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  1. This is an incredibly good sermon. Are we allowed to post these? I believe Peter Ruckman and Robert Militello were friends. I don't know where Don Nesbitt gets these from. Does Militello pastor a church or something? Would love to listen to more of his stuff.
  2. Where did you get your DNA test done? That is cool.
  3. Reading the articles now. Thanks for sharing. Sorry if I might have offended you or anyone else, I didn't intend to.
  4. I have access to their Netflix but I don't even watch it anymore, haven't in a month or two. I am trying to overcome watching secular movies.
  5. My mother, but sister especially, pay for Netflix. I have told my mom countless times about the perversion, and she knows. But my sister seems to still want to pay for it. It's not my business at that point. My mom watches TV a lot with her dogs as well, they're innocent.
  6. Most probably. Weak-brained, low-intelligence, or "special needs".
  7. Yeah, California is trying to legalize pedophilia saying that it discriminates LGBT youth. Sick. Disgusting perversion. It should be revenged, not allowed and fostered. Let God's judgment come upon this country if we do nothing to stop this kind of stuff 🙂
  8. Amen, the thought of congregating and fellowshipping with lost people makes me cringe, it's beyond me. I would hate that. That's why I don't do the church-building nonsense. Fellowship with sure brethren only. And another plague plaguing the church-building nonsense is that everyone has a different standard of God's word. How can there be fellowship if everyone's Bible says a different thing. Nonsense. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A CLASSROOM WHERE EVERY STUDENT'S TEXTBOOK IS DIFFERENT? LOL! OF COURSE NOT! Satan has done a great job with new bible versions. Even if they're KJV only there still are lost people in the congregation, KJV only doesn't make church-buildings ok!!!!!
  9. Does anyone know of any great foreign (or even U.S based) missions or of any U.S. based prison ministries to donate to? Does anyone also know of good (hopefully Christian) ministries that provide food and water to needy children in poor countries? I know it's hard to find good ones. Just inquiring. Throwing my line out there to see if anyone knows of anything. I'd like to expand my portfolio.
  10. Great observation. That verse could have a twofold interpretation. Certainly when applying it to those who desire to yoke you to bondage unto the law it will lead to even more bondage unto the law. First it's tithes, then pretty soon they'll move onto pushing you into accepting building a temple unto God, in other words a church building (things we Christians shouldn't do), and so on and so forth. As Bro. Denlinger says, perversion gets worse and worse. Another interpretation could be when someone tries to inject wordly things into the church (leaven). They should be rebuked, rejected, etc. Lest their leaven infects the whole lump. Just stay scriptural and don't get radical about rejecting people, like the Amish and what not.
  11. I don't follow this guy or anything, I've just seen that he had produced some good videos (in the past mind you), particularly two that I liked (one about Sodomy and the one about Hollywood).
  12. Very weird. And very weird verse to quote, as it has nothing to do with church buildings. Grasping at straws. And required tithing is unscriptural in the New Testament.*
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