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Warning? Informing? Careful.

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For a while i've seen people who seem to be False and Fake on these forums. Some, it is due to their behaviors, their conversations, at times how, and what they post. Now, very rarely, some of these people could be saved. These people seemed at one point to be apart of the Body of Christ, but are they truly?


Here are some examples that I speak of:

They lack faith in The Lord to such an extent that they end up like the Lost World. We are to be Separate, but here they go going about partaking - Shall these partakings be in just one area, or many areas of their life.

Another, explaining they felt conviction at one point of the areas they partake in, but due to hardening such feelings, they go forward doing as they please giving excuses and telling others that, " Well, I told God that if he doesn't want me to do something to cause... " Etc sorts.

Others, lack The Lord in everything to the point it is sickening. They give excuses. They don't care. They don't trust The Lord and only look at their circumstances.


To those who felt a jab, don't worry - Some people already know of the situations, if not messages themselves so it isn't like you can hide, but out of courtesy on this forum, I won't call each of you out. I just wanted to make it known that what you do is Against The Lord. Your Excuses are disgusting. Your way of thinking and behaving is just like The Lost. You need to Check Yourself. You may be able to fool others for they don't know just yet, but you can't fool me nor others - especially Most of the Elder's in Christ who already know.

- - -

For others, please be careful. God tells us to dissociate ourselves from those who are not following The Lord in truth. We are to get rid of them until they get right.

- - -

- - - - -

“My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.” - Song of Solomon (KJV)
“Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him.” (1 John 5:1)
“If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” (John 15:19)

1 John 4:19-20 , 2 Corinthians 1:5 , 1 Corinthians 6:15 , 2 Corinthians 5:20 , Galatians 2:17 , 1 Corinthians 4:10 , 2 Corinthians 11:10 , 2 Timothy 3:12

- - -

Anyone who is apart of the Body of Christ who isn't Trusting in The Lord, but trusting in themselves and the Government concerning the Mask and the plandemic - Is Not picking up their cross following The Lord. Those who are Saved, wearing a Mask to Save Their Jobs (Themselves) end up just looking like the lost world. What a terrible representation. It'll speak volumes for the Lost, for... aren't we to be seperate from The World and to Follow The Lord, Thy God? Their walk is then messed up, obviously. They are then Sheep led astray by their own deceitful heart. They, The saved, have Lack of Faith and Trust in The Lord - Lack of motivation, lack of courage, lack of peace, lack of joy, lack thereof, in general.  (Matthew 16:24-25)

- - -

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It's me, radorn... She's talking about me. I'm supposed to be the dangerous false brother she's warning about. OK? It's me she's talking about. Now you know and need not to wonder about it: it's me.

Those elders she mentions, if what she says is true, please, talk to me directly. I can't deal with her constant "this and that person know everything and they agree with me" while I never get to hear from or defend myself before any of them (except once, and he didn't read the whole thing, and didn't stay to hear my reply either), but only before her and her inability to understand my words and the consequent barrage of nonsensical accusations.

If you all don't want me here, If you think I'm false, or unfit for fellowship or whatever, then I'll leave. This is too much to bear for me. I already have enough problems right now. I went here to find some support and fellowship from other believers, which I don't have in person, and not to be the target of this baseless hostility, with this woman picking apart everything I say, choosing this and ignoring that, seemingly to find fault in everything.
And I'm not talking about just matters of faith, where I've admitted many times to have problems and weaknesses, but I'm being accused constantly about lying and twisting things and contradicting myself, all of which I strongly disagree with. But there's no reasoning with her. And that's when she doesn't just openly admit things like "I haven't read most of what you said", and then says that Prov 17:19 doesn't apply... because... well, because she says so.

Anyway, thanks for the videos, I'll watch them while I can (and some I already watched), like I watch most of what you've sent me, believe it or not (not the sped up ones, though, because those hurt my brain).
As for the rest: Most of the things you've said to and about me... I hope God will forgive you.

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Just now, radorn said:

It's me, radorn... She's talking about me

Truthfully, you put your foot in your mouth. I was thinking of a few others when making this.

I'll admit, I did think of you at one point of making this - But this post isn't pointed toward you specifically - but Two others that I know of - and then some for anyone else I may not know about.

However, as many like to state - " If the shoe fits " 

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After all you've said to me in private just a little while ago, mirroring the content of this same thread, also with the coincidence in time between our last private conversation and the posting of this thread. How can you still say you thought of me just "at one point" while writing it? I think you are being hypocritical.

In fact, I've seen this pattern from you for weeks now: We have some argument in private, or I post something in a thread, and then you open something else in public that addresses (in your view, at least) the things we just talked about. But, of course, it has nothing to do with me, right? Sure...
I'm just being paranoid, right?

You say that this thread includes others? OK, whatever. Big difference!
Don't try to minimize it now saying "weeeeell, I might have thought about you for a second or two... but it's not specifically about you".
And I dare you complain that I'm seeing what isn't there after all the times you've come rabidly to bite my leg for things I didn't say and weren't there.

And, even if it really is true that this was not about me (which you actually admit it could be), it remains that you can't just say the kinds of stuff you tell me in private all the time and then come here and post this a little while later and expect me not to think this has nothing to do with me.
"If the shoe fits", you say... Am I Cinderella now, or what? And fit what? Most of what you say to me in private messages doesn't fit me either, so why should this be different? You've formed a pattern of behavior in your interactions with me and then you expect that I ignore it when I see you display it elsewhere.

Go on, accuse me of being "too emotional" again, it works really well to dismiss my complaints against your unduly harassment.
Probably I should have just ignored you since the first time you did this, but I just had to answer...

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@Piper LT Sister, truth be told you have been rather unmerciful with radorn. He is in a desperate situation and is fighting against his flesh like we all are. He says he's been praying over and over and he's very convicted of his errors, feeling he deserves all he is going through, he's not trying to justify himself and he doesn't disagree with the Lord's judgement, he's just trying to reach out for some help and brotherly comfort in this time of distress.

I do not doubt that he has been praying over and over about it, you don't know if he even has been more fervent in prayer than you, and as a true Christian you should be charitable to be able to put yourself in his stead: he is alone, mother passed away, terrible father and relatives, no job, no income, no property, facing eviction, in the middle of the city with no means to get out or to prosper, dread of Spain's tyranny... Do you know why he's not looking out for a job? Because he still refuses to wear a mask, something I myself wasn't strong enough to keep, as you know, to my shame. He also refuses to go to the government for help because it would be bowing to the tyrants or even to his lost relatives because that wouldn't be trusting that the Lord can provide. I would say he is trusting the Lord more by this, yet he is still in tribulation and begs the Lord for guidance, and us brethren for comfort.

Would a false convert do this? Or destroy all his valuable videogame materials and other worldly idols like he did? It is because of his faith in the Lord he is in trouble, else he would have complied with the mask mandates and go to his relatives or government help so he can get by without any repentance or godly sorrow like lost people are, or even give himself to criminal activities, stealing, or committing suicide. Or he also would have never come here writing what he wrote.

What can I say to him then, more than comfort him to trust in the Lord's grace and mercy and that if he truly is saved the Lord has a plan for him? I can and should judge the brethren, like Paul advises to do in 1 Corinthians with the adulterer, yet all I see here is a broken and convicted man, undoubtedly being reproved like the Lord reproves those whom He loves. In any case, I also cannot puff myself up against him and bash him because of sinners I am chief. Don't be reckless and unjust casting him away outright.

Romans 3:10, 15 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: [...] Their feet are swift to shed blood:

2 Thess 1:3-4 We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth. So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure:

To me it also seems clear you made this topic with him in mind, that's backbiting sister, and that is no good. You do seem to take outlandish meanings out of radorn's words. Say things plainly, clearly and openly, and name names so the brethren can judge properly and chastise whoever they could be with solid proof and in oneness of mind, not with half-baked suppositions and guesses.

Proverbs 25:23 The north wind driveth away rain: so doth an angry countenance a backbiting tongue.

So state your case sister if there is any problem, once and for all and in the sight of all the church.

Edited by ryoji
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3 hours ago, Christopher Milby said:

Radorn that he needn't not bear this unnecessary burden coupled with what he already is facing.

Not toward him, for last time I checked he isn't working and giving excuses.


For Ryoji, not sure how it's toward him unless you know something I do not. (Just read his apply above - Interesting).


Plus, I did state - "  God tells us to dissociate ourselves from those who are not following The Lord in truth. We are to get rid of them until they get right. "

This correlates to those saved, but doing wrong which - Christopher - You'd be in the category of | And if I were speaking to Radorn then he'd be in this category too, for though I question him - I never once stated outright that he's lost, only that's it's hard for me to see him being saved for others see him as lost. Plus, he's not working so this post doesn't correlate to him dead on as it does with your situation and others I know of and whom the Body of Christ knows about.



There are others, one specific person in whom may not reply but most likely is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Edited by Piper LT
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@Piper LT i very much know you are not saved. you have lied to me a true christian and i will bring it before the Lord and the admins. This site is inundated with posts from you about a wide range of topics and you seem to be very good at making and editing videos more than you let on.

ANY and EVERY saved person knows the difference between God's blessed holy hymns that sanctify our life and soul, and that perverse garbage that you chose to perverse God's holy word.

i have always said " how one treats God's word and what they chose to give to him (cain vs abel) speaks VOLUMES of ones spiritual and flesh state they are in and whether or not they are in fellowship with God is obvious because his churches even though scattered are very much in sync and no there is not this large kind of amount of discord between the brethren. 

there is too much deception out there and if the lines are allowed to be blurred between saved and unsaved thats a major problem and a proof that there is no discernment between wolves. 

because it makes a liar out of God for some to have discernment and others not same. God is the same with all his children and doesnt cause them to confuse eachother. 

if i didnt catch on to your videos with the secular satanic music in the background and called you out on it, you wouldnt have changed it. which is dangerous for newly saved and those trying to get saved. 

i am very guarded in God's word and i chose very carefully whom i call a brother or sister. 

anyone can make up a testimony but what i do trust is God's word and judge accordingly by the way someone handles his word and their actions. 

i dont believe you for a second that you had no idea what worldly secular music sounds like and it was NOT an innocent error. the proof is in the pudding as you posted almost all of brother bryans videos to so many others on the daily.

so funny how you missed the rock and roll ones and funny how you ignored them when i sent them to you and funny how you kept insisting in going on about it to justify to yourself. 

nothing adds up and thats a major red flag for me. 

secular music is all around outside and especially on the net. except for under a rock where there is no civilization. dont try to fix something that isnt broken. and stop sowing to the flesh of others. 

you do as God tells you to do IN HIS WORD and not what others like. you are here on earth to please God not mankind. 

you are very knowledgeable proven by all your posts and know your way around the net like many others do. 

i am not here single you out or to be mean to you but the truth is you are very worldy and it shows in your reactions and words and your posts.

i know exactly what a saved person is. i dont know what the situation is here in this thread and i am not interested in knowing as i will come to know who is saved through my Lord Jesus. 

like brother bryan said a strong stand on God's word is exaclty what all nations need and why this mess in the world is now here. 

i felt like this had to be said seeing as i am not the only other one bothered here by your actions. 

its the churches Job to protect one another from satans deceits and that is what i will do alongside other brothers and sisters. 

@Adam Moore @Bryan Denlinger@Vancouver 

there is zero tolerance for swear words and there should also be zero tolerance for secular music on this mirror site. 

Reading and listening to God's word is a time to mediate on his word and incline ones ear to his soft voice, not to please the flesh. God did not wait to preach his word in the rain or walked clanking anything to make it more soothing. He made sure it was strong piercing sword without distractions.

let keep in mind why jake and tim are no longer with us. applies to all not some. 

Edited by lily
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I don't use swear words in my speech. There were some videos shown on my twitch that had such - yet, had underlining messages within | I rarely have videos of such and try to stay away from it. I know of other brethren who also shown videos and don't agree with statements or words that other state within the very video - but there's a message within.

I have many videos of Just the Word being played. Then I have others with thunder with ocean waves, ocean waves, and so forth for others wanted such - Though, for myself, I tend to listen 90 percent of the time by Word alone - meaning, no other sound.

For the music aspect - I actually do forget. Even though I am young and I don't like to admit it, I have trouble remembering certain aspects of my life. The hymns I listen to are the ones on the youtube list, and maybe a few others that I may stumble upon that I'd then add. Though - as you have pointed out and I'm thankful for - Drums have gone away and I won't use them anymore. When I asked for clarification, I was asking for clarification. I do that a lot on various topics to the point that even years ago I'd annoy people for I want to make sure on all grounds.

You have given me many things to reflect and think on. If you wish to see me not as a sister in Christ, then that is on you and for you to judge. If others wish to feel the same as you, then they can do so too.

(Also, I rarely go outside to places - Been like that since I was young. Only time I'd go out is when I'd travel via vacations, cruises, and so forth - which concerned family. I do tend to Bike ride, so there is that - I get out in that type of way, but other than that I tend to be outside at the house if not riding around the neighborhood). I was never a going to places, areas, meeting with people. Sorry if that's what you assumed.

I read the world daily. My pastor, brother Brad, gave me a 1611 KJV recently and I've been going through it. I have been reading from the 1769 which is 1611, but more "modernized" via Punctuation, Spelling -

The videos you provided, I watched them many times before. I know what they were about - I watched a lot of Brother Bryan's Videos, as I do concerning other brethren.

Not sure who jake or tim is - I guess they were on the forums?

- -

Not sure if I am to add anything else on here that would be useful that I'd want you and other to know. My pastor knows more about me than most.

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1 hour ago, lily said:

DIVISIVE INNERANTIST wrote about zero tolerance swear words. 

Indeed | Since then me and most other Brethren have been cautious with posting such videos / Etc.

I know some Brethren who have done videos upon and shown other works to explain what is happening. We do not agree with the words spoken, yet there is a message. That is why I have some older videos with such in there. I try to avoid and find ways out of showing such videos - even if there's a good point of view upon what is happening today.

I am and will be more cautious - As I've stated elsewhere many times too, as did other Brethren as well. Sorry that you took an offense to those sorts - as you should, fo cursing is vexing.

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