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  1. Thank you both so much for being willing to pray for Izzie..she's in desperate need of God's mercy and intervention. I didn't mean to bring controversey to the forum with my screen name..It's my screen name on You Tube and for the sake of continuity I kept it the same. If there is a way to change it, I will do tthat asap. By the way, my name is Anne and I found the website thru KJVM ...thank you so much!
  2. If anyone is so inclined, please pray for a young lady named Izzie. At age 33 (now 34), she went into cardiac arrest during a C-Section to deliver she and her husband's baby girl. Izzie is not a believer and before her accident had everything this world has to offer (both she and her husband are college professors). She now has no use of her arms & legs, can't eat solid foods, can't speak, needs to wear incontinence pads and is confined to her wheelchair. For awhile it seemed like she was improving and could stand and even walk with lots of help but now her legs buckle when she is stoo
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