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  1. Say the KJV gets banned in America, I think that complete bibles would be limited. If we have whole written chapters written, It could make complete books feasible to the lost/newly saved. Each page would have chapters to a topic and each person responsible for a book of the bible. I've been led to use a whole print of john 3 to witness about 2 years ago before I knew what tracting was and to start some more rigorous tracting I've made a 2 sided print including John Ch 14 as well. Staples has a 2 sided printer and so little staff you might be able to get it done. There is also t
  2. Don't ever stop judging others for sin for this you have convicted me sharply. I thank you. Thank you for the kjv quotes especially. Thank this forum for setting me right. Let's see how it goes,
  3. I know that wearing a mask is bad for you health and conforms to the world but by using it to get into places to me is not that bad for me. I need to work. For me in the city work is impossible to find without mask wearing. I have been saving this money for homelessness within this month. I understand but I don't feel called to go straight to the streets without a dollar or transport nor able to go into a store for clothing, shelter. The vaccine is not going to be taken. Taking this into consideration being like the world to evangelise is not uncommon for Christians. Didn't the Waldensia
  4. Did not know this existed when I posted. Writing this on masks and placing them as tracts could be good if we organize it correctly. I made a post on general talking on using the slogan: "Beware of FACTS Of Catholic Origin" The FACTS are broken up when the mask is expanded a side effect that I only realized after.
  5. Hello, this is best used in urban areas as masks are strictly required to buy sell and to use public transport. As such they give out free masks which can be collected and used for this purpose. This does use the brainwashing tactic of using the same slogan over and over to cause a disturbance. It is not for he purest of hearts. Efficient tracting is hard in stores and transport if you wish to not be known. Therefore for this to work you would have to compromise openness for long lasting placement. A good way to rile up newcomers to the faith in a way to possibly turn politics a
  6. Hello People!! What... What if instead of wearing a mask we give them... . . . I have already done it and it's amazing. Pics related. They expand on the outer part to automatically Break up the FACTS of Catholic Origin.
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