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  1. Keep the blessed hope in mind, we will have never ending fellowship in heaven.
  2. The N word used that's considered a racial slur. I don't think he uses it because he's racist, but moreso because of the culture he grew up in. Nothing against him personally, I just always warn people about that when it comes to his material. I love Ruckman. He's one of the only Baptists I've ever known that will admit that church buildings are not scriptural and shouldn't be erroneously called the "house of God" for any reason, plus he's one of my favorite preachers and he's got amazing material. I don't think the Lord would have showed him as much as he did if he was not a saved man.
  3. Ruckman reference Bible is not bad, i would still just get a plain wide margin. Ruckman uses language that I don't personally believe a Bible believer should use (the N word, etc.) His stance on abortion is also concerning. Having that stuff in my Bible is annoying but doesn't discount the other notes that are great. And there's no concordance which also isn't great.
  4. The username is funny because Muhammed from the islamic religion had a mole on his back that he called "the seal of his prophet hood" so I wonder if that saying comes from that idea
  5. Trying to figure out if the trump of God will be the Lord's voice or if when the "trumpet shall sound" in 1 Cor 15:52 is literally a shofar sounding before the rapture.
  6. Same here, it's still pretty hard trying to explain to people that Roman Catholicism is not Biblical Christianity, "putting the Bible back in the schools" would just make that worse. They would just teach the kids that the Bible is a Catholic book
  7. As far as I know, In German it's "Die Heilige Schrift"
  8. Hope the Lord exposes this whole thing so we can all go back to normal. Wouldn't it be great if this whole mess exposed the pharmaceutical industry for the corrupt organization that it is, and everyone stops wearing masks and looks to natural remedies for health? Maybe there is a silver lining to all this brother. All I know is that in GLORY we will NEVER have to deal with this kind of nonsense ever again. We will be with the One who IS the truth and there'll be no more room for lies.
  9. Update on the situation: they refused to change their mask policy so I'm looking for a new job. Some country places near where I live seem to be last on the mask issues so hoping to get a job out there.
  10. Thank you brother, I just talked to them and they're talking it over right now.
  11. Thank you Chris! It was so shocking to me, they wanted us to wear them in the building at all times even when we weren't around anybody. Did you end up finding anywhere to work that doesn't require the stupid mask mandate?
  12. Thank you Chris! It was so shocking to me, they wanted us to wear them in the building at all times even when we weren't around anybody.
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