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I guess I'm like the first son of Matthew 21:28, who first said "no" to his father but later repented and went.

I've been fighting conviction (not a good idea, kids) to make a decisive move towards cleaning up my life.

I'm going to simply destroy all my "retro/classic" videogame stuff, mostly second hand. I Didn't want to sell them out of conscience, but I didn't get to destroy them either. I held onto that stuff even though I don't use it much. A stupid entertainment I held onto because I didn't really had other pleasures in my sad life.

To my shame, in my former years when I got involved with New-Age nonsense (though I always had reservations about the whole thing), I did get to destroy part of it; what I deemed worse or more useless at the time... And for a time I just stood away from it... not that I didn't get involved in other stupid "entertainments" anyway... but later I came back to it, seeing my life was going nowhere and I just couldn't see how I could manage to become independent.

After a while, when I started to become interested in the things of God, I started to get some conviction there about several things, but I was already in a dynamic of having given up on my life, and was just trying to have a somewhat pleasant existence while being cornered in a situation I just didn't see how to escape. I wish I had been more "extreme" in my conviction, but I gave in, and ended up worse than before.

Now I'm in a really extreme personal situation, in an extreme world situation, and I guess there won't be any better time to get rid of all that.

I may end up homeless anyway, so I'm going to destroy those things, and reduce my possessions to the bare minimum.

If, in the end, God decides to restore some of the money I lost to me, I guess it will more easily find a good use than it may if I hold on to those things. So that should be good.

Believe me, I own some things that go for rather crazy amounts in the retro-gaming market today, but I just can't sell them and pass the poison onto other people, no matter how willing they may be to accept them. Sounds like the right thing to do before the Lord, I think.

If you can pray for me that I have courage and conviction to go through this, and that I come out a little less of a wretch at the other side of it... The temptation will be big to hold on to some of the stuff.

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2 hours ago, radorn said:

I Didn't want to sell them out of conscience, but I didn't get to destroy them either. I held onto that stuff even though I don't use it much.

If it helps I had a large collection of 80s retro Nintendo games. I sold most of it on eBay in the past year for a good amount of money. The few I thought were truly wicked I trashed, but the rest I thought were pretty tame and so I sold them to lost people who have nothing better to do. I have no other income right now.

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It is tough, but I think the Lord is giving me a good "treatment" for having fought against conviction for long, and I'm afraid I can't compromise on this now. I'm afraid how I might end up if I keep putting it off and resisting. God is warning me. I must move by faith, even if it's hard and uncertain in terms of outcome in this world. But I should hope for some blessing from the Lord.

I don't have a guarantee that the money thing is going to resolve happily for me, and under that circumstance, I could argue that a little extra cash would be good to have, but in the end, I would be betraying the Lord for just maybe three months of staying here, and then what...? I'm not comparing situations; just talking about my own case.

Believe me, this is going to be hard. I'm going to be looking at some of the stuff and going like "maaaaannnn... this too?". I'm already having second thoughts, but I know I shouldn't. I think the writing is pretty much on the wall for me. I've been putting this off for very long. If I back down now, I think the Lord is going to be very displeased.

Maybe it will take me a little while to get through all, but I think I have to. Not that I have that much stuff: mostly hardware and special unofficial "add-ons"... I've never been into collecting games. In any case, it's going to be difficult.

Do you think I should just remove some of the worst stuff and sell the rest? I don't really have much in terms of "extreme" materials, which would make the whole affair quite pointless. I don't even know how I would go about selling all the stuff with all the restrictions. Also, our "beloved" Spanish government apparently has implemented new taxes on second hand stuff somehow. I don't really want to deal with that either. and then shipping all the stuff, being harrassed about masks in the post office... all for spreading wicked videogames. The more I think about it the worse it sounds. I think it's just better for me to just trash it and wait on the Lord. Hopefully He'll be pleased

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32 minutes ago, radorn said:

Do you think I should just remove some of the worst stuff and sell the rest? I don't really have much in terms of "extreme" materials, which would make the whole affair quite pointless. I don't even know how I would go about selling all the stuff with all the restrictions. Also, our "beloved" Spanish government apparently has implemented new taxes on second hand stuff somehow. I don't really want to deal with that either. and then shipping all the stuff, being harrassed about masks in the post office... all for spreading wicked videogames.

Look and see if the same items you have are being sold on eBay, or other types of places, and for how much. If you think it is worth the time and effort to sell them (the ones not overly wicked) than try it. If they aren't worth much to be worth your time and risk, than just dump them.  As far as the wickedness of the video games. Mine were the old, cartoonish ones of the 80s. Even Bryan said the video games of his day were mild, and I am very close to his age, so his must have been the same ones I had.

Some U.S. states have taxes on buying items online and but that's the buyer's problem, not my problem as the seller. Ebay and Paypal each charge a fee to the sellers on every sale. The supervisor at my local Post Office doesn't wear masks and supports me not doing so either, Praise the Lord. I gave him a tract yesterday. If the line is too long and full of masked zombies I will drop the packages off in the big drop slot out in the main lobby area.

Again, I know Spain is different. You have to assess whether or not it is worth the time and effort to make however much money. 

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I know what you are all saying. I have considered the matter myself. I am not going to become a dealer in these games. I will not go out and acquire more and then re-sell them.

Once I get rid of what I already have that will be the end of it. These old games are childish and cartoonish.

Many of you are too young to remember or weren't even born yet. The games consisted of little pixels on a screen and not very elaborate or violent. In other words; mild, tame and mostly harmless. When you younger folks think of video game you are thinking of the very violent, sexual, satanic and occult games, and rightly so. The few I had of those (from the early 2000s) I trashed. I did not want to recycle them into the lost world.

The ones I was selling were more like this:


It was my only source of money and I did it without any conviction of the Lord. Trust me, there are many other things the Lord has prevented me from doing. That's why I am telling our brother in Spain that if they are childish stuff like the above photo then just sell them off.

I fully respect all your opinions to the contrary.

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While the older games like zelda, pac man, etc. are "tame" by today's standards, how would you feel about them as a saved man when they first came out? Would you want The Lord to come back to take us home and find you playing that stuff instead of reading His word? As for them being tame by today's standards there is no excuse. I used to play wolfenstein on the pc way back, I knew what I was doing. The same can be said about mega-man, in the end you are killing things, in the end it is violence, psalm 101:3. In the end it is an idol 2 Corinthians 6:14-18. I know something about idols. I will be five this December and recently I have gotten what I thought at the time were my major sins to a point I never thought I would, but now I am convicted of watching videos on youtube about life during the Edwardian period in England as an example, when I could be in the word reading, studying, singing hymns, praying, etc. A saved person has no place messing with that nonsense. I wasted years of my life lost and even saved playing world of warcraft. You can get just as addicted to modern games as you can to the old ones. My advice, take the games and burn them all.

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2 hours ago, DIVISIVE INERRANTIST said:

While the older games like zelda, pac man, etc. are "tame" by today's standards, how would you feel about them as a saved man when they first came out? Would you want The Lord to come back to take us home and find you playing that stuff instead of reading His word?

You misunderstood, brother. The issue isn't playing old games; it's about selling them. They are leftover from my childhood in the 80s / early 90s. I recently got them back since my parents were selling their house and asked my wife and I to come collect my old stuff. That was almost two years ago. If it were now I would have probably said to just get rid of them for me. I wasn't a "gamer" anymore in my own home. I outgrew them in general. Bro. Bryan's preaching against gaming didn't really apply to me. So, I collected my old games thinking they were old and harmless. Later on I was convicted that even the old ones, cute and mild, were still not worth the time of a Bible-Believer. They are worth a lot on eBay so I decided to sell them to the lost people who want them.


2 hours ago, Piper LT said:

ou state it is alright that you sold, but would not do such again or make a business out of it. Thing is, why not? If you felt it was alright, why not continue? Did you shut out God's conviction to do so, saying that it's just mild form of gaming and such is acceptable? Just wondering because you stated you prayed about it before doing so, yet then stated you were never sell again, and so forth.

I was going to keep doing it. I considered retro game flipping. I went to a yard sale and bought an old game, Legend of Zelda. When I put it on to test it (to make sure it still works) I noticed it was all about wizards and sorcery. I couldn't believe I forgot that when I bought it. I decided then that maybe the old games were not as innocent as I remembered. That's why I decided to just finish out selling the games I had from childhood and stop there. They go to strangers on eBay, not face to face sales.

I like to think I have never "shut out" the Lord. 

Another thing to remember, Brethren: Many of you are very young. Do you live with a parent or under someone's roof? You don't have to answer. I have a wife to support as well as myself. We have rent, bills, natural health foods and items to pay for, etc. I had to make a judgement call to bring in some money. Again, I trashed the truly wicked products I had and sold the ones I judged to be "decent enough" for lost people. Can we let this go now?

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I'll join the spiritual and scriptural discussion later, but now I just wanted to say I've already smashed quite a bit of stuff, and I even started by some of the juicier things too. Not the juiciest yet, but still pretty "good".
It took me a while mustering the guts to start ripping things apart and fighting my flesh trying to convince me not to do it, that I can still use some of it and so on...

I'm wondering if I should make a list of the stuff and/or take some pictures. Would you like to see it?

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I guess I didn't make my thoughts as clear as I thought I had, they are all wicked, selling them would be causing others to be in sin, ignorantly or otherwise. The best solution would have been to burn them or smash them with a hammer and throw them away.

Here is a good biblical example.

Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. (Acts 19:19 [KJV])

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Yesterday I shredded some more of the stuff. It's getting harder now. I'm starting to find excuses to keep some of it. Like, for example, keeping some of the hardware, like a driving wheel controller I bought really cheap on a clearance sale and haven't really gotten to use yet, to maybe practice with driving sims to eventually get a license, as a friend of mine did (yes, I'm 35 and don't have a driver's licence or a car, and I don't see how I'm going to manage in the current circumstances either...)

Also, while I have indeed destroyed some of the more "important" stuff I kept, some of it is looking at me with puppy eyes, and it's hard to bring myself to break it.

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Destroy them or throw them away. If you wouldn't participate in it, why pawn your sin off on others? Even if it is worth something to the lost world, can you honestly stand before the Lord in this matter with a clear conscience? 

2 Timothy  2:4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

Would you give away or sell an NIV? The NIV may be worse, but video games are just another distraction from the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Just like the old cartoons... They may not have come across as overly wicked, but look into the people that created them and for what purpose. I am not making a railing accusation against any brother here, but we must examine ourselves, not by our standards or worldly standards, but by the word of God. Selling something like a coin collection, TVs, computers, phones, or whatever depending upon your conviction would be ok. Games, movies, most books, and generally all forms of entertainment are snares invented by satan to dull the mind to reality and alter the conscience of the one(s) being entertained. It's all about the flesh.

This is coming from a brother who recently cut ties with all forms of worldly entertainment aside from YouTube. YouTube as well can be a snare, but I am learning to limit the amount of time I spend learning worldly things (hunting, fishing, cooking,  diy/crafting) compared to spiritual. Anything can become an idol. Think about whether or not it would be pleasant in God's sight when you do something because everything we do wrong, Satan makes sure God hears it.


Revelation  12:10  And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

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@Phillip Newton I don't have anything as recent as what you mention in your video. I only touched a Wii once at a friend's house, never played any Xbox, PS3 a couple of times at another friend's house, which he's only using now to watch YT videos in the living room, and I haven't landed my eyes on anything newer than that.

My scope of interest in terms of videogames reaches, at most, the so-called 6th generation (Dreamcast, PS2, GameCube, the original Xbox), but really I've been mostly interested in the 5th generation (PS1, Saturn, N64...), and some of the 4th (16-bit machines) and 3rd (8bit). Things back then used to be rather tame in general... But, of course, that's only when considered in relative terms compared to what's the norm today, where they seem to have removed all restraints that remained just a few years ago, and everything is in-your-face and without any credible attempt at denial.

I was drawn into the ROM-hacking scene (modification of existing commercial games with new features and content), and at some point I toyed in my mind with the laughable idea of using certain games as a basis to build a "christian" adventure game. Like the two Zelda games on the N64, which are 3D action-adventure games with some magic and monsters (very mild in comparison with what started to become the norm later on), and mystical stuff (the world was created by three elemental goddesses which then stored their power in a mystical object called the tri-force). I was thinking that you could remove the magic and mystical elements, come up with a story and a bunch of places to explore and so on...
So, this was my flesh wanting to hold on to these things by making them "christian". Thank God, the more I thought about how that thing would work, the more I realized there is no way to do it in a way that would please God. No matter how hard you try, all possible routes will be in violation of scriptures in one way or another. It is just not possible. And, in the end, even if it was possible (isn't), so what? The result is another time waster to keep you away from reality and into a man-made fantasy. Even if you could figure out "the formula" to make God honoring, scripturally sound videogames (which is really impossible), you can't escape the fact that spending your time with that is a waste and a dishonor to the God that bought you with his own blood.

So, yes, I'm finally smashing everything, and hopefully I will go through to the end with it. But it's going to be hard. It's stupid and pathetic, but those things were pretty much all that I had which provided a little bit of consolation for most of my sad life. Even though they don't provide much of anything nowadays, I still have some attachment. I think I'll destroy them all, but it may take a little while. Saving "the best" for last, you know...

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  • 2 weeks later...


N64, SNES, GB, PS1, accessories, controllers. Broken PCBs, unrecoverable.

Not included in this picture are the things that I wrecked the other day, and there's more still to do.

ADDITION: Today I started this session of wreckage by what was my most prized idol: The 64drive, an unofficial cartridge with an SD card slot and USB connection to PC enabling the user to play all the games for the Nintendo 64 on the actual hardware, including unreleased prototype games that have been leaked to the net over the years, and hundreds of ROM-hacks (modifications of official games with new content, frecuently differing greatly from the original) and other home-brewn programs for diverse purposes. Bought that around 2011 for +200 USD (not counting shipping) and I'm mentioned in the greetings section of the credits in the device's built-in menu, as I know the guy that made it ***. So that should give you an idea of the level of involvement I had in this kind of stuff.

I'm by no stretch of the imagination the biggest collector or "scener" there was, I have never even considered myself a collector, but I did amass a "nice" pile of stuff, and had "plans" for it...

I've also deleted, between today and yesterday, hundreds of gigabytes of ROMs (digital file copies of the cartridges), related programs and documentation, from my computer storage.

Praise the Lord, for he helped me take these out of my life. There's still some reticence to trash the last bits of it, but really, the most important things are now history and they aren't coming back.

*** Here you can see my nickname appear


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Well, it's done. There's nothing left, except for a driving wheel I could potentially use for a driving lessons simulator. Thinking whether I should keep it or smash it too. It was quite hard to do it with some of the stuff.

For those that may know what I'm talking about, here are some highlights: 3 Brand NEW UNUSED N64 controllers with the analog stick in perfect condition, that I planned to apply teflon or silicone grease to so they would "never" wear down. Also 2 NEW 3D controllers for the SEGA Saturn, a console that I never owned but intended to buy at some point. Gun controllers for the PS1 and Saturn. Several USB adapters for use some of these old console controllers on a PC too. Some consoles I had more than one unit (always bought cheap second hand and restored them myself), particularly those where you could use a "Link cable" to hook 2 consoles, each with a separate TV/monitor and play certain games compatible with that functionality. Cheating/hacking accessories... Well, pretty "neat" things in their field... But, you know, it's all vanity and a waste of time.

In the end, I didn't spare anything. Praise the Lord. Should I post pictures of this to the retro-gaming forums I frequented? I bet some heads would explode... heh

Should I try to do the thing of "counting the price"?

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