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  1. Try giving your sister gifts perhaps, it might soften her heart. Maybe not many have shown her love, care, or selflessness in her lifetime (I don't know for sure, just speculating), that's usually why people distrust people. I have been trying to gift more gifts lately, simple things, soap, etc.
  2. @ryoji On the third video you quoted the guy at 3:30 says we have Nephilim blood running through our veins, LOL. Chapter and verse on that? And Nephilim isn't even a Bible word I hate when people use it.
  3. In this video at 5:00 he attacks the King James Bible and says that words, jots, and tittles were removed and that whole books were removed from the Bible.... That's some bad fruit. I don't believe the Spirit of God would lead someone to attack His own word and it's inerrancy and His ability to preserve it (through men).
  4. I believe this too. A lot of flat-earth content topples sound creation-science and apologetics and makes Christians look intellectually dishonest. The Devil wants to make it seem like real science can't harmonize with the scriptures when they 100% do. The Devil knows that evolutionism has been demolished already by creation-science, so perhaps he has moved onto the flat-earth deception/distraction. He knows he can't stop Christians from reasoning and proving the truth by the scriptures and sound real science so he "throws in a wrench into the works" to stop the machine from working smoothly (t
  5. Thanks. I take it as meaning "in earth" means on or atop the ground, and "under the earth" as under the ground, which again wouldn't violate the sphere model. Earth means 'ground' in that passage I believe.
  6. @ryoji Hello. Good point with the tower of Babel. However I think that with the tower of Babel what God wanted to prevent chiefly was word domination and dominion. Also, with one language that would've been much easier. We are approaching a time where that again is going to be possible, and it'll culminate into the End Times Beast System. At the tower of Babel their goal also was to be one country, one people. They obviously weren't going to reach heaven, and God wasn't concerned with that. I don't think he is with NASA and other space things either. I believe God is concerned about world domi
  7. I wouldn't classify it as profanity, but it is an exclamation, and exclamations usually result out of a lack of control (of the flesh and tongue). If you control your flesh and tongue you won't feel like you need to exclaim something like "holy smokes", or "danget", etc. You don't need to get obsessive over it, some things slip out sometimes, but if the speech isn't edifying or if it doesn't make you look good it should probably be dropped. I heard Robert Breaker say "holy smokes" and it did vex me. It shows a lack of control of the tongue. I believe they are fruitless phrases those exc
  8. Back in Abraham's day if you were rich it wasn't because you had a big stock portfolio, it was because you owned land, people (for indentured servitude, in other words employees), livestock (flocks of animals), farms, gold and silver (which aren't what they used to be, but are better than fiat currency, gold and silver are monetarily manipulated for sure), and other REAL sources of wealth, hard assets and business (NOT BASED ON DEBT AND FAKE FIAT CURRENCY).
  9. Inflation only gets worse, never better, thus buy now! And don't get deceived by the whole investing thing. Once a market crash or even a hiccup occurs you WILL lose a lot. It's risk vs. reward, and these days the market is very risky. If you don't think so, that's too bad. I wouldn't call investing complete gambling, but it is to a degree complete gambling. And also, it's not always honest gain, but I'm not gonna get into that. I think investing is a liberty issue so long as you're not investing in openly sinful and unethical businesses. Real estate is a biblical and honest area of investment
  10. I think it's common sense to have a few months (no more than six months, unless you desire to be a serious prepper, which there's nothing wrong with, so long as you don't neglect other areas of life) supply of everything you use in case the stores close or dollar collapses. Convert money to stuff you need before you might not be able to. Like I have said before, if you need a tractor for your land don't wait five years, buy it now if possible, because your buying power is not guaranteed another day, and your money is not guaranteed to be there in your account tomorrow. Convert money to necessi
  11. We must fight against the abominable sodomite doctrine and acceptance. Use the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, to fight! Be relentless in your stand and in quoting scripture against it. ". . .Ye must be born again."!
  12. Also, I think it was Ruckman who said that you can prove ANYTHING out of and from the Bible, IF you twist the scriptures enough. Very true. Let's approach the scriptures with the right mind and spirit, and with reverence.
  13. Hi. I believe that the Bible puts in and leaves out certain things and details as a test, I'll give you some examples. I also believe that God has a sense of humor. So, an example of a test in the word of God is Jude 1:14: "And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,". So, there is the only place in the entire Bible where Enoch's work (service) is specifically talked about. Obviously Jude only knew this from divine and direct revelation from God, not through any physical documents. This is a test, I am sure, laid
  14. Exactly, if the shape of the earth can prove the Bible somehow that would eliminate faith (which is necessary), in the Creator. We walk by faith not by sight. You might be forced to believe towards the Bible which might eliminate (at least some) faith. Will you believe the Bible even if the earth is a globe? That takes more faith, which is undoubtedly one of God's universal requirments. The globe model in no way contradicts the scriptures by the way.
  15. Didn't mean to insult you or anyone else with my comment. By the way, how do we know this is not photoshopped? Is it really real? Seems fake.
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