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  1. Stand strong and be bold with HR about the Lord Jesus Christ and your beliefs. They will respect it even if they let you go. When I quit over the mask mandate, to my surprise, my employer gave me my back vacation pay, sign on bonus, all benefits I didn't really deserve by quitting. I never had an employer to do that, especially only being employed with them for 6 months and working only 4 months due to the shutdowns. The Lord blessed me greatly there and will bless you. Most people know this virus is a bunch of nonsense, but they fear man and their corporate bosses so they enforce the thi
  2. I'm in the Louisville area. I'm guessing you mean Cincy area when you say tri state. I'll have to know a lot more about someone before meeting though.
  3. Wow. I never actually saw the "shall come unto thee" part in scripture. That would seem to imply the second one is correct. Noah's duty seemed to be to build the ark, bring the animals in and gather food as found in verse 21 of chapter 6. Noah could have lured the animals into the ark with the food he had gathered to fulfill God's command to "bring them into the ark" while they came unto him. If God's commands to Noah in chapter 6 are supposed to be done in the order they were written, then Noah would bring the beasts into the ark before he gathered the food. But you also look at chapter
  4. Have you ever heard of brother Jacek Godlewski? I listen to the Eric Jon Phelps show sometimes and brother Jacek has announcements for his Polish Bible Study time slots. Don't know the man's doctrine at all as I only speak English so I've never listened to him, but he could be someone you check out and possibly connect you with other Polish speaking brethren. You can find him at: 24/7 World Radio 247WORLDRADIO.COM His live show is every Thursday at 5pm EST, with various repeats throughout the week it appears. Again, I don't speak Polish, so I can't official
  5. It'll be a bit difficult for me. I don't have access to computer right now. But I'll be praying fervently for you and your friend! Try DuckDuckGo for searches. It does not censor (at least that's what I hear people say).
  6. This is a series of clips from a 2003 episode of the TELL-A-VISION show Dead Zone. https://youtu.be/EQ2meVPNqSo
  7. I pray God raises up some righteous men within this system to fight this evil and expose the true motive behind it.
  8. Matthew 15:8 KJV This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
  9. In addition to the paper cutter, you all can invest in a Bone Folder for creases. You get out a lot of tracts quickly with the most perfect creases. In my experience too, using a paper a bit thicker than your standard printer paper is better too because text won't show up on the other side. You all are making me excited to see what kind of tracts will come of this. Really enjoying seeing everything you all are creating.
  10. Hmm, I've been using Fellowship Tract League since I first got saved, but to be honest, I haven't actually read through one of those in quite a while, so that's something I didn't think about and a reminder to do so. I just went over a few on their website and some seem okay, but others have images I wouldn't use. I do need to go over the ones I have though because it's been a while as I said, this is a good reminder. I think the best thing to do is to create our own tracts as @Vancouver has. We know what needs to be said and sometimes it's more of a task to read and filter out other mini
  11. It does seem to be a comply or be fired system that's being put in place now. Religious freedom is gone, or at least actively being taken little by little, so the law is no longer just in that regard, all for the sake of the "state-of-emergency" where the constitution is suspended, at least in America that is, but I'm sure in Canada it's similar. I'll be praying for you there. It is a difficult thing knowing you need to provide, but also comply with this nonsense. I know what you mean by not minding to being homeless, I was prepared to do that, but then I realized a few things. I let m
  12. @Piper LT I understand what you're saying. I've searched the scriptures and 1 Timothy 5:8 KJV is clear though. I will have denied the faith by not providing, and would be WORSE than an infidel. That's a very serious thing. It's not about the money to me, but more so just the factor of doing work. I've worked for free recently so someone would give me a chance, so it's not the money. It's simply about fulfilling my responsibilities, and working because I am commanded to work, not just provide. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 KJV is a serious command. So, if I didn't do over-the-road trucking bec
  13. I appreciate it, thank you. I've had a couple of odd jobs mowing lawns, but nothing stable. Honestly, I'm starting to consider to go back over-the-road trucking and just wear the mask at the shippers to just check in, and check out. I hate that, but I have to provide. I would have denied the faith, become worse than an infidel by not providing, but the only way I see to provide is disobey Romans 12:2 by wearing a mask. I have to work or I'm not to eat, too. So, do I disobey Romans 12:2 to not deny the faith? I'm beginning to think so. Really struggling to do what's right, but I don't see anyth
  14. I sometimes, not often, use brown noise to fall asleep. It's hard for me to sleep in complete silence, so maybe just boosting the volume of Scourby would work then. I never would have thought of that. Jesus Christ has never manifest himself to, me at least, in a dream. I mean, I'll speak foolishly here for a minute. I dreamt of Jesus once (the white Catholic Jesus) riding in the basket of a shopping cart on a main road as a child. The cars were grocery carts; and everyone had their own cart riding automatically driving down the road. He passed by my cart and waved. Was this Jesus being
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