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Hello brethren

A sister in Christ has been sending me mini sermons from Charles H. Spurgeon narrated by someone else. I sent one to another sister in Christ and she pointed out that he may not be legit due to his posing in several pictures as symbolism of Free Masonry. 

Does anyone know anymore information about this?

Also there is a claim he was a Calvanist as well.

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Wanted to add at bottom
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Lately my memory doesn't work so well, so I don't exactly remember what it was, but I remember there being suspicious stuff with spurgeon indeed... like with many others among those "great preachers". They will say many great things, and then they'll also preach heresies and/or live them out.

I think Bryan Denlinger did touch on that somewhat recently. I really wish I could remember what it was exactly. Maybe something to do with being a member of these "weird" societies, or having close friends there and defending them... stuff like that I think.

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Thank you brother for pointing me in the right direction and answering my questions! Praise the Lord! 

I usually love to do research, but I am with child and this has limited my time and energy with doing...well, almost all things. I know there is no coincidences with the Lord, and he had me find out the same week that was my brother's funeral back in late November and since then I have been feeling a lot of symptoms. 

Thank you again! 

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I didn't do much at all, just vaguely remembering something, heh, but I'm glad that you find it useful.

I'm not sure I understand what you said about coincidences. Are you saying that you found out about being with child the same week your brother died?

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