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    Attempted to put together a dark mode that seems to work well enough for now, some pages look a little off; work in progress. At the bottom of the page there is a small "Theme" button to make the change:
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    @God is The Prince if Peace (based just on what has been said in videos, in passing) Bryan has mentioned reading at least a chapter a day as part of a family thing, I'm sure much more than that, especially on a case by case basis depending on what he is studying at any particular time. One thing I didn't realize, until I finally got one, is that quality bibles are actually pretty tough and durable. Many recommend LCBP but they don't ship to Canada so I went with the very similar CBP. I also really like listening to the Alexander Scourby KJV reading, which Bryan has also mentioned a few times. For those interested in Bryan's 'sword' collection 🗡️
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    Yes sir, we already had that conversation. I spoke to my direct manager first about my beliefs and conviction which led to having a conversation with HR and the operations manager telling them the same thing, who then let me go. They just told me I was entitled to my opinion, but couldn't let me work without wearing the mask. I don't miss it there to be honest. I can imagine the dirty looks! Praise the Lord, brother, he certainly had his hand in your situation, just as he will mine.
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    Wow!! Pardon my enthusiasum, but This is completely up my alley!! Praise the Lord I am over joyed to see such talk about health healing and nutrition! This is a major passion of mine as I have battled health issues for many years now and have with the Lords leading and by his grace and mercy I too have been learning more about traditional ways of preparing foods! I make rye sourdough bread and all baked goods, I now do kefir and fermented vegetables! I too own Nourishing traditions and that has been such a blessing and help to me! My husband and I have a son who is on the spectrum and we have been trying to reverse this. I won’t lie Brethren we have fallen off the bandwagon a few times now 😔 My husbands current job has him working long hours and it’s just me and my 2 littles! And it is quite challenging indeed! Our youngest who is now a year old seems to be different from our oldest but I do see some things that raise a few red flags! Anyways as I mentioned I have struggled with many health issues but have been seeing massive improvements by focusing on traditional foods. We tried keto a bit and it just wasn’t working for us, before I became with child again I was doing some fasting and that was ok but as a woman I have noticed that fasting too much seems to do no good. By following a more traditional diet there has been major improvements in our digestion, few hiccups here and there but my anxiety has been getting better. Now I just need to work on my sleep! I would have to say that making home made sauerkraut and kefir is what has helped the most! As kefir is proven to help with insulin resistance and cravings and helps you feel fuller longer when you have some with your meals! I too have gone through very restrictive diets and found that I was becoming overly obsessive about it all. So eating more traditional has allowed me to be able to eat a wide variety of foods. I thank the Lord for his patience and his gentle guiding! He has helped us make connections with people in our area that I have been learning off of. The Lord provides what we need when we need it 😊 I would so love to share some of what I make with the brethren as it has been a blessing to me and my family that perhaps could help someone else! I want to help people, and some people around here accept and want it and others reject! They would much rather go to a doctor and have them give out some pill that’s supposedly going to help their condition! Complete and utter nonsense! I also have been learning over the years a lot about superfoods! The ones that we use almost daily are....maca, moringa, baobab powder, camu camu, and raw cacao. I usually make a superfood smoothie daily or a yogurt bowl. I have been making home made yogurt over the past little while and that has also been very helpful! I really want us to be a better testimony for the Lord!! This flesh is weak indeed! And there are times We give in! About 5-6 years ago my husband and I got saved and before that we were massive junk food eaters! We were eating so poorly! And drinking and smoking pot playing video games for hours on end and watching movies and the list goes on! And now things are completely different all thanks to the Lord!! I never thought I would be making my own sourdough bread and fermented foods! I was always scared of that stuff! But it’s really quite easy! Just takes some time and patience. Trial and error! I also agree that the body of Christ needs to be healthy and become more sharp less sluggish to be able to face what is coming in the future! And to be able to do the work of the Lord effectively! How can we if we are all hopped up on sugar and junk! I can’t yhink clearly on that stuff! If I have certain things from time to time I become useless! It’s unprofitable! I have been accused of making health an idol, but I know the Lord has been leading me all the way and changing me and helping me to do what I have been doing! Please pray for us, I want us so desperately to stay on track! And be more useful to the Lord!
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    I'm not aware of any, I used to watch Kent Hovind, Walter Veith, Spike Psarris, MarkHArmitage (and a variety of others I can't recall), and as long as someone has discernment (saved, Holy Spirit) and can disregard things that don't line up to KJV doctrine it can be an interesting subject but I will never broadly recommend them because of the problems they have. - - - - - - - - - - - - Shortly after being saved, although I never stopped to think about it (evolution, because for me it was all about sin and punishment vs grace and forgiveness) some old atheist / agnostic friends started to ask "what about the dinosaurs!?" questioning my salvation / new life, at first I thought that was really odd, as who cares about the dinosaurs... (early in salvation I knew very little about the bible, genesis etc...) and didn't realize the dilemma. But I was saved and was going to stand by the KJV no matter what, so I asked God "what about the dinosaurs?" and that led me to the above mentioned material in which there are many good arguments, but also many problems; the Holy Spirit bears witness of the truth and reveals lies for those who are saved. The more I learned the more ridiculous and improbable evolution became (strengthening my existing faith), but no matter how knowledgeable I became, no matter how strong my reasoning, to the atheist it didn't matter; because it was never about dinosaurs, it was about sin. There are those who love to sin, and are so offended at the thought of judgment and condemnation they will latch onto anything that absolves them of guilt, they simply do not recognize when their "science" crosses over into a type of faith (biased interpretation of data); I clearly acknowledge my bias: I believe the King James Bible and interpret observations through that lens, that way of thinking. - - - - - - - - - - - - Without knowing more, I feel like 7 years old is too young to be spiritually accountable (and then saved) which would (not being saved) make introducing questionable material dangerous, which you seem to recognize. To me it's telling that many sound bible teachers do not focus much on the evolution vs creation science arguments / information, though most are well aware of them, maybe we are not meant to...
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    The older, per-incarceration stuff from Hovind is still in my mind the best out there. I would keep your sibling away from all the new stuff for sure, but the old stuff should be okay. If it comes to an issue of them wanting to see the new stuff then you would have a whole other issue.
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