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    Great news! My Mom was able to get licensed without me being immunized. I won't be able to help with the kids though. We are praying about moving to another state or at least out of our current city further into the country. Thank you all for prayering. The Lord really strengthened me to stand firm and fight this craziness.
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    I've seen quite a few Jason Lisle videos and I think he's a smart man. Can't say if there are good reasons to avoid him. Maybe someone else knows. Used to enjoy Kent Hovind until I saw his interview with the Andersnake.
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    I think they are scared because those 2/10 are so vocal about why we shouldn’t take it. Prayer is definitely essential especially at the moment
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    Hello brethren, I came across something and thought I would share with you all. There is a petition to stop forced vaccinations! And Praise the Lord many people saved and lost are rejecting the idea of forced vaccinations! And taking away our freedom and liberty. PETITION: No to mandatory vaccinations for the coronavirus LIFEPETITIONS.COM Calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccination must be firmly rejected by policymakers at every level of... I suppose this is one way we can fight back right! God bless
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    I'd love to build a healthy living/eating section if someone wanted to take the lead on designing what that section should look like and how it should be structured. I could put it all together. We'd need to figure out what pages or databases we want, Food, Recipes, Keto Tracker, Home Remedies, Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms, etc. We'd need custom fields for the databases. For example, for the Medicinal Plants database, do we need fields for the common name, botanical name, description, medicinal uses, warnings, recommended dose, etc. We can have record feeds from databases and forums as well, so if we had a Healthy Living page, we could have feeds on that page from the recipe database, the medicinal plants, a private forum, a links database, and so on. Categories and descriptions would need to be written, and we could add anything else that might be useful to the Body of Christ as well. On the subject of bushcraft, I'm in the learning phase as well, haven't had much chance to get out and test what I've learned yet. The book "Bushcraft 101" by Dave Canterbury is a good resource, he goes over all the basic equipment you might need and touches on a lot of good points, foraging, trapping, hunting, water collection, shelter. He also has some other books focusing on certain aspects of bushcraft, like trapping, first aid, etc. His website www.selfrelianceoutfitters.com/ has most of things he recommends in his books as well. It's pretty much a curated list of the best tools available for bushcraft, and has been a great time saver. Another book "Bushcraft 101 - Basic Guide to Survive in the Wilderness like an Expert" focuses less on the basics and more on practice, and is an excellent read or listen.
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    I've not researched the Keto side myself, but have been intermittent fasting since November and have lost about 60 pounds. I really need to dive into the healthier eating/super foods side of things, but the legwork on researching some of these subjects is pretty massive. Maybe we should make a Healthy Living/Eating section of some sort? I started researching hunting and trapping earlier this year myself. While I didn't get very far into the subject (I keep finding rabbit holes to go down 🙂), I got my state license and bought some traps, wire, and snares. Have you ever looked in to bushcraft?
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    I've wondered the same myself and what that means for my employment. My job has made masks mandatory already, and they've already mailed out a letter saying you will be terminated if you don't wear one. "At Will Employment" law they're claiming there. I drive a tractor trailer, so they only require us to wear it at the guard shack checking in for delivery for the couple minutes I'm at the window each day. I tried wearing the mask over my mouth and nose, and I wasn't having that. I couldn't breath, so I simply leave it on my chin with nose exposed and mouth barely covered and they don't say anything to me. I spent a long time praying and worrying about that mask situation before we came back to work, but it ended up working out praise the Lord. Come vaccine requirement for employment? Well, it's back to praying hard again and putting my trust in the Lord (and that prayer has already begun). 2 Thessalonians 3:10 is a clear command. Will God take away my ability to find work thus causing my disobeying of a commandment so I can eat? No, I have faith if I have to leave my current job, there is something else.
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