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I wa watching Brians vid from today on vaccines, on rumble. The vis froze. I backed up to rumble to restart the vid and rumble removed hus channel and several others from my subscriptions.


Luckily I already sent a link to a friend so I have it.


When I hit the link, I was unable to resubscribe. Rumble seems to be at war with Christ's church my friends.


Heres the vid



I have been hearing a lot of lies from ministers of Satan, that Jesus Christ would be for the Covid...


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I've heard of that, it's happened to people on Youtube too - Getting unsub'd


I used to Like Brother Bryan's or Brad/ Matthews, and even at times Brother Philips Video | I'd refresh to see if it went through [ Did it once Live on Twitch too ]

And the like never processed through even though I waited a few seconds before reloading.


I don't have trouble with Rumble, but I also have not been on there in months - I usually watch the videos logg'd out - but I should logg in and like them, and see if I'm still subbed or not

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Y'know, that's been happening to me a lot as well. Sometimes when I try to play one of Bryan's videos or anything KJV-related, the website freezes, and I have to restart again. But if I play something secular like "Group B Rally Compilation" or "Funny Cat Videos": I remain undisturbed. This is wacky.

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Same, during some live streams Youtube would pause (cut out) Brother Bryan's videos...

Plus, if I go to a secular video that correlates to covid (I mean, to show the hypocrisy, like the news 4 video - it plays)

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I am unable to watch any video on Rumble. 
The video is frozen, I can see a picture of the thumbnail, and I have only audio.

I use Opera browser by the way. I don't have an account on rumble. Same thing regarding videos on KJVM website.
It wasn't like that before.


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Works fine for me from Spain.

Could be regional censorship or just a temporal CDN fluke.

...Or a player script bug. I seemed to have those a while ago.

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