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    Hey guys, no need to fear these vaccines anymore, former pope Joey Ratclinger ruled it's NOT a sin to take these vaccines with fetal tissue because it's for the health of us and our children. The Catholic Church cares about our health after all! 🤨 May God judge these wicked devils. This video isn't specifically about the coronavirus, but we all know fetal tissue will be in THAT vaccine once its available. And for the man to say the vaccines only contain the cells from the two elected abortions in Sweden and England from the 1960s? Yeah, I don't buy it. You know, being a whole 60 years ago, it's probably a bit easier for people to justify and ease their conscience when taking these vaccines. But, 60 year old cells are sustainable? I'm no biologist, but I know the Bible and I'd say they're still using abortions performed today because the life of flesh is in the blood.
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