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Grandma's Poor Health

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My Grandma who's 93 is having some health problems (very high blood pressure, fatigue, dizziness),
she doesn't really listen to me (natural diet based health) and trusts the medical establishment, medication etc...

So not sure how to get through to her, elderly people can seem to get quite set in their ways.

I feel bad for her, she is not saved, she is one of those "I'm a good person" mentality and rejects the gospel,
I believe she had a very strict, perhaps abusive, catholic mother and so rejects organized religion entirely
and has a type of agnostic 'faith', every attempt to explain the difference about what I believe vs. organized religion,
or just the simple gospel has not gotten through.

I'm sure many of you have family that give a similar experience,
where you start even lightly touching on the issue of doctrine and bible belief
and it's like a spirit takes over them and they just totally shut you out subconsciously.

listening but not hearing.

I don't pray directly for people to be saved, It is a free-will choice that must be made, 
instead I pray that that an accurate representation of the truth, Jesus Christ,
would be revealed to the person in question, that they may make an informed decision;
as there is such an abundance of deception out there.

And I pray for their long life and good health, that with a clear mind
they would have ample opportunity to make that choice.

But sometimes people just aren't interested in the truth,
even having received it plainly and accurately,
many will even hate you for sharing it.


Am I therefore become your enemy,
because I tell you the truth? 
Galatians 4:16

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I think a lot of it boils down to not wanting to be "wrong." Normally, we're all reasonably sure of what we know or believe due to life experiences, knowledge, or feelings. When someone comes along and questions those thoughts, feelings, experiences, or beliefs, we have a defensive reaction.

No one wants to be wrong, and I've found some people will go to great lengths to avoid even considering they were/are wrong. Some of us believed in evolution, think about when you first were told or heard it was all a scam. Everything you knew, thought, and believed about that subject was called into question, and the veracity of your thoughts and judgment became questionable as well.

To be wrong entails the person might be foolish/dumb/uninformed and/or have made wrong/incorrect choices. Would you want your mistakes to be displayed publicly, your feelings questioned, and to be told why your conclusions are incorrect? It doesn't sound very pleasant to me, but I understand it's very much a part of being humble sometimes. Knowing this reaction, we can help guide conversations and avoid some of these problems.


If you try a bit of a your right approach, you might have better luck.

Your right about organized religion, they don't follow the bible and make a mockery out of Christianity.

Your probably right about being a good person, Why do you think people have morals? Why does being good matter?

Those Catholics are pretty messed up, I think the way they pervert the bible and lead people astray is just awful, what do you think?

The answers you receive will most likely be in agreement, and her mindset will be one of the same. You won't have to convince her of things she already believes to be true, and since you are affirming her beliefs while at the same time stating yours, reciprocity starts working in the mind, and it can help them consider what you said on the same sort of level. It also helps move people away from a defensive mindset to one of understanding and agreement.




Look at that, I wrote that whole thing definitively like I was right... It's honestly just what I think, I don't think I'm wrong though :).

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As an update she is feeling physically better for now, thanks for the prayers, will continue to update if anything changes.

@Adam Moore I agree with all that, I'll certainly try to remain perceptive of open doors / opportunities, it's one of those situations where it's hard to get anything across at all, as soon as the topic is brought up either intentionally or in passing, even in a completely passive and or inquisitive way, it's an immediate reaction of trying to change the subject etc...

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