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KJV Bible in Romania

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I was told "by the internet" long ago that the good one was the Cornilescu. Does that have any problems?

I don't speak any Romanian myself, but I do know a Romanian christian man.

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He used the British bible society source reference 


Over 200 years ago a Welsh girl named Mary Jones walked over 26 miles to buy a Bible from Revd...

And the Welsh Bible witch is linked to Geneva Bible and codex a and b of Vatican so i recomandat a reserch of you own  

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Well, as I said, I don't speak any Romanian myself. I just know a believer that is Romanian and I once recommended him the Cornilescu because that's what I was told was the KJV closest equivalent in that language.
Interestingly he objected the name, telling me "Cornilescu" had something to do with horns and that he didn't like it because it was kind of related to the Devil in his view.

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