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  1. @Piper LT Here is a tutorial that might help. I was able to sew an apron for myself using this seam Edit: I added another video of how to take in clothes and make them fit better. Hope it helps!
  2. I find that it is hard for me to find modest apparel in modern stores. Most of the dresses and skirts do not cover knees and shoulders and that is really frustrating for me. What I do is I buy second hand clothing, "grandma clothes". Clothes that were made before fast fashion started to be popular are much, much better preserved and of better quality. People took better care of their clothes back then also. Some of the items I have purchased are too big, skirts and dresses, but it is always easy to fix that, even just wearing a belt might "save" a dress or a skirt. Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you @ryoji and @Piper LT for your detailed answers, I just was able to get to look at them in more detail. Hope you are both safe and sound! God bless you both! 💕
  4. To anyone who is struggling, this is an amazing classical masterpiece about our Lord Jesus. Here is some background information about Händel: The Story Behind Handel’s Messiah - BreakPoint BREAKPOINT.ORG Our hearts still rise at that great triumphal chorus. We sing "Hallelujah” to the King who will reign forever and ever. Here are lyrics: http://opera.stanford.edu/iu/libretti/messiah.htm Here you can listen to it without ads: Handel's Messiah live at the Sydney Opera House WWW.ABC.NET.AU
  5. Thank you for your answer! God bless you! This makes me think, should we be afraid and avoid these people as much as possible or trust that the Lord will heal us? Or is it the new type of leprocy? I really do not want to live in fear and "social distance". What is your opinion on this @ryoji ?
  6. There are different symbols to signify christianity. One of them is the fish (Ichthys) symbol. Does anyone know where it's origin is and if it is okay to use this symbol?
  7. That sounds really interesting! Yes there is some disliking of Russians here in Estonia and some other countries but its mostly due to the history. Younger people do not care that much, most of the people are nice as long as you are nice to them. I have not done any big of a research about Old Believers but but as much as I have researched it sadly looks a lot like Catholicism just different rituals and traditions.
  8. Estonian language actually is in the same family tree as Finnish language Finnic language, different family tree than Slavic. Nevertheless there is a big minority of Russian people living here (about 30 percent). Mostly because they stayed here after the Soviet Union collapsed, but some Russians have lived in the area since the 17th century when several thousand Russian Old Believers, escaped religious persecution in Russia. My parents are Russian so I am Russian, but my whole life I have mostly spent time with Estonians. Funny enough my husband has also Russian roots but we spe
  9. Thank you @Rico for your explanation, it is co much clearer to me now! I did not know that LORD in all caps is referring to the name Jehovah. It is interesting that in my older Esonian Bible the places where there is Jehovah, in KJV there is LORD written. I did not think anything of it before. In the newer Estonian version there is Lord (not in all caps) instead of Jehovah.
  10. Hi! I commented on one video that I think the KJV is the best version. Some kind of person answered me and I do not really understand what he is talking about. I admit that it is partially my fault because I have not yet researched the Bible version issue very deeply. Maybe someone is more knowledgeable and could explain to me what is going on and what actually is the truth? Thanks in advance 🙂
  11. I do not know much about Spain but I know before this virus thing a lot of youth from my country would go to Spain to work on farms or fields. I do not think it is the season right now but maybe you could just look into it. I myself know nothing about it, only rumours.
  12. @ryoji I really liked your Babylon video! It is so well made, love Alexander Scourby, his voice is powerful! And also all the images were well chosen, well done!
  13. Hi! I can not open any Bryan's videos on Bitchute. Has he deleted his channel?
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