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I saw this at work one time a while ago and was outright puzzled, thought you might find it interesting. At the time thinking "what business does the Catholic Church have monitoring earthquakes"

Don't worry about it, I'm still adjusting things as needed and was considering truncating longer posts on the homepage with a read more link. Feel free to post the other ones if you'd like.

Every day is one day closer.

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All the viruses are lab grown these days, now they want to fill the ocean with ash and then the sand to concrete and kill off everything that creates carbon, we are made of carbon, we use and excrete it, it's war against humanity."

" I literally was one of the last people to actually catch scarlet fever when I was a child back in the 80s and that is a scary freaking thought that it's coming back. This has to be a biological weapon."

Research " Operation Sea Spray". Meanwhile, they perfected it."

" they feed us gmo's that made it easer to get infected."

" Sorry but no it was only stored there , Biological storage facilities like these have Corona, Smallpox, Athrax and horrific Viruses. Anthrax is under every ones feet when they walk on grass, Earth rocks and sand albeit Anthrax levels are minuscule. Anthrax is totally different because it transmits it self through Spores not a Virus."

A Spanish doc said one week ago: Covid is dying But they will come up with another virus."



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My grandpa's TV was going earlier and I heard some stuff of how the Media is trying to make Freemansions look like nice people who donate and create things to help kids who have diseases and stuff. 


Was like, Wow. 

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