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To the "aliens" thing: I feel that the spiritual realm will become more and more manifested as time goes by, after all, the False Prophet will make fire come down from heaven and all sort of deceitful miracles, so they are slowly introducing the idea of supernatural events to prepare the ignorant masses for the crazy stuff coming in the not so distant future.

They could blame the catching away on an "alien abduction" too.

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4 hours ago, Piper LT said:

Nope. Bryan has already stated why it wouldn't* work for we'd be seen as "victims"

I'm not that sure. After it happens, they can say whatever they want about it and twist the narrative to their liking. Also, there are not a lot of options to reasonably cover up such an event, saved people from all around the world will instantly disappear, and even if we leave blood, blaming it on an international terrorist attack somehow is even more farfetched and very easily and massively disproven from the testimony of direct witnesses. They must bring the supernatural into question to explain it.

We would be victims to their eyes either way because we leave the world and they stay, and in their mind that's good for them and bad for us. Remember that as a lost person, you have hope in the future and that everything will be ok and that God, eternal life, salvation and the Bible isn't real and that the New World Order will be heaven on earth and that you love sin and the worldly lusts. So "too bad for us goody two-shoes" who were taken out of the way and we can't "continue enjoying the pleasures of life".

If not aliens, to put the popular opinion against us, when the Beast arises and presents himself as "Christ", he can simply say we were heretics against the "Holy Mother Church" so "we were killed by him, the true god" in a miraculous heretic killing spree, and start hunting down anyone who dares become a true Christian then and all others who oppose him. They could scare and convince unwitting people with that.

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I like Bryan's Video: 


Rather just leave it up to whatever God knows - I put it in there for it shows you how much distraction is in the world, not only to the Lost - but how their words can distract Born-Again Christians too.


Interesting, is it not?


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I made these earlier this year:










Made A While Ago.

Heels are Bad, overall - Not just Health wise, but other ways too. (Create Lust, create others to stumble)




Created this Way Earlier in the Year. What SHOULD be There is, " JESUS IS THE KING "







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