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Some videos about the scientific validity of Biblical creation.

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Archaeologist Don Patton provides some excelent presentations on the issue. Of particular interest is how he presents these "scientists" shooting themselves in the foot and admitting to all sorts of things you wouldn't believe. Really excelent material on this subject.

These videos have been also uploaded to the likes of Youtube, but this is the source. He has, more recently, done similar presentations, but not as brilliant as these (he seems to be getting a bit old, to be honest) and for what I've seen it's mostly recycled material seen in these which I recommend.

This is primarily a scientific presentation, only pointing to the falsehood of naturalism/evolution and the fact that real science points to God creating it all instead.

I would say that the only warning is that, at the end of the main presentation, he sadly advocates for "replacement theology", saying that the church is now the actual Israel and so on.

If you find any other problem with them, let me know. I saw them years ago and today I was reminded of them when a brother here asked me to point him to good watching materials.

I didn't get to watch the "scripture based topics" section back then, or since. I can't comment on these.

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It's been long since I watched those, and just now I decided to finally take a look at the presentation about Noah's Ark and, sadly,  he seems to quote from a number of "translations" other than the KJV... probably why he believes in replacement theology.

Nevertheless, the other presentations are centered on science and his main point is God created the universe about 6000-7000 years ago, science doesn't support the natural origins claim, geology and fossils are a result of the catastrophic event of Noah's flood and so on, and he doesn't really put the focus on scripture, from what I can remember, so his use of corrupt Bibles is not a big problem in this case.

If you watch them and see any important issue with regards to that, please, do tell.

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