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  1. @Rico I think you aren't handling the French correctly here... or the English, or even the Spanish, for that matter. Please bear with me and let me explain: You say that, in John 3:16, this KJVF that @Vincent Dos Santos is advocating for, portrays Jesus as a created being, but that's not true at all: "son seul Fils engendré" is literally, word for word, the same as "his only begotten son". son > his seul > only Fils > Son engendré > begotten You try to use the Spanish to illustrate your point, but you are wrong here too. The Spanish verb "engendrar" is the same as
  2. I think it's a little more serious than that, but you get on the defenssive all the time, and neither can I keep doing this nor do I see the point in trying further, so may God show you your error some other way, since you won't take it from me. I hope you'll take His gentle ways too, lest He has to get... less gentle. Please, go back and reconsider these things we've discussed. You don't have the strong scriptural support you think you are standing on.
  3. Suit yourself, then, brot... frie... ehhhh... fellow citizen?
  4. You are in denial, my friend. You are even making it personal. There's no "how I feel about you" in anything I said to you. I'm only trying to point out some things you are doing wrong to help you and anyone else reading us. Now, you can try to understand what I'm telling you or you can spend your time using shaky reasoning to make excuses for your errors. Your choice. That'll be all.
  5. @Vincent Dos Santos This us the kind of thing kabbalah occultists do. Do you really want to do the same? Think about it. Think about what they are doing and why. Please avoid doing the same, and don't fall into the trap of justifying it because of some shallow reasoning. Also, whatever God told Ezekiel to draw was not told to you, or me, or anyone else. The LORD also told the Jews trough Moses how to build the Tabernacle and David how to build the Temple... but we know that those instructions don't extend to us, the church of God, building "churches", or don't we? You need
  6. It'd be better to avoid that kind of schematics. It's the kind of thing they draw those involved in the occult, kabbalah, trinitarianism...
  7. @Vincent Dos Santos You are trying to make it as if peoples staying separate was some old testament statute for the Jews that has been done away with by Christ in the liberty of the Gospel, but the fact is that God established the separation of nations well before Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, and Moses, so before there was a chosen people to begin with, and I don't see it being abrogated anywhere in the NT. You point to what really constitute examples of God's grace and forgiveness as if they were legal precedent, jurisprudence on the issue, to declare the act as good enough. We hav
  8. No. Nation as a bureucratic geopolitical concept is a new globalist thing. "Nation" comes from the same root as "natal" and, for example, "nacer" in Spanish, which means "to be born". Surely French too has related words coming from the same root. The original concept of nation implies common blood origins. The different nations and peoples in the bible come from leading men having children. The modern concept of nationality where you can be whatever because some government worker puts that on a piece of paper is part of the system created by those that are rebuilding babylon for the end t
  9. Acts 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
  10. I'm on the smarty-pants-phone, and it takes forever to type and correct errors, so I don't pay much attention to capitalization. No demeaning intended.
  11. Sounds more like something said to the jews in the time of jacob's trouble about their state before the second coming of christ than something addressed to the church before the catching up of the body of christ (not "rapture"). Saved jews today are brethren with the church in christ, and brethren with other unsaved jews in the flesh. But the chruch and the unsaved world aren't brethren at all. Also, I wouldn't expect the unsaved world to readily be ashamed after the catching up... It's their big moment to show all their "glory". The culmination of angels' and man's rebellion and "in
  12. @ryoji ascii graphs are too dependent on display conditions to work. particularly if yo make them that big counting on everyone havibn the same screen width and perhaps same fonts as you. In my case, no matter what I do, the text doesn't properly align and also wraps around and I just can't figure them out.
  13. The whole vaccines/vaccination system is a scam, particularly the currently ongoing COVID deception. They are acting like the bullies they are to push the death shots on people. Just like MicroSoft used underhanded tactics to "upgrade" millions of XP, Vista, 7 and 8 users to Windows 10 with much less than their full acinowledgement or informed consent. No wonder Vile Portals (Bill Gates) is involved in both "enterprises". Same man, same tactics.
  14. @Piper LT Please, look up these words in a dictionary and then reconsider your answer. You seem to have misunderstood what I said. "bullish" is NOT the same as "bulls**t" which I suspect you have mistaken it for, seeing how you think it's a bad word. They aren't even close. As for the other one, I really don't understand how "vaccination scam" can possibly be a person for you to ask me "who" it is, so I don't know how to even reply to that. Please, look those up and come back when you ubderstand it. EDIT: And it seems I myself need a dictionary too. I thought bullish was re
  15. Ah, I guess you just left the automatic updates enabled. MS was very pushy and sneaky with their campaign to upgrade everyone to W10. They distributed many related updates for their older OSes over time: from probes to assess you computer's W10 readiness, to "reminders" about why you should upgrade, to, finally, an update that would actually download and install W10 over your current installed OS unless you went through the trouble of saying no. I disabled autoupdates from tge start, as I did in XP, and would review each update before allowing it to install, so they didn't sneak that thro
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