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  1. *sigh* whatever, my friend... I'm sorry I answered. I just can't do this right now.
  2. I don't even know what to make of that picture, @ryoji. At any rate... do you plan to make this forum into a new chapter of the Flat Earth Society, or something?
  3. The original star wars trilogy was good as space adventure movies go with a good script and direction, nice practical effects and designs, for the most part, if you gloss over the occult themes and so on. Also if you ignore all the "kid-comedy" stuff in the third film. The prequels are complete trash and I just refuse to watch the recent disney trilogy, both becayse of the occult nature of the whole saga and because the cinematographic quality, or lack thereof, and becayse I don't watch movies anymore anyway. There seems to be some connection between the jedis and the jesuits, and some ve
  4. No idea. Tears? Maybe you take a body pose that is particularly exerting physically? Maybe you get too tense? I'm no physician nor am I familiarezed with other brethren's physical experiences during intense prayer. Does it alway happen? Does it happen regardless of your pose?
  5. Since Jesus went to Paradise after he died, as promised to the repentant crucified thief, which is called Abraham's Bosom in the story of Lazarus and the rich man (not a parable), where the lost condemned souls could be seen burning in the distance, and conversations maintained with them, and he stayed three days there, that sounds like a good chance for Him to preach to them. Can't give the verse numbers right now, sorry. Since prison has a negative connotation, sounds like the lost souls burning there are those referenced. Then again, it could be the just ones waiting to get to hea
  6. sure, blame "my emotions" now. more deflection.
  7. Why are you bringing that stuff to this conversation now? EVERY TIME you are in a corner you bring up something completely unrelated to derail the conversation. Not to mention the nonsensical excuses. I'm really tired of dealing with your nonsense and selfrighteousness, and your need to always control the conversation and stay on top. If ever you accept any blame, it's not really fully on you, is it? you always set everything up so that the blame is shared, even if it should be only yours, and the other part must accept your selfish peace offer, regardless of where the blame really li
  8. Actually, you didn't apologize for anything you did yourself. No, you first attributed me doing something, and then you apologized for me doing it. Who do you think you are to apologize for me for things you baselessly say about me? And how do you think it's a proper defense to claim "well, I said "maybe" " as a free pass to say anything? How about I or someone else start saying about you "maybe you are this, maybe you are that, maybe you did this or that"? Doesn't sound too good, does it? well... stop doing it yourself and stop pretending that saying "maybe" is a defense. It's not.
  9. ...I wasn't upset, nor did I take it in any special way. You thought I was saying something I was not saying, and I just corrected the confusion. I didn't take it as an offense or anything. I also don't like or think it's good to use the astrological/tarot/whatever names for constellations. I wasn't even disagreeing, but just stating more clearly what I really meant to say. So... there wasn't any offense in you saying "I think radorn is saying so and so" even if you misinterpreted me. Why would I be offended by that? How stupid/crazy do you picture me, really? You don't seem to attrib
  10. The point of my comment was not about his naming of constellations and other heavenly/astronomical elements, but that he is looking at and interpreting them as a sign for things to come and observing them in search for significance in relation to world events which is divination. Isn't that basically what we call astrology? That's the problem I was pointing out. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, the wise men (magi/mago'os) from the east came to Jesus after an interpretation of heavenly signs, but they were pagans themselves. It's not like the Bible is saying it's OK to do that. Had
  11. I see astrology charts with constellations and conjunctions and so on, mr ryoji...
  12. Back around this time last year, when the scamdemic started, several clinical studies in Spain were being talked about on the internet which established a likely causation relationship between polysorbate-80 in flu vaccines administered that winter, particularly to the elderly, and so-called covid19 cases.
  13. - We call ourselves we. - OK... but why? - for we are many [Mark 5:9]
  14. That video is fake. There's some attempt at imitating the style of the time, but there are too many things that are off... The mediocre voice, the preceeding graphics not shaking a little, the language used is not exactly what you would hear back then. Also, no custom orchestra music in the background to go along with the narration and changes in the imagery. It's not a bad attempt, but it would need a lot more work to really pass as a genuine contemporary production.
  15. You can clearly see lasciviousness in that man's proud and impudent look. And, lo, he used to be one of Jeffrey Epstein's chums: krauss+epstein at DuckDuckGo DUCKDUCKGO.COM DuckDuckGo. Privacy, Simplified.
  16. Under increasing prescribed doses over the years, my mother took tons of Alprazolam (under commercial name Trankimazin), a benzodiazepine, among a bunch of other things. Real bad outcome...
  17. Oh, you meant to say that you think the "authorities" will introduce the mark to the population as if it was some extraterrestrial technology, after having faked an ET contact... OK Since you said you thought the mark "will be some E.T. tech", it seemed as if you were buying into the UFO/ET narratives. You had me worried there, brother. Ant yes, I understand the E.T. abbreviation and I'm aware of project Blue Beam. :)
  18. Well... take this with a grain of salt, or a spoon, or a truckload, as they say. Just like with all the COVID scam, I expect the mark of the beast will be introduced as a vital response to some crisis, manufactured or otherwise (there's going to be plenty of real problems by the judgements of God on the earth, so I guess a "healty" mix of reality and propaganda). Not really something that will be introduced in a time of perceived peace for convenience, but a demand of something that "everyone must submit to if we are to get through it", thereby justfying the execution of those that refuse
  19. Well, as I said, I don't speak any Romanian myself. I just know a believer that is Romanian and I once recommended him the Cornilescu because that's what I was told was the KJV closest equivalent in that language. Interestingly he objected the name, telling me "Cornilescu" had something to do with horns and that he didn't like it because it was kind of related to the Devil in his view.
  20. ¡¡¡28 HOURS!!! Is that your longest so far? Good thing you eased up on the speed dial too.
  21. "the Son of God" vs "a son of the gods"? Could you provide more information about how the Dimitru Cornilescu translation is linked to the Catholic Church?
  22. I haven't studied this enough to elaborate as much as I'd like, but textually speaking, I would say @Kíveño is right. But, in an interesting twist, it turns out that these "dead sea scrolls", like the writings of the so-called "church fathers", have unintentionally provided actual proof of things in favor of the Scriptures. On the one hand the bible-related books found there are corrupt and also include, I believe, the "gnostic gospels" and old testament apocrypha. So, in that regard, it's bad. On the other hand, even their corrupt bibles often contain verses and readings that mode
  23. @Lawrence If you are from the UK maybe you could check this place Bibles - Time for Truth! SHOP.TIMEFORTRUTH.CO.UK Producers and distributors of Christian literature at cost. Supplying Christians and Churches for over 20 years.
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