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John's Gospel Bible Spreader

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Say the KJV gets banned in America, I think that complete bibles would be limited.

If we have whole written chapters written, It could make complete books feasible to the lost/newly saved.

Each page would have chapters to a topic and each person responsible for a book of the bible.

I've been led to use a whole print of john 3 to witness about 2 years ago before I knew what tracting was and to start some more rigorous tracting I've made a 2 sided print including John Ch 14 as well. Staples has a 2 sided printer and so little staff you might be able to get it done. There is also the handwritten route we will have to use probably very soon.

JohnGospelCutsTract.docx JohnGospelCutsTract.pdf

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Different Disposition when the Body of Christ is gone.

The KJV is still here today, knowledge of the word, no one needing to run to and fro for the truth.


Meaning, when the KJV is banned and God's word (KJV Bibles) are destroyed - It'd most likely be The Time of Jacob's Trouble for folks are not sealed other than the 144k Jews of Israel.

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