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For those that don't speak the language. This is in Spain. The brainwashed grandpa here with the mask and gloves is getting on that girl because she's not wearing the mask "properly", as it doesn't completely cover her nose. The girl replies that she's wearing the mask to get him off her back. Both sides, particularly the grandpa, unfortunately, are hurling all kinds of "nice words" to each other "you daughter of a..." "wear it on your c...". A really nice scene of Covidian new-normal reality. Thank you, Jesuits! The grandpa has been brainwashed into bioterror, the girl in this case has a much more reasonable position, probably just wearing it under legal threat.

The talking head in the video, on the other hand, is another Spanish freak "alternative press" member and activist, who calls his platform "A lawyer against demagogy" who is quite a demagogue himself. A Known denier of quite a few things going on because he just labels them unlikely or impossible for no good reason, like "The Royuela Files" (Expediente Royuela), an ongoing public denunciation of a multidecade case of systematic assasiations (3 per week) secretly coordinated from the regional fiscal office of Catalonia, uncovered by a family that was victim to this. It's a really convoluted case to explain.

I myself interacted this this smart...horse a while ago. He's a real idiot.
Like many others, he does comment on some of the craziness going on, but he's not it, and I suspect he may even be controlled opposition..

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2 hours ago, radorn said:

and I suspect he may even be controlled opposition

A lot of people tend to be - truthfully. Some don't even know they are for they don't have the full truth *(Truth being of Christ Jesus The Lord Thy God)

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