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Crazy stuff happening in China.


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About the time all this corona-scam nonsense started, I found this channel reporting news from China. NTD News, mainly through their "China in Focus" daily program on YouTube (which I only watch sometimes, as most of it is "virus" and siding with the US administration)

I don't like that they keep drumming on the virus thing, as I'm convinced by now that there's no such a thing, just like with the AIDS deal (same people involved, as you know), and IF there's something, it has to do with radiation, just like it was with the supposed "spanish flu", which, apparently coincided with the rise in radio transmissions in industrially developed nations. Perhaps you've seen these 5G boards some installers have shown, thereby infringing their NDAs, showing modules on the board engraves as "COV-19", and then these 5G antennas that burned, which the media blamed on supposed vandalism by ignorant conspiranoics ("a virus doesn't transmit through radio waves, you idiots"), in spite that the antennas burned from the top, and not from the base, which some attribute, very appropriatedly in my opinion, to the installed equipment overheating due to excessive use of transmission power to actually KILL people arround them. And that it is in the countries that had 5G, and the areas where is is operated, down to specific zones around the antennas, where actual "COVID-19" (the "diesease", not the "virus") patients got sick. It's not necesarily that the very 5G equipment does this (not that this would make it OK), but probably because, along the actual 5G stuff, they may have installed additional equipment meant for this. It seems many doctors arround the world are now agreeing that that the actual patients who aren't mislabeled "covid-19" having other stuff, are, in fact, patients of radiation-related sicknesses.

Anyway, enough of that.

This news company is tied to the Falun-Gong, a heavily persecuted spiritual practice in China, whose members are targetted for forced organ harvesting for CCP members and so on, particularly because they follow a healthy lifestyle. Absolutely wicked and disgusting. As a Bible believer I do not approve of the spiritual practice, but, in a more relative scale of things, they seem to be rather decent people, unfairly targetted by the totalitarian communist party, just like they do with "Christians" (other than the very catholic pro-communist fake officially sanctioned "churches" that they have, and even those are under heavy surveillance and risking sudden takedown at any given point in time).

So, all of this, for those unaware of these things, comes as an introduction about my opinion on this news source, which I watch sometimes, because over these few months I have been following them somewhat, they have reported on rather interesting phenomena happening in the country.

This last one is about the seeming appearance of two suns in the sky in northern China while current Chairman Xi Jin Ping announces in a yearly meeting of the party that he plans to stay in power until at least 2035.

Previously, they reported on a case of fishes in rivers and ponds across the country trying to jump out of the water in desperation.

Also, some months ago, the sky got completely dark during the day during another key CCP meeting. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/eerie-moment-beijing-sky-turns-22094201


Of course there were the floodings and so on, thanks to which there are food shortages in the country now.

Pretty crazy and unusual stuff going on over there... signs of God? mere coincidence? a hoax? what's your take?

Note that I don't believe in UFOs, and also find a lot of problems with the fallen-angels hybridization theory (which I intend to talk about here at some point). I do believe devils play all sorts of deceptions on people, putting up powerful illusions in front of their eyes through their lusts, leading them to believe a lie, and in this age of high-technology, I'm sure they also play with that. In that sense, yes, "UFOs" are devils, but not in the sense that the "phenomena" (to use the secular term) is real, but, rather, in the sense that they use their powers and the willingness of men to be fooled, to pose as those things. So it's more like "UFOs (and others) are a satanic deception". Anyway, I say all this so that you don't think I'm one of these freaks such as abound so much in my country, Spain, that live the "mystery lifestyle", and seek all sorts of dopey stuff, looking for leprechauns and whatnot.

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While un-saved, I was into all kinds of new-age / 'spiritual' / occult / 'extra-dimensional' / 'alien' / 'ufo' nonsense before, eventually I got tired of the constant contradiction in their theories / 'evidence' / 'disclosures' / 'whistle-blowers'. It was all very interesting at the time but no one really spoke with any kind of authority or lack of contradiction.

Which led to my hunt for the real truth, ultimately leading to Jesus Christ, dispensational bible belief answers all the questions without contradiction, with authority.

It is very interesting that, as far as I know, China is the only country where they (the communist party) appoint (approve) their own Catholic Bishops?

It gets difficult attributing sickness to various forms of EM radiation because of how these things are mostly where there is a higher concentration of people anyways, (considering the stated nature of spreading infections, close proximity) as well as the general poor health of city living (poor nutrition, lack of nature exposure).

I think it is more a compounding of negative influences, EM radiation potentially being one of them but not the sole cause.




Cellular antenna are also generally directional rather than omnidirectional where it could end up being safer to live right underneath one (on your building's roof) than across the street with it pointing at you.

I work in the trades, and in many buildings hosting cell towers on the roof there is a warning sign on the door to the roof that speaks of the danger and to not go onto the roof without authorization, or they will put a little fence on the roof where it is ok or 'safe' to walk directly underneath the antenna but not out in front of them.

Kind of like this: (but the Canadian ones are different)


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The "Two-Suns" have been shown before in the past not just in China. People have done many videos about it - maybe the reason why Nasa has a patent. Aka, their fake sun - maybe. (Obv not the main one since it is no-ones to claim). 

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38 minutes ago, Vancouver said:

I think it is more a compounding of negative influences, EM radiation potentially being one of them but not the sole cause.

Sure, but I've heard reports of people being, for example, in a field, and going up a hill, and as soon as they had climbed enough to be in line of sight with these antennas, suddenly becoming weak, dizzy, having to lie on the ground barely able to move.

No doubt they've turned the environment into something hostile to life over the last century or so, but they seem to have made sure this thing happened now so they could have their worldwide "pandemic", so they cranked the knob on this thing.

34 minutes ago, Piper LT said:

The "Two-Suns" have been shown before in the past not just in China. People have done many videos about it - maybe the reason why Nasa has a patent. Aka, their fake sun - maybe. (Obv not the main one since it is no-ones to claim). 

I'm seeing two very visually different things labeled as "two-suns". One seems nothing more than an optical illusion in the lens of a camera, by which the real sun being in the center somehow projects a reflection or refraction at the sides of the picture. The other looks more like something that is actually in the sky, and this one also seems to have at least two variants: In one you can see the two lights in the sky close to each other, in terms of angular distance from your point of view, and, the other, which is what they show in that NTD video, where you have to turn around to see one or the other. Doesn't seem like these two are quite the same thing.

I didn't know about that patent you mention, but I'm not surprised. There's this "blue beam" psy op thing with which they would like to fake an alien invasion or the second coming of Christ, and who knows what else...

It's interesting how in Genesis, we get the genealogies of Cain and Set, and through Cain's descendants we see how they "invented" working with metal and other things. Makes me think about this thing of Satan knowing he has little time and always wanting to advance people technologically so they can build his kingdom, wage war, and so on. And now we reach this time of hi-tech and those are also used to brainwash and deceive people. Also makes me reflect on how today's anti-god naturalistic "scientists" often have this positive view on ancient pagans and witchcraft practitioners as some kind of precursors of their current philosophies... I mean "science"... heh!

Of course they can't prevent God from having His own plans for the very things the wicked have built. God will succeed (He already has), and they will fail.

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@TerryF Oh, don't worry, I have completely rejected the notion of super-technological beings from other worlds from another planet across the universe coming to visit us in their fancy interstellar ships or any of that nonsense.

I've heard people even use the Bible as proof of life in other "worlds" using Hebrews 1:2 and 11:3. Or twist the "other sheep [..] which are not of this fold"  in [John 10:16] to imply Jesus had to go to other planets and save aliens. Insanity...

I'll look that thing up, even though I need no convincing. Thanks.

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