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  1. I'm posting this here, just in case some people haven't seen it yet. if you haven't read the description on Bryan's video about the "The Final Days Before The Rapture" I've quoted it below. Please keep the ministry in your prayers.
  2. Here's the story of how I got electrocuted, thought I might die, almost started a fire, destroyed my furnace, and got 4th-degree electrical burns on my finger. Praise the Lord, I'm still alive and kicking. In early December, when I was cleaning my furnace. I missed turning off the second 220v breaker, and the electric heating element, unknown to me, had a short in it. So while the heating element wasn't physically hot, It still had electricity flowing through it. So as I was reaching for that last little dust bunny sitting down by the heating element, all of a sudden, I c
  3. Source: https://www.theregister.com/2020/11/20/youtube_ad_payments/ I'm not sure how all this will play out but we might start seeings ads on Bryan's videos soon.
  4. I'm sorry to say, he didn't make it. We're all taking it pretty hard, if you'd keep us in your prayers, we'd appreciate it. Thanks everyone.
  5. I don't know much but I just got a phone call and they think he is having a heart attack. They had an ambulance there but I don't know anything beyond that. Prayers would be appreciated.
  6. An interesting video, could "the hum" be affecting our health?
  7. I've updated the website's software to latest version of Invision Community, you can read the change log at https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/452-r94/ . I'm currently working on updating the theme as well. If you notice anything not working correctly please let me know.
  8. Does anyone have any recommendations for header backgrounds for the website?
  9. These might be helpful http://www.color-wheel-pro.com/color-meaning.html This link describes the "feelings" behind colors. Color Wheel Typography http://webtypography.net/toc This link talks about typography in general. https://www.quicksprout.com/best-font-for-website/ A bit about matching fonts. I forget what all was in this PDF but I think it was pretty good too. impact-of-color-on-marketing.pdf
  10. I've been busy working on the test server, preparing to update kingjamesvideoministries.org to the latest version of Invision Community. Quite a bit has changed with this release (Release Notes) and the theming system as well. So I went ahead and rewrote all the CSS we were using and have been working out a few kinks before I do the upgrade. Hopefully, sometime within the next week, I should have everything done.
  11. I deleted the offensive posts and turned off guest posting as well. I didn't realize it was on.
  12. "As Friday's hospitalization numbers across the Sun Belt appear to confirm CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield's assertion that the American COVID-19 outbreak has peaked and is starting to fade, the State of Virginia is setting a new precedent by seriously discussing forcing Virginians to be vaccinated with whatever rushed-to-marked candidate the FDA approves first. During an interview that aired on Friday, the state's health commissioner said he planned to invoke state law to make vaccinations mandatory - once a western product is available, presumably. Here's more from ABC News 8:
  13. I've temporarily disabled VerseClick due to an issue with the CKE editor not displaying scripture when editing the first post in a topic.
  14. Nationwide distribution of any coronavirus vaccine will be a “joint venture” between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which typically oversees vaccine allocation, and the Department of Defense, a senior administration official said today. The Department of Defense “is handling all the logistics of getting the vaccines to the right place, at the right time, in the right condition,” the official said in a call with reporters, adding that CDC will remain in charge of tracking any side effects that emerge post-vaccination and “some of the communications throug
  15. That could be the case, I know the media has been blasting it around that "protesting" doesn't/didn't spread corona virus. Then you hear about this stuff https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2020/07/15/huge-scandal-300-florida-covid-test-sites-reported-false-100-positivity-rate/ right when they were talking about doing another lockdown. It makes you wonder how real the new case numbers really are. That chart reminds me of one I just seen from Sweden, it looks like they got it right. Notice in the article how the media is outright lying about them. Sweden: The On
  16. After many attempts to fix the problems with sending emails to Microsoft domains (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc), every communication with them went some like this; Me: Them: Me: Them: I did all this about three times over the last few weeks, and the results were always the same, nothing is wrong. So after speaking with our hosting provider again a few days ago, they submitted a request to Microsoft to have the entire IP address range removed. I'm still waiting to hear back the result on this, but hopefully they will have m
  17. I don't like sports myself, but I don't think any job should ever be able to dictate how/who can attend services. This part was particularly concerning. Isn't this pretty much what they did in Nazi Germany? I believe they encouraged the people to report other citizens who "didn't" follow the new rules. Source: The NFL Just Declared War On Church THEFEDERALIST.COM Players can be fined for attending church services that surpass 25 percent capacity, while the NFL is celebrating their participation...
  18. I don't think Bryan has made it over here yet, the website is still a bit of a work in progress. I guess the new dark mode I was reading about is only for the administrator page, so we'll have to find or create one for the main website. They have a fair amount of them here. Dark Themes - Invision Community INVISIONCOMMUNITY.COM If you guys find one you like I can add it to the website. We can also easily tweak the colors of the current or a new theme. If one of you guys were interested, I c
  19. I remember reading somewhere the human brain can easily store about 3-7 pieces of information in a set, with less being easier, and more being harder. We also tend to remember the first and last pieces of information in a set. So if you give someone 7 pieces of information, the ones in the middle will become "blurry" and won't be remembered as easily as the first or last ones. If you give the same person 3 pieces of information, the brain will naturally hold on to the first and last pieces, making the middle easier to remember. If I asked you to remember the numbers: 123456789
  20. We would love the help if your interested. I was really hoping someone with a passion for it would offer, as I still have quite a bit to learn in that area myself. I can handle all the technical details and can do a far bit of customization(Pages, Databases), I just don't what all we need or how to go about doing it. I've heard great things about Nourishing Traditions as well, wasn't it out of print for time?
  21. The vaccine’s development, supported by the United Kingdom government and AstraZeneca, is “absolutely on track,” David Carpenter, chairman of the Berkshire Research Ethics Committee, which approved the Oxford trial, told Sky News. “Nobody can put final dates … things might go wrong, but the reality is that by working with a big pharma company, that vaccine could be fairly widely available around September and that is the sort of target they are working on. Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine could provide 'double protection' - report NEWS.SKY.COM The
  22. More than 300 COVID testing labs in Florida reported 100 percent positive rates. That simply isn’t possible. Every person they tested was reported as positive. Upon investigation, the actual positive cases were 10 times lower. Now, this opens the question, how many other states have been reporting fake numbers? Alex Berenson, the former New York Times reporter who has now become a Twitter expert on the virus, is saying that Texas’ numbers are also off the rails, that they are not accurate. Huge Scandal: 300 Florida COVID Test Sites Reported False 100% Positivity Rate
  23. Work to be done on the website before the official launch and video announcement. I'm finishing up some back-end items, working on the website rules and privacy policy, registering a DMCA safe harbor agent (To protect the website from copyright claims), tweaking the videos section, and have some work to do on the menus among many other things. I want to finish some of the items below before the official launch as well, but I am pretty constrained on time working on the back-end. If anyone would like to help out with planning these features, writing categories, and descriptions, or in
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