroger really isn't any better. Unless you're able to obtain food from a local farmer with a local business, ALL major corporations ultimately trace back to the Vatican, whom Satan, the god of this world, uses to run the world. The problem there is small businesses are being destroyed left and right and the big dogs are taking over creating monopolies on product, so it's hard to avoid. I imagine one would be rewarded GREATLY at the judgement seat of Christ i
  3. Good point concerning Elihu in the book of Job. I understand spiritual maturity is not dependent on age, but of the time of their salvation, being born again, and how much sanctification has taken place in their lives since that time. I suppose I'm after the older men in age who have been saved and have been through things. Bryan has mentioned this many times in some of his sermons saying an older man has been through certain trials that the younger haven't. I will say any time I've been truly exhorted, edified, corrected or moved spiritually, it has always been the result of the preaching of
  4. The title is self explanatory and something that has been on my mind for what has honestly been a few years now. I see a lot of younger brethren that follow KJVM, but not too many older gentlemen in their 50s+. Men of this age bring a special wisdom and patience to the body of Christ because of their experience, and it's something that's needed, I believe, in this time. I seek the preaching, teaching, exhortation, edifying of older men because of that. However, I don't see a whole lot of those men around. So I ask, where are the elder men among the brethren?
  5. They don't know any better because they don't have the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. What is a sin to born again believers is a sin to the lost just the same. What witness of Christ do we bring to the lost world gaining off another's destruction? Because they are already condemned? I used to be that lost sinner and to perhaps one day come to the realization that a Christian sold me something that he himself condemned and removed from his life would leave me feeling betrayed because truth was hidden from me at the cost of a meaningless temporal benefit. A man who condemns somethin
  6. Oh yeah brother, I know you didn't mean that. I was just using that as an example. Hmm, this Leyenda Negra sounds intriguing to me. It'd be interested to see what it's really all about. Indeed. Something I'd like to know too.
  7. I've been considering the same sort of things as of late and I'd like to know as well where one should draw that line. Hopefully someone can interject on the matter. What I do know is the wicked people at the top running things seek to unite Protestants, Apostate Christians, Conservatives, Catholics, and also deceived (but truly born again) Bible believers under Trump by constantly facilitating obvious evils from the left (abortion, sodomite marriages, etc.). This is so they can one day blame all these leftist Jews (really all Jews) for all the evil to their detriment and destruction. I f
  8. I've been in the same situation as you and I know what you mean. My advice? Quit college, you don't belong there. The reason I know you don't belong there is because I did two semesters in college for the exact same reason you are going - and that's to find better people to work with who might be more professional than what I was used to. The truth of the matter is, those people higher up often appear friendlier and appear to work well with you, but they're some of the most wicked people you'll find. Constant manipulation, drunkards, fornicators, adulterers, and you are right in the midst of i
  9. This whole thread is producing absolutely no fruit. I haven't seen any scripture in the last several posts, only a bunch of videos by people who aren't even born again. This division isn't the word of God dividing us, it is the work of our flesh and it's being controlled by from these flat earth worshipers who know not our Lord Jesus Christ. And I even believe the flat earth. I need to repent of my anger and pride on this issue, because all day today I've been out of fellowship with the Lord because I dwelt on this thread. I seek truth in this matter wholeheartedly (and I believe that is a goo
  10. Remember that Jeffrey Dahmer got saved based on the creation material his father sent him while in prison. That was what led him to his repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Had a Christian not put their time and effort into research, compilation, and publishing of this information (a "non-salvation issue" as some may call it), Jeffrey Dahmer would have never had that information and could very well had been killed in prison before he sought the risen Lord Jesus Christ in a repentant state with a godly sorrow unto salvation. The Lord certainly could have led him by the Holy Spiri
  11. @Vancouver Hmm, all good points. I knew Adam was behind the maintenance and creation, but didn't realize discussion took place between the brethren on these matters, so that's good things like this have already been talked about. I'd still like to see more brethren give their testimonies as they, many times, are a blessing and relatable, but forcing it wouldn't be in the right spirit and doesn't seek to fulfill its primary purpose, which is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Somewhere in the middle seems right as you said, Vancouver, whatever that may be.
  12. I did a testimony video, but took it off my channel because it was just too long, so I need to redo it soon. You're right. But you know, I've had the similar thoughts on this matter brother, but haven't said much because I wasn't sure what people's stance was. In addition to providing a testimony (because we need to know the people we are fellowshipping with), I think it's important to know more about the person themselves. I think gender should be required on a profile. Frankly, I will speak differently to a man than I would a woman. Males and females are different and sometimes it'
  13. Maybe as you save up for land, you could look into getting an older, used Class C camper? If you look hard enough, you could find free places to park I'm sure, and so your costs would be minimal. That way you're out of the city immediately and have some room to breathe while bigger decisions are made concerning land and a tiny house. It sounds to me your main concern is getting out of the city. It might be worth it to just get out of the city, rough it a while, and wait on the Lord before signing the dotted line on a mortgage. I'm praying nonetheless.
  14. What Christian scientists though? Anyone with any kind of credentials that they got from a secular, God-hating university, I question their motives. Ken Ham uses new versions too, so I completely reject Him. If he doesn't know God's word, how can he teach me about God's earth? He can't, and he's a liar because of it.
  15. At the very least, Joshua 10:12-14 proves the modern heliocentric model (sun being the center) to be false, while the geocentric model (earth being the center) true. Modern science teaches the earth's rotation causes the day and night. So if the Lord made the sun to stand still in this passage and hasted not to go down about a whole day, then that is not possible according to modern science. The sun being held still would not cause any difference of daylight because the earth would still be rotating. The text does not say the Lord stopped the rotation of the earth, but the sun. Our own languag
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