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  1. Sadly, I don't. I've looked into it a little, but never too seriously. I keep stumbling upon this one called "Diccionario de Uso del Español" (DUE) by a woman called María Moliner, but I have no idea whether it is good or not, nor did I ever find an online version that can be checked. Anyway, WikiPedia has this category for Spanish dictionaries. Should be a good start, I guess. Category:Spanish dictionaries - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Categoría:Diccionarios de español - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre ES.WIKIPEDIA.ORG EDIT:
  2. Tendré que echarle un vistazo. Claro que nunca he tenido impresora. Si Dios decide salvarme esta vez también, quisiera comprar una. Ya llevo tiempo pensándolo.
  3. Well, it's done. There's nothing left, except for a driving wheel I could potentially use for a driving lessons simulator. Thinking whether I should keep it or smash it too. It was quite hard to do it with some of the stuff. For those that may know what I'm talking about, here are some highlights: 3 Brand NEW UNUSED N64 controllers with the analog stick in perfect condition, that I planned to apply teflon or silicone grease to so they would "never" wear down. Also 2 NEW 3D controllers for the SEGA Saturn, a console that I never owned but intended to buy at some point. Gun controllers for
  4. Well... it seems this Friday it will be decided whether I'll have money to keep living under a roof or not, maybe Monday. It's really that simple now. I know I deserve it, but I hope God will save me from it again... So please pray for me, pray a lot. I'm praying now more than I've ever done. I just finished shredding all my videogame stuff, in fear and desperation, after seeing this coming. At least I got to do that... I may still be saved from this, but I don't know what is the will of the Lord in the matter. It's looking bad. Please pray that I don't become homeless. I ordered a Sp
  5. I would say it's more of an equivalent to the MODERN Webster's dictionary than the 1828. The Royal Spanish Academy has always been a catholic operation since the beginning, and they even operate as an order. While the Webster's 1828 is praised among KJV believers as based on scripture, in the DRAE, the definitions of all words relating to the bible or "christianity" are always defined from a Catholic point of view, and if that view differs from the Bible, they have no problem with that. In this case, that meaning of "Divinidad" is good and doesn't seem to be tainted by catholicism. But,
  6. N64, SNES, GB, PS1, accessories, controllers. Broken PCBs, unrecoverable. Not included in this picture are the things that I wrecked the other day, and there's more still to do. ADDITION: Today I started this session of wreckage by what was my most prized idol: The 64drive, an unofficial cartridge with an SD card slot and USB connection to PC enabling the user to play all the games for the Nintendo 64 on the actual hardware, including unreleased prototype games that have been leaked to the net over the years, and hundreds of ROM-hacks (modifications of official games with new content
  7. @SamuelKJV Then, if you think it's appropriate, I'll pray that the trip is called off so you don't have to go. Nevertheless, it may be the case that you'll have to resist and refuse to even go to the doctor, and if they drag you there by force resist physically if necessary... I don't know how that's going to develop, but I'll remember to pray for you.
  8. To tell you the truth, I don't know what are Feijóo's origins or alliegance, whether he's a Jesuit, or a Mason, or what. He's clearly an establishment goon, there's no doubt about that, and he's up for any globalist disgusting plan. He poses as a conservative, but goes along with the separatists and all that stuff, and plays the plandemic game... all of it. He's just another wicked politician sold to Satan. I'm watching the last "a call to" video and next I'll go for the prayer war one. But Ill have to re-watch all the others too.
  9. I understand the point of being aware what's around us, but that video you uploaded was just so vexing, with all the creepy music, displaying satanic lyrics from one song after another, the disgusting pictures, on and on... That's just too much, brother. You shouldn't be seeking videos like that one, nor sharing them. It will do more harm than good. I understand that there aren't many videos that deal with these things the way they should be dealt with. In which case, you shouldn't be getting exposed to them, even if you say "I need to know so I can argue against it" Proverbs 3:5-8
  10. I won't. I use uBlock Origin. I don't see no stinking ads nowhere. I've been ad-free for years and years. Unless they block that too or they take the add-on down somehow, I'm not going back to that nonsense.
  11. Why do you watch that kind of videos then? Is that kind of stuff new to you?
  12. I went through that phase years ago, after watching way too much of the disturbing truther stuff. Nowadays I hardly ever get surprised by anything. Not a path I would recommend. No problem. Don't be harsh, he seems to be going through some of the same I went through. Finding out about the horror of everything in this sick world. @ryoji I realize you are probably horrified and worried about these things, but you shouldn't focus on it, and, particularly, you need to avoid watching all that stuff by truther types. Now that you know about it, focus on Christ instead, and don't
  13. You are mistaking me for @ryoji. It was him that posted the Copeland video, not me.
  14. Thank you, @Kíveño. I'm downloading that. I'll also search for a printed version. Anything in English too?
  15. ¿What are you talking about? @ryoji and you both posted Kenneth Copeland videos just yesterday and I replied to that... I don't know anything about months ago. I only registered to this forum a few weeks ago...
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