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Best Bible for spanish speakers from mexico.


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41 minutes ago, Luke11:28apologetics said:

I have heard the RVG 2010 is the best but I want to see what you all know about the matter. 

=/ you don't frequent the Spanish board, do you? It's kind of a pity they moved the Spanish threads to a whole different board, it's not easy to access.

Anyways, @Rico @Kíveño @radorn can also add something and explain in more detail, but the one in Spanish is the Reina-Valera 1865 (the latest faithful revision to the 1602 original, similarly to the KJV 1611 and 1789), not the Gomez, Purificada, or any other modern perVersion. 

Take a look at the diverse topics in the board for more information.



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14 hours ago, Luke11:28apologetics said:

Thank you brother, I actually remember seeing something about it before but there are a lot of mexicans where I live and they're roman catholic so I haven't thought about it till recently. Thanks for the link brother 

Hello there brother.

@ryoji is right. The RVG and other counterfeits are modern translations which the fans do not want to admit. My brother @Rico and I are currently writing a book and it answers about the study and defense of the RV1865 in a detail, but yet simplified way. The book is going to be in English and Spanish as well. 

As of right now, the best defense in the internet of the RV1865 is from a guy named Joseph Dearing. He displays in his article all the “problem words” with a short and sweet answer. 




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