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2020 US election results:

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The soap opera / WWF match isn't over. My humble prediction is that the Jesuits will keep Trump in office. Why?

They couldn't pull this scamdemic hoax with Obama in the White House. They needed Trump to keep the patriots, gun owners, country Americans subdued. Thanks to the Q Anon hoax they did just that. Most conservative (lost mostly but even some saved) stayed silent and comply (to a minimum) with illegal mask mandates and other lock down travesties. They complied because they thought Trump, their savior, was really fighting for them.

If the Jesuits take Trump away, the real Americans who kept silent, will likely rise up to an extent. They can't have that. So, I believe they will keep Trump in office to keep the right-wing patriots at bay.

I could be wrong.

If voting is real, and I don't think it is anymore, what does it say about a nation where the majority vote for a man with clear dementia? And I don't think the best Hellywood actor could fake that if Biden is faking.

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14 minutes ago, Saved Repentant Sinner said:

If voting is real, and I don't think it is anymore

Obviously voting isn't real, it is fake. 


Also, check near the end of Bryan's video for the outcomes. Bryan could be right that Trump holds instead of handing over due to riots which shall create more riots.



We never left the state of emergency. Trump holding position can be done instantly. 

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Yeah Bryan seems to be on the right track.

Leftists all over the world are already celebrating. Here in Spain news outlets are ecstatic to say "Biden won". But it surely is a montage to further divide and incite the dumb masses to confrontation. Leftists are super happy right now, but imagine Trump actually turning this to his favor, they would become INSANE.

He could use the court resolutions or simply not recognize his loss due to a blatant mail vote fraud. The predictive programming was obvious, I have seen videos about the insistence of the US media on burnt mail trucks and people handling mail votes incorrectly etc Then call for the right wingers to strike back and boom.

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There are arrests going around for those who did voter fraud and that not all states have put in their votes, etc. - Aka - Election not over, recheck all ballots clearly. (For there seemed to be a lot of messiness, removals, etc. etc). 

Many others too

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