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Mandatory vaccine law in progress - prayer war before they get away with it!!


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So brethren it has come to my knowledge that here in Spain there are already plans to bring a law for forced tests and vaccination. And it had to be from the same wicked man who started the whole "mandatory mask everywhere and anytime" deal in Spain, called Alberto Núñez Feijoo, who is the regional president of Galicia (Spain is divided into "autonomous" regions like if they were little states of the US, more-less). The man has been caught on camera with some big drug traffickers who bring drugs through the coasts of Galicia into Spain and Europe. I haven't looked into it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was Jesuit-trained or have some ties to Catholic orders or masonry. Yet there he is. Brother @radorn also lives nearby, he surely knows more stuff about him.

His party has absolute majority on the regional parliament and has no direct opposition, the problem is that what he does, the other regional presidents copy: after he started the mask thing all the others followed quickly. The law is still in progress but he has openly said and repeated that it is his intention to do so and most likely, unless the Lord intervenes, he will.

The video below from Bryan couldn't come at a better time. I am very sorry to the Lord that I haven't been praying as fervently as I should, or fighting as strongly as I could from the beginning, because they got away with the mask thing and I DO NOT WANT them to get away with forced vaccination. As you may have read, to my shame, I complied to wear the muzzle at work below the nose, BUT WITH THIS, I WILL NOT COMPLY. I will not be lukewarm like I was! No vaccine will enter my body or my family's, PERIOD! If I lose my job, if I'm forced to stay at home so be it! I will pray to the Lord for their salvation or if they are not interested in it, their downfall!

That's why I also ask you, brethren, before our regional president gets in the trend of mandatory vaccines and tests, to join in a prayer war against their tyranny, here in Spain and all over the world! Enough of little children and elderly being scared and forced to wear the face diaper, let alone force them in a poisonous vaccine!

It is true, sometimes you rely too much on the catching up and soften yourself but there is work to do and we should be Christ's soldiers until the end, and it doesn't take a big army in Christ for Him to manifest His glory and power. Like Bryan pointed out, 10 righteous men, and He would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah! May the Lord guide us in these perilous times and strengthen our prayers so He can persecute and battle those who oppress us!


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To tell you the truth, I don't know what are Feijóo's origins or alliegance, whether he's a Jesuit, or a Mason, or what. He's clearly an establishment goon, there's no doubt about that, and he's up for any globalist disgusting plan. He poses as a conservative, but goes along with the separatists and all that stuff, and plays the plandemic game... all of it. He's just another wicked politician sold to Satan.

I'm watching the last "a call to" video and next I'll go for the prayer war one. But Ill have to re-watch all the others too.

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