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How I got Electrocuted

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Here's the story of how I got electrocuted, thought I might die, almost started a fire, destroyed my furnace, and got 4th-degree electrical burns on my finger.

Praise the Lord, I'm still alive and kicking.


In early December, when I was cleaning my furnace. I missed turning off the second 220v breaker, and the electric heating element, unknown to me, had a short in it. So while the heating element wasn't physically hot, It still had electricity flowing through it.

So as I was reaching for that last little dust bunny sitting down by the heating element, all of a sudden, I couldn't move. I remember thinking it was strange I couldn't move, so I tried to move again and still couldn't. Then I tried to talk, and I couldn't. At this point, I realized I was getting electrocuted.

Then I thought, If I can't move or call for help, I could very well die. So I started trying to lean back, thinking gravity might help pull me away. At some point, I managed to yell out "help me" to my wife, but she thought I was joking around with the kids because I said it like someone who was getting electrocuted. After some time, I yelled out again, and a couple of seconds later, the connection broke, and I fell back into the wall.

Before I broke away, I saw bits of burning skin from my finger fall into the ductwork below the furnace and start flaring up on the dust from where I was cleaning.

So I'm dazed on the floor now, thinking that the house could be catching fire from the embers or the mangled heating element or melted electrical wires. As I was getting up, my wife was coming around the corner. I'm holding my burnt finger and said, "power...  fire..." on my way to the breaker box. I turned off the main breaker for the house and started for the kitchen for the fire extinguisher, but my wife was ahead of me, so I grabbed the big box of baking soda that was closer to me and headed back to the furnace. I dumped the box of baking soda over the heating element and into the ductwork, and when my wife got there with the fire extinguisher, we used it too. Thankfully we didn't have a fire as well.

So I finally sit down, checked if my heart was beating in a normal rhythm, and then looked at my finger. The coiled heating element had made contact in more than a dozen places on my middle finger and stopped just short of melting completely through my fingernail on my ring finger. My middle finger took the worst of it, with some burns going down into the muscle.

This whole accident really made me think, any one of us could unexpectedly leave this world at any time. We go home to the Lord when he's ready and needless to say, I'm very thankful to be alive.

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38 minutes ago, Adam Moore said:

This whole accident really made me think, any one of us could unexpectedly leave this world at any time. We go home to the Lord when he's ready and needless to say, I'm very thankful to be alive.

Amen, Indeed.

- - -


Many of us do stupid things without double checking and making sure. I've done some stupid things throughout my life as well.

Could have almost died last year too in August, but I didn't - Thank to The Lord. My mom was shocked I lived, and didn't die after I told her what happened and explained to her. Which, now I know to ask her before I do something for I could be mixing stupid things together thinking it's something that it's not.

Ended up with a chemical burn inside my throat that lasted for 3 weeks. First week it felt impossible to talk, drink, swallow, eat (etc). I mainly had tea and for food I tended to stick with soup. I did have yogurt, and cold stuff - which when I first took it, I felt it go all the way into my stomach which meant my Esophagus, as a whole, got chemically burned.

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